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BlackBerry Confirms it is “In Talks” With Instagram & Netflix for BlackBerry 10


I happened to be right in front of this AllThingsDreporter when they asked this question but I wanted to wait for them to post it up. They got a RIM Spokesperson (our buddy Alex Kinsella I think) to confirm that RIM is in talks with Instagram (now Facebook) and Netflix to bring them to BlackBerry 10. Personally Instagram is mostly irrelevant to me due to the awesome photo editor in BlackBerry 10 and I do not use Netflix. Alex could not confirm if these apps would end up making their way to BlackBerry 10 but they are actively working on it.

What do you think? Does RIM have a solid enough app catalog for BlackBerry 10’s launch? Personally I was actually pleasantly surprised to see how well RIM has done with both carriers and large developers.

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  1. Given the large number of RIM employees that suddenly started using Instagram a month ago, it is a bit inexcusable to not have the app posted in BlackBerry World today.

  2. netflix is a must.

  3. It’s easy to answer to the app catalogue question.
    Let’s list the top 10 apps and games for 2012 on Android and iOS and let’s see if they’re available on BBW.
    I think BlackBerry has failed when it comes to apps, but not necessarily when it comes to games and that’s what might matter most to people who are handed a flashy new Z10 as part of their company transition from BYOD to COPE.

    • RIM did a great job and finally launched the best mobile platform EVER. Some have said they just caught up to Android and iOS. WRONG, Blackberry 10 passed them by as much as 2+ years.
      BB10 also launched with enough important apps with many more to come including NetFlix.
      GO BB10 GO.

  4. I think with respect to high demand apps they are an epic fail


    • Very narrow minded. I rather have 100,000 quality apps vs. 900,000 with most of them irrelevant for iPhone.

      People are giving BlackBerry 10 negative feedback because it blows the competition out of the water.

      Haha, BB10 makes Android and iOS look and feel like garbage. BB10 = Pure Innovation.

  5. >>BB10 makes Android and iOS look and feel like garbage.

    I agree.

    I have been using BB for 7-8 years and have several PB’s to boot. So I am really pro BB10 I just want them to make it.

    One of the issues today was a very poor showing of High Popularity App’s similar to what MS is experiencing with WP8


    • Yes but for a new platform BlackBerry 10 launched with 70,000 quality apps. They launched with more apps versus Apple when iPhone first came out.

      Not directing this to you OK.
      Despite all the mis-information and the BB10 bashing and paid bashers, once BlackBerry 10 sinks in, people will go nuts for it.

      • I would just like RIM aka Blackberry to be successful.

        I really like their products and I don’t want do be stuck with choosing between Apple and Google


        • Well said. There is enough room for 3 and even 4 different platforms to co-exist. The one thing that has been confirmed by RIM, Blackberry 10 is the future and they will continue to refine and innovate on it.

          Don’t leave it up to Apple and Google to Innovate, they’ve become too fat and lazy.

      • We must have a different definition of quality. I don’t eat food I find in the rubbish. Same for apps.

        • Yes we do which is why I am going Quality with a nice Z10 BB10 and dumping my Android in the trash. One thing is fore sure, it’s refreshing to see Apple iPhone and Android users shit there pants because of BlackBerry presenting and offering a far more Superior mobile phone and platform. lol Haha.

  6. apps, apps all I hear is BB will fail because they don’t have enough apps. Really? 100k quality apps not enough, ? you want 400 flashlight apps in the store? come on, give me a break. 60% or more of IOS and Android apps are nothing but GARBAGE… so that means that both of them are really only running about 110k decent apps and another 200k of why did I download this again? apps.

  7. I am not a Netflix user either, but I know it is a huge deal for a lot of people. Having it available on BB10 (handhelds and eventually tablets) will be a big selling point. Hopefully the talks actually go somewhere and we see some results soon.

    Instagram is a non factor for me, but again, LOTS of people would be very happy to see it supported.

  8. I’m pretty sure netflix will be on bb10, I mean really they have an app on everything so far even smart TV’s and tivo. I want BB to succeed because they have always made quality hardware even if the apps where behind the times. Launching with 70k apps is fairly impressive and to my knowledge its far more then any other 1st gen platform launch. Everytime i play with an android/iphone i remember why i keep going back to blackberry…

  9. I’d really like to see Vonage and Magic Jack added to the list

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