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ooVoo Could Replace Skype on BlackBerry 10


Nothing has been confirmed yet, but judging by the ooVoo icon spotted on the official BlackBerry 10 page we could be seeing the free video chat service on BlackBerry 10 devices. Who knows if Skype will be an option as well, but this is an interesting move if it’s true. ooVoo is a cross-platform video chat service with video messages, phone calls, instant messaging, and more. One of the coolest features of ooVoo is the ability to video chat with up to 12 friends simultaneously. There is also an option to record your videos and upload to YouTube. Who knows if all of these feature would be available in a potential BlackBerry 10 app, but it sounds like a great alternative.

Only 18 short days until we find out all of the official, juicy details. We have heard that Thorsten Heins has some big surprises up his sleeve for the launch and also that RIM will have most of the popular, big name apps, or suitable alternatives. This could be one of the latter.

I know RIM has been more than open to companies like Skype and Netflix to assist them in developing for BlackBerry 10, but I like the idea of finding other options if the process is becoming difficult.

Have you used ooVoo before? Would it be an acceptable replacement for Skype? Or is it Skype or bust?


Via: BBEmpire

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  1. ooVoo is new for me.
    problem is: everyone knows Skype or has Skype already installed.
    I’m thinking to switch my kid’s Android HTC Desire to BB10 but without Skype not easy.
    all their friends have Skype, no one has a BlackBerry (Germany 😉 – only iPhone or Android.

    • I like to believe that Skype is coming simply to shut up everyone about the needed apps lol, but with Windows 8 devices not doing so good, Skype is the one thing MS has going for them though it is available on other devices. In the past RIM and MS have been friendly towards RIM, I remember when Ballmer showed up out of nowhere to BBW in 2011. So until then I wouldn’t count Skype of out of BB10

  2. I’m good with it…

  3. I actually use oovoo that is great. Most of my friends use oovoo and tango so either one is good….or both.

  4. That sounds great, been trying to get oovoo to work on the playbook for a long time

  5. Hey, Oovoo, we love you and we’ll show you just how much we do!!!! Microsoft will eventually come around with Skype, but they would be sitting in second place after oovoo. Thanks guys!

  6. Hey, that photo is quite revealing! I see BB Travel icon 🙂 Love it! I also see Cisco WebEx and a couple of others including HP ePrint!

    Apps are coming folks!

  7. most people use skype on there laptops or computers.. most people that use video chatting on a mobile device normally use other programs. Android people use Tango alot more than skype. and iphone people use facetime the rest do use skype “sometimes” most kids in my sons HS use oovoo cause its has more options than skype

  8. I personally user skype on my computer and another tablet.. But as a main Blackberry phone and Tablet user I personally feel the BB community should not show any love to skype if it comes to BB10.
    I am fine with embracing oovooo.

    • from my POV it’s important for RIM to get new users to grow.
      I know, Germany is a difficult market for RIM,
      but I’m always asking friends and my kids and family ‘what do you need to switch to BB10’ and Skype is always on their list.

      For existing BB community ooVoo or BBM will work fantastic.

      But if all friends have only iPhone or Android it’s another story.

      As you probably know I’m an enthusiastic BB developer and speaker at conferences about BlackBerry and blogging about BlackBerry … My current main smartphone is an iPhone, same for my wife, my kids have Androids – with BB-only we couldn’t communicate with others here in germany. BB10 can change this and the most important thing are some core apps like Skype. You must not love Skype, but you must have it to grow over existing community. I want BB10 as #3 of SmartPhones (as a first step 😉 and as #1 of mobile Business Apps !

      • Doesn’t ipone and andriod have ooVoo?
        It’s pretty easy to ask all your contacts to install 1 additional free app.
        And if it has features exceeding skype, then in a few years it will be ooVoo everyone has, not skype.

        Times change.

        Sounds like a viable alternative to me.

      • I’m afraid you’re right, ekkescorner. I know all about German people using Skype big time. It’s the same in Brazil.

        It’s an installed base thing. When everybody you know in certain areas uses one standard, they don’t want to be bothered to install some new app they would have to learn how to use. They can already talk to everybody they want to except you- they want you to change, not all of them.

        Even the great Apple iChat couldn’t make a dent in the Skype monopoly. Everybody in our office and our field people were using iChat, but when we had to start interacting with people overseas we just had to install Skype on all out machines. Ha ha, in Germany, even people we know who had Macs still wanted to use Skype. They didn’t care that iChat had advanced features that don’t exist in Skype- they learned how to use Skype from their friends, and it was good enough, and they didn’t want to spend time learning another program.

  9. Never heard of it… what contacts I do have use Skype.

    Hoping skype will be there but not expecting it. BB10 is a minor platform for now, as well as a competing platform – MS would have no reason to port it to BB10.

    • Small potatoes? Not true! App World is the 4th largest app store, but with BB10, it will be the largest. RIM is launching BB10 with 100,000 apps. That’s almost the size of the current App World library. BB10 is well on its way to claim the #3 spot for the largest app store, and it’s growing fast.

  10. Go ooVoo! Glad to have your support on BB10. First app I’ll be downloading!

  11. I’ve been using Oovoo for several years as I found it to be superior to Skype in many ways, but particularly for the multiple person chat sessions. They also present your image along side all of the others, so it does make you a bit more aware of what you look like to them. I guess that can be seen as a positive or negative, eh?

  12. My new cerve blackberry smartphone ok

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