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BlackBerry 10 Running on a PlayBook?

BB10_ON_PlayBookWhat comes after the launch and hype of BlackBerry 10? Once everyone gets their Z10 or X10? BlackBerry 10 for PlayBooks! Art over at NerdBerry just let us know they have what could be a first, BlackBerry 10 functioning on a PlayBook.  Well we don’t know how well it is running, or how long before release, it is relieving to see that RIM is working on it!

Source: NerdBerry

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  1. How do we know someone didn’t just do a screenshot from a dev alpha and put it on their PlayBook? This really is about as reliable as BBM on Android or the Netflix on Alpha mockup that floated around.

  2. From HTML5TEST.COM:

    development or beta
    Score Bonus
    BlackBerry 10 BlackBerry PlayBook 484 11

    This has been there since November. I think it’s coming soon!

    • Note that the site pulls the browser info and device info and displays the score, so this is proof that RIM has had BB10 running on a PlayBook for at least three months now.

      • Yes the only way to ensure BB10 run flawless is to have the PlayBook updated to BB10. Dev’s had BB10 enabled PlayBooks for months now. But BB10 phones were taking the limelight, that’s all.

  3. Didnt people side load the Dev Alpha bineries with DingleBerry like half a year ago?

  4. Cool!! Can’t wait.

  5. Interesting that the BlackBerry 10 phones will outperform the PlayBook since it has been on the market for a while and has some aging hardware. Don’t tablets usually outperform phones given the increased size which allows for the use of more powerful chips?

    • duh! you want to carry the bulky table in your pocket all day?

      • Tablets & Smart Phones co-exist. So get both. For me I like my Playbook and I use it a lot more than my phone.

        Anyhow RIM is updating PlayBook to BB10. Also anything in this industry is obsolete the moment it gets sold. So PB will be just fine, not to mention it’s one of the bet tablets out despite its 2011 release.

        For the poster above, smart phones are either faster or equal to tablets IMO. Expect new faster PlayBooks sometime in March 2013 w/ BB10 already installed.

        • RIM has been busy porting everything to BB10. Many PlayBook apps, especially, have been ported. The PlayBook app store has become redundant.

          I think this is the year of rebranding the PlayBook. It may even lose its cool name (*I’ll be sorry to lose that*), but could be sold as the 7-inch BlackBerry with a 10 or 12-inch BlackBerry coming very soon. I say, go big!

          Forget 10-inches. Everyone has a 10-inch something, and 10-inches is between portable and transportable — it tries to be both but doesn’t do either well. In order to be truly portable, IMO, you must be able to use it comfortable with both hands. I can hold a 7-inch comfortably and securely with one hand and use the other hand to navigate. Can’t do that well with a 10-inch iPad.

          10-inch iPads need to find a desk or lap to use comfortably, so I refer to those as trans-portable. Oh, for those who wonder about placing it over your forearm, that’s not a secure or comfortable way to hold it, and you can’t do so for very long.

          If you want a truly portable device — one you can use while moving around — go 7-inch or 4-inch, but if you want a trans-portable device, make it big (12-15-inches) to encourage more sophisticated apps and really highlight the great multitasking capabilities of QNX. Imagine having that device on your desk or lap and being able to do all the things BB10 can do. Wow!

  6. Really would like to see BB10 for my playbook soon. My only wory is the slower processor.

  7. FAKe! Look at the active tile for the browser. That’s the marketing screen shot you see every time you see BB10.

  8. FAKE PLAYBOOK DOESNT HAVE CALLING .. IT has a calling symbol on the lower left ..

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