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Easy Gesture to Accept or Reject Incoming Calls on BlackBerry 10

How to Accept or Reject Incoming Calls on BlackBerry 10 

One of my favorite parts of BlackBerry 10 is its heavy reliance on gestures for navigation and actions. One of the coolest gestures is how you swipe down to answer and swipe up to reject a call. Sadly we have only seen this gesture in screenshots before but now thegadgetmasters caught a quick video of it in action. Check it out below:

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  1. If I’m playing a hot game and someone I don’t even know calls, do I want my screen being overcome by these large overlays. Too bad it wasn’t a little more subtle. I’m not bashing, just saying I like the way RIM handled notifications (messages, chat, etc.) by making them less obtrusive. Phone calls divert from that philosophy. I wonder if they handle video calls in a similar manner.

    • I don’t understand Joe, doesn’t phone calls usually take up the whole screen? I like the swipe up – reject; swipe down – answer; very innovative.

  2. I have mixed feelings on this. One the one hand, when I’m driving and have the phone resting and upright, if a call come in, it’s a royal pain on my Torch to have to get my finger all the way to the physical button to accept the call.

    However, I know when I put my phone in my breast pocket, sometimes when I remove it I find it has scrolled down a couple of pages. This means that it is brushing against me and sensing a scrolling action. I would hate for calls to be accepted inadvertently. So I sure hope this behaviour will be overrideable.

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