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Mashable’s Intuitive Test Proves BlackBerry 10s Innovation

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A couple readers sent us a video of a test Mashable performed with their BlackBerry Z10. They put it in the hands of 5 people who had never picked one up and wanted to see how easy it would be to figure it out. Mashable obviously took the line that the BlackBerry 10 OS is unintuitive because people cannot figure out how to use it in a minute. By that same reasoning the iPhone and Android were both “unintuitive” at launch because people did not know how to use them. What makes things "intuitive" from one OS to another is how they mimic each other. For example, Linux is considered "unintuitive" unless it looks like Windows. In short most of this "intuition" that Mashable was testing is just what they are familiar with.

What Mashable was really testing, but didn’t realize they were, was how innovative the BlackBerry 10 OS is. The reason people can pick up a Android after an iPhone and figure some things out is because they copied those concepts from each other. BlackBerry decided not to be yet another copy cat in the vein of Android and create something new. Once you give someone a 5 minute demo of BlackBerry 10 they will ask why their iPhone does not have gestures.

Check out the video below. I love how the blond figures it out first. Maybe that will put an end to blond jokes?

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  1. Confusing or just different? Yeah, I’ll go with different. Who wants another copycat device? Now, come on ATT and release it!

  2. Yeah, it all comes down to what you’re used to. Oh, and if you’re willing to take a minute to figure out something. Personally, I’ve gotten so used to gestures on my PlayBook and BB10 that I actually find the other platforms cumbersome to use. (though I’ll miss the PB’s side-to-side app-switch swipe)

    Of course being open to experimentation is why a 10-year-old is SIGNIFICANTLY more capable at modern technology than their middle-aged parents and parents’ friends. (for any generation of technology)

  3. Wow, these people are really bad at thinking out of the box, and I must say that it is a pretty bad video. What is the point?

    They have no clue how useful the swipe gesture is, I love my playbook and my son has complete mastery over it since he was 18 months old, he knows how to unlock it, and switch apps, go to video list, all sort of navigation over PB OS. Very soon people will be asking apple and android to start including swipe gestures, because switching between apps, minimizing, etc. is just so much more natural with PB.

    • I think your prediction about Android and Apple copying gestures is very likely accurate. They make things so much better.

      • But keep in mind they will have to modify their hardware, and I really hope BB patented the touch sensitive bezel/borders so they cannot just simply copy it. There is still a way for them to do it by just reducing the screen by few pixels all around, but I hope BB patented that as well, just like how I hope they got themselves covered with this new keyboard design.

        • I’m pretty sure there is prior art for most if not all these gestures, except maybe some of the more angular ones.

          I do have some issues with the interface though. You can have menus on 3 sides and this is confusing. You never know which swipe you should do to get where you want to get.

  4. It shows that its different enough that it is not a copy of other Mobile OS systems.

  5. I think all this video shows is how dumb iToy and android users really are lol

  6. When you turn on ANY PHONE for the first time out of the box it gives you a tutorial. Wonder if Mashable has ever heard of those?

    Sidenote: If someone random has trouble using my phone because it uses a different kind of input system than their used to more’s the better! That’ll totally protect my data better than a password would! I used to get a kick out of having my Nokia 3650 back in the day for the simple reason that people would ask to use it, take one look at the rounded number pad and say hand it back.

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