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Koodo Offering BlackBerry Z10 For $550!


Koodoo will soon be offering the BlackBerry Z10 for the lowest price we’ve seen so far off contract. At $550, Koodo just might be the first company to supply the cross-border rush down to BlackBerry fans in the US who are waiting on carriers to get their act together.

Who will be picking up a Z10 from Koodo? No word on exact release date yet, but I expect them to be close to the February 5th date that Canadian carriers have targeted.

Thanks for the tip gezaim!

Source: MobileSyrup

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  1. Cool. To quote the Barenaked Ladies, “If I had a million dollars …”
    Anyway, here’s a Link for the Lazy.

  2. This is cool but what about BES 10?
    If we just pick it up from there today can we simply insert our existing sim card and get online? Does it work with the current BES? I thought the older BES did not work with BB10.

    How about warranty/return issues? I doubt they will be allowed to ship them over to USA.
    You may also want to keep an eye on Expansys. They already listed as pre-order without pricing, and since UK is getting it first, you might just get lucky.

    • About BES/BIS. They can be used, but they are not needed anymore. I tried with the device lended to us, and it’s working with no blackberry plan at all. If you want to use it with BES, you can, and there are added functionnalities, but it’s not mandatory.
      The BES to use is BES10, and free trading licence is offered for BES users.

  3. Thanks FSL, what do you mean it is not required? What does it work off now? Exchange? I mean don’t tell me we just use POP/IMAP? That would be going back to ancient times.

    No blackberry plan is understood but we need complete exchange compatibility, I am really interested in hearing how BB10 works in comparison to older versions. BB might be making it easier for mobile users to just buy regular internet and use APN/TCP but that’s just not enough for business users.

    • Yes it uses exchange activesync as almost everyone now…

      I tried it and mails are comming same time on the Z10 with no BIS and my torch 9810 with a BES plan.

      The good thing (or bad) is that you have now a really synchronised email between exchange and phone. This is not the case with BES (if you move an email from your inbox to a folder, it disapear of the Z10, it doesn’t on the torch).
      What is great is that unless all other phone, it sync everything (tasks, notes, calendar, contact, and obviously emails) this is not the case on iphone or android (AFAIR note or tasks are not synced for example)

  4. Hmm. ActiveSync was terrible on Android, it has a very bad contact management because contact notes do not sync properly.

    Also, the reason moved e-mail will not disappear from Torch is because the e-mails are never moved from your unified inbox on BB, if you look closely the envelope icon changes to a folder but the e-mail is still displayed in the main list, which is a HUGE advantage over all others in my opinion. Sometimes you move an e-mail and if you want to go back to it, you have to navigate through everything to see it or to reply to it, while with older BB all e-mails within specified period is on same screen, but folder-ized on the server.

    Maybe you are referring to BIS which is not true two-way sync.

  5. ActiveSync is pretty good here. It handled all notes, tasks perfectly.

    It’s working as expected for the emails. If you go to the hub, you’ll have your incoming messages as usual with BES, but It’s far easier to move it on a different folder strait from the hub.

    But if I force a sync, I’ll see in my hub the same emails as in the inbox on exchange.

    I’m talking about BES (I’ve 8 emails accounts on my BB, 6 are handled by BIS, and 2 are handled by 2 different BES servers).

    I used BBs since 2003, I tried for some time iphone, windows phone and android, but always came back to my BB!

    Funny, the Z10 is my tenth BB phone… But I’ll move to the Q10 ASAP: I already miss my shortcuts.

  6. OK, so there are no shortcuts with the Z10? What good is it if I cannot hit I when I’m reading an e-mail and file it, or N, U, etc.. Honestly I don’t think I can live without those shortcuts.

    I also tried IOS, Android, Windows, and all 3rd party apps they offer, touchdown, etc.. came running back to BB.

  7. Then I would wait for the q10. The Z10 is a great device but my real hope is that blackberry will soon release a slider, I’ll have a Q10 for test by March. Till then, I’ll keep my Torch as main phone.

  8. Since US Carriers take over a month to release a device I think Q10 wont be available until summer in the states..

  9. In France we have cheap unlimited plan (26$ a month for unlimited phone, internet, text message…) so it’s cheaper to buy the phone out of a carrier. I guess in US you can also buy one this way. Then you can have it earlier.

    • That’s not a problem, I would rather pay upfront and use T-Mobile that has a huge benefit over others with value plans, however I am worried about the model differences and bands they will use. Remember the problems we had with 9900? I believe there were 2 or 3 different ones, and even the Verizon model would not run at 4G, it was plain 3G, and not even faster than my 9700. If they release different chips/flavors for different carriers, it will be a problem again. This time I want go with Verizon, and they are notorious for not activating unlocked phones, or even offering limited features, I doubt any international model will be CDMA+LTE.

  10. You’re probably right about the verizon. As far as I’ve seen, there’s only 2 models: the “for everycarrier” model and the verizon model.

    Clearly, if you want to go verizon, you’ll have to wait.
    The good thing is that you’ll have more time to make your mind…

    As of today, there are 2 things that annoy me (to use soft words):
    These shortcuts, but this will be ok with the Q10,
    And the fact that I found no ways to distinguish in/out holster notifications. I found very practical to get my bb out of its holster make it silent (when tune accordingly). I can’t find a way to do that now…

  11. Is it unlocked? Do they let us buy it the us?

    • I don’t think it would be unlocked but if you were to get it unlocked, it should work on AT&T in the US.

      You would have to check their website when it becomes available to see if they would ship to you.

  12. is it unlocked?

  13. the thing is i wana use it in south Africa

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