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Mini Banner Live 10 Theme Brings BlackBerry 10 To Your Bold 9900


I haven’t ever kept a theme on my 9900 for more than a few minutes. The stock theme is smooth and simple and I don’t see the need for anything more. Well that has changed thanks to @drkapprentice from MyBBOTA. He has created a free theme using BlackBerry 10 icons that maintains your panels and adds some awesome bonuses. As you can see above, your folders are even transformed into BB10 lookalikes!

You can choose to have an animated scrolling banner (see below on top of the screen) in a few different colors. Or you can turn it off. This is toggled by focusing on the top banner, holding ALT and pressing the numbers 1 through 4.


You can also swap between gray and green battery and coverage meters by focusing on the top banner, holding ALT and pressing I and O. The other customization is the option to have the new message glow. This makes the top banner glow red when you have a new message. This is toggled by focusing on the top banner, holding ALT and pressing # and @.

The calculator and media player get a new look as well.


I am loving the media icons. It almost makes me feel like BlackBerry 10 is already here! Almost.munch_2013_01_23_211438


Download Mini Banner Live 10 for your BlackBerry Bold 9900 (make sure you have wifi turned off)

Thank @drkapprentice for his hard work on twitter! It looks like a 93xx version is in the works as well.

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  1. Downloaded this theme, not a fan of themes; but this is amazing. So good and the fact the fact that its free means there is no reason why you shouldn’t give it a whirl.

  2. so far it looks awesome. No issues.

  3. I rarely if ever like after market Themes, and have never installed a non BB theme on my 9900 until now. This Theme is very well done, works flawlessly and runs as it should appearing to be native. Great job and what an improvement to the BB9900. #BB10Believe

  4. It looks nice, but it drained my battery; (probably due to the moving lights), & the device got hot; DELETED!

    • Very strange that you say it drained your battery? I’ve been out skiing all day (over 6hrs) whilst listening to music via my BB, using foursquare, facebook, twitter and GPS tracking. My battery still had juice in it by the time I got back – WITH this theme running? No issue of battery drain here.

      • I’m with Carl, drained my battery in 4 hours.
        Switched back to my previous theme and I still have 80% battery after 3 hours.
        I’ll try berryveteran’s below advice about turning off the animated banner and test it again, but if I get anything less than 8 hours of battery I’ll be forced to delete.

        Cool theme, thoough.

  5. Looks good, but it’s not possible to turn off animated banner. Sad.

  6. terrific theme. brings elements of bb10 to legacy hardware and new styling update that makes 9900 even better than it was already.

  7. Nice theme and I like it a lot, but now that I’ve started the animated banner, I can’t get it to can change through the colors like it says, but I can’t figure out how to shut it off….

  8. Well done! I’ll keep this one around until BB10. As for the animated banner, until we get a switch off button, I simply switched back to the default theme, then reactivated this one. Takes 5 seconds..

  9. I’ve tried it, the themes looks awesome.
    I never change my themes before, always used the default themes.
    After i download & tried this theme, seems like this is going to be my new theme.
    @ all : how bout all of you, that can’t turn off the animated banner. Try to turn off all the signal, then turn it on again in 1 – 2 sec.
    The animated banner will off.

  10. There’s an update for it. Looks even better!

  11. This is an excellent theme. WELL DONE !

  12. Looks good so far. Will report back on battery etc in a few days.

  13. Thanks for free link download theme for my blackberry,, mantap bgt temanya gan…

  14. Hey can u make it compatible with 9700 thx and can you send to my email the .thm file but mostly can u make it for 9700.

    my email: [email protected]

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