BlackBerry 10 Launch Live Blog Post


Here we go! Jumping into the BlackBerry 10 Launch Event! Thor is being all American Idol and making us wait. Talking about the serious decisions RIM has had to make, like sticking to their own OS.

Mike L. is in the audience!


From this point forward, RIM becomes “BlackBerry”! One brand, one promise.


We have redesigned and re-engineered our products and the company. United in our vision for mobile computing.


Thor has the Zed 10 and the Q10 in hand!

One swipe away from the heart of all your activity. Fast and responsive, and intuitive.


Still dedicated to the physical keyboard. BB10 has you covered. The best typing in the industry, physical or touch.


Glass weave cover not found on any other device, thinner, lighter, and stronger than plastic.

Vivek Bhardwaj is now on-stage.

BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry Hub reduces stress. 🙂

HOLY CRAP THAT’S FAST! True, real-time multi-tasking in a cinematic experience.

Peek and Flow replaces the “in and out” of other OS experiences.

And all with one finger.

Pics and contact info pulled from social media in real-time.

FLicking word after word into text fields “writing without typing” all with one thumb. Swipe to the left to delete. Numbers and symbols are reached by a single swipe down on the keyboard.

Seamless language support on the fly. Simplicity, elegance, confidence.

Wow, autotype just corrected a sentence with the words all mashed together by giving a single selection to insert all missing spaces!

Vivek showing Balance, so simple to move back and forth between work and personal, showing Enterprise and Personal BlackBerry World app selections.

The user owns his privacy, BlackBerry 10 enables multi-device users to carry a single device. Security and Privacy.

BBM announcement forthcoming!

The very first public BBM Video Call! NYC to London!

Nice quality, straight from the BBM chat into the video call.

BBM Screenshare! Share your camera or your entire screen! Wow!

BlackBerry Remember. Items can be shared to Remember from other apps. Browser, pics, emails, etc… Separate folders to organize remembered items.

Outlook Notes, Tasks, and Evernote are integrated into Remember. Everything about a project in one place.

Vivek is now rocking the White Z10 to demo the camera. Tap anywhere to snap a pic. Timeshift to get the perfect shot. We’ve heard this and seen it before, but it’s great to see it live.

On-device photo editing to add effects, styles, Crap at any angle.

CROP! I meant CROP! LOL.

Story Maker: add pics, music, titles, credits, the app compiles it immediately and lets you edit, share, etc…

Martyn Mallick, Business Development, taking the stage.

More launch apps by far than any 1st-gen OS. Over 70k apps available for BB10 today.

Skype, Kindle, WhatsApp, SAP, Angry Birds all committed to BB 10.

BB World is now the one-stop shop for music, movies, games, apps, everything.

Multiple apps install simultaneously with the need to reboot.

By the end of February?!?!? AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint announcing pre-registration today. Availability in March. $149 on 3-yr contract in Canada. Z10 available TOMORROW in the UK! Price points vary by market and carrier.

Much speculation around today. Our success will come from listening to our customers. Engaging with customers on many levels. Global Creative Director position created at BlackBerry. 14-time Grammy winner, producer, philanthropist, top 30 on Twitter, Alicia Keys is the GCD! On stage now!

Alicia is obsessed with Timeshift. 🙂 She is an original BlackBerry power user. She went off-platform, tried other phones, but missed her BB, and she’s back on board.

Robert Rodriguez and Neil Gaimen participating in this demo video. Gaiman, sorry. Typing too fast. 🙂

“Keep Moving Projects” using BB10.

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