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Thorsten Heins Confirms That All Existing PlayBook Tablets Will Get BlackBerry 10 Software Updates



Many BlackBerry fans and PlayBook owners were hoping to hear more about BlackBerry 10 coming to PlayBooks during the launch event. After there was no mention of anything to do with the tablet, some were worried that BlackBerry might have decided to scrap them altogether. No need to worry about that anymore as Thorsten has confirmed in an interview today with CNBC that all existing PlayBook tablets will receive BlackBerry 10 software updates.

We will continue to be in the tablet market. Making money with a tablet is difficult. We will provide BlackBerry 10 software updates for all of the PlayBooks that are out there. So, the wifi and the 4G versions, they will all be upgraded to BlackBerry 10.

I was hoping the interviewers would ask more about adapting BlackBerry 10 to the PlayBook and if he could tell us when it might be available. I am hoping it happens before the BlackBerry Live conference in May, but we shall see.

Check out the full interview below. They didn’t pull any punches and I think Thorsten handled things very well.


Thanks for the tip Don!

Source: CNBC

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  1. I think that it is a terrible decision to ignore those users who purchased playbooks who had been promised BB10 over a year ago. Those who still recommended users purchase Playbooks over Samsungs and iPads tablets, those who actually supported the company by buying their products and requesting and informing others too as well because “WE WILL GET BB10” than launch the mobile computing platform and not have it available or even a time line with availability.

    I feel ignored; and am very upset that I have purchased 8 Playbooks myself for friends and family; and have recommended to almost every coworker of mine that Playbooks will be awesome and to support RIM because BB10 is almost here.

    Now it’s here and Playbooks who were promised the new platform over a year a go; still have no support or love from RIM.

    This might be the first time I have ever even considered recommending an APPLE product over a RIM product. How long do the loyal customers still buying new RIM merchandise need to wait to get shown the love.

    Let’s face reality; most upgrading to BB10 haven’t bought a new BB phone in years; they probably haven’t supported RIM with any purchases at all in quite some time. Yet they get more love than those who have shown support to RIM throughout the last tough two years.

    • I feel your pain Jonathan. I have done the same thing as far as recommending the PB to friends promising new, better software. The disappointment with all of the delays was huge.

      I do understand though, that Thor has been extremely focused on getting the company he took control of back on the right track. In doing so, he had to make some very tough decisions including massive layoffs and cutbacks, and of course, the BB10 delays. As he mentioned in the interview, turning a profit on tablets is very tough stuff. His best play was to focus on handheld software and hardware for the company’s best chance of survival.

      Fair to long-time users and believers or not, I believe Thorsten had the best intentions for the long term gain of BlackBerry.

  2. Johnathon,

    You might give him just a minute, they just released the OS today. I watch this company very closely and since Thor took over they have been rock solid at keeping their commitments. He could have ban width issues, he could have regulatory issues,,,,,,,,,,. Or you could go to Apple just at the time a lot of people are finding it pretty stale.

  3. I really hope they make it. People who think that Apple is infallable, or the Google is “it”, or that China will never be a world economic superpower, and also created the financial bubbles, denied Apple’s user friendliness systems, and of course Mr MicroSoft himself was once quoted that there would never be a PC market….

    I hope they make it.

  4. Why would anyone at this point actually expect the PB to be upgraded to BB10 when they are crunching for the launch date of their phones (which have totally different hardware) and are a higher priority…

  5. Very happy to hear. Should make the Playbook a much better tab!

  6. The way I see it, if they are so sure that BB10 is the be all and end all of OSes – and it just might be – wouldn’t it be a great move to throw a bone out to the current Playbook owners. Which Playbook owner wouldn’t upgrade to BB10? That will just get every Playbook owner psyched about BB10 and almost guarantee they buy a BB10 phone when they become available.

    Of course, that depends on BBRY’s focus. There are three groups out there: 1) Current BB users, the chosen ones. 2) Infidels who ditched their BB’s and were seduced by Android or, G-d forbid, iPhone and 3) People who’ve never owned a BlackBerry. I’m not sure which is the principal focus here. I imagine most PB owners fall into group 1. If the BBRY folks assume that Group 1 is “in the bag” already for BB10 devices and their main focus is groups 2 and 3, then I understand why they aren’t thinking along the lines of my first paragraph.

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