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BlackBerry 10 Fan Video Highlights “Greatest Comeback in Tech History”

Whats Next for RIM

RIM’s comeback story has yet to play out but they have been meticulously laying down the groundwork. Eduardo Chavez let us know about this video he mocked up highlighting what the media and analysts were saying just a few months ago in comparison to what we will be seeing in less than a week. They did not think RIM would make it this far and RIM continues to prove them wrong. Personally I wish Eduardo used better footage of BlackBerry 10 at the end but the coverage from the first two minutes really sets the stage for next week. Check it out below and let us know what you think!

PS: I love the music!

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  1. That’s what I’m talking about. BlackBerry 10 is new, fresh, powerful, secure based on a real multi-threading operating system that has more than proved itself for over 30 years.

    If for some reason BlackBerry 10 does not succeed, both Android and iOS will take us backwards in technology.

    BlackBerry 10’s QNX is far superior than anything in the industry out today. By applying this OS for tablets and smart phones, you end up with the best mobile platform EVER. BlackBerry 10.

    January 30, 2013 is the day RIM will unveil the most anticipating mobile platform EVER in the industry. RIM,.the inventor, the pioneer of the of the Smart Phone – Good Luck. Bring us the future in 2013.

  2. I agree, since the birth and rise of the iPhone, I couldn’t believe that the example of taking out “flash” from the browser, was supposed to be an Innovation!… C’mon guys, our PC’s have been running Flash without issues for a while! we have 8 cores machines, with 4 GPUS, some of them are dual sockets with 2 8 cores cpus, with 24 GB of RAM and Terabytes of space. Mobile industry because of Google and Apple is taking us one step back! we are restarting the specs race, and the software is not making enough progress to take advantage of the specs… QNX is coming to put all the things in order, to stop this nonsense lack of innovation and progress, QNX will bring the power and super computing capabilities to our palm of our hands. Is going to give us back the years we lost in technology, the years we wasted launching a bird into a pig… Two players is not enough…

    I’m Eduardo Chávez, author of the video… see you all on Jan 30.

    • this is such a great footage showing how RIM has been progressing. from a negative to the positive side, no one can imagine how that could be, thanks to the Thor and his team who have been working hard day and night to make this dream to (almost) come true.

      In #bb10, we trust. See you on Jan 30.

      I am BlackBerry by Choice, are you?

    • I just have to ask, what is the music you’ve used?

    • Nicely done Eduardo. I’m glad there are so many hardcore BlackBerry fans out there. I am hoping for some serious redemption when BlackBerry 10 finally launches.

  3. Nicely done video! Looking forward to Jan 30 and getting some sleep finally. I really think people are going to be surprised come Jan 30.

  4. Good video! Love it! IBB10 Believe!

  5. It’s time for smartphones to become smart once again, not some simplistic, stuck in the past OS design – iphone, or a cluttered security plauged mess of an OS – Android; it is time for Blackberry to rise again!

  6. The only obstacle to BlackBerry 10 posessing the same power and capabilities of a PC is the current state of battery technology. Even though BB10 will be optimized for speed and efficency the batteries will be unable to provide and sustain the power necessary for the devices to maximize the full potential of the mobile computing platform.

    • do you mean to power up heavy processes? or just to last enough through the day?

    • The battery is no longer an issue. It was never an issue to begin with. This is how efficient QNX really is. PLUS you have the option to replace the battery for what ever reason you choose.

      Battery issues were created by Android and iOS hot heads claiming nonsense.

  7. Both. Battery development has lagged behind all the other technological advancements in recent years, it’s woefully inadequate for the power needs of todays devices.

    • Yes battery technology has been lagging for some time now. BlackBerry 10 should run for days and due to QNX, should equal or outlast Android/iOS based devices.

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