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Samsung Has The Balls to Advertise Their "Security" a Month After Serious Kernel Vulnerability

 Samsung Mobile USA - SAFE and the Unicorn Apocalypse - YouTube-000079

You have to love Samsung’s gall in their latest advertisement. Peter pointed out that Samsung has put RIM’s enterprise business in their sights with their latest Samsung Galaxy Note II commercial. They compare it to the current Java BlackBerry phones and how the Samsung Note II with SAFE technology is up to par with RIM’s BlackBerry security. While the whole Unicorn Apocolypse angle for the ad is a bit ridiculous I found the timing to be the funniest part.

It was exactly a month ago that a developer on XDA reported that practically all the latest Samsung phone models (including the Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2, & More) have a serious kernel vulnerability. This vulnerability essentially made gaining root access and completely compromising the device a joke by simply installing an app… Yes this vulnerability gave the person read and write access to the whole device and all physical memory.  That is some serious unicorn security! Samsung  is finally getting around to patching this vulnerability a month later with Verizon pushing it out this past weekend. I wonder if their ad agency checked in with their technical guys before running this ad.

Check out the ad for a quick laugh:

Could it be that Samsung is feeling the heat of the incoming BlackBerry 10 launch?

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  1. Samsung is a joke, they can’t even come out with their own OS, let alone get FIPS Certification on an Android. Anybody can produce 256 bit encryption, but the complete trick is to get FIPS Certification.

  2. Samsung security is like the unicorn : a beautiful myth, not seen in the wild.


  3. wow – your rim fanboyz are a tad touchy! Did you think Rimm would be the only secure software(?) source till the next century ? Do you think a largte swath of corporate America allows byod because they want to be hacked ? Rimm’s edge in this area becomes more tennuous as time marches on. Yes the gov’t still uses them, but not exclusively now, and gov’t is hardly the criteria for success.It is the natural order of technology changes. BB10 looks good but it is too soon to tell. Let the hating begin.

    • Not touchy I just found it interesting that they had the balls to run a campaign promoting one of their main weaknesses. It is similar to Apple still advertising how their wonderful their mapping software is or Microsoft touting how Bing is a better search engine.

  4. Hahaha, easy boys…time will tell.

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