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Leaked Slide Reveals Rumored Dates for BB10 Launch on TELUS and T-Mobile USA

This week has been filled with exciting news regarding RIM and their soon to be released BlackBerry 10 hardware and software. Yesterday we saw a few more slides leaked that point at the release dates for Telus, a Canadian Carrier, and T-mobile USA. RIM has stated that the devices would release weeks after the January 30th Launch. A Telus leaked slide points to a February 28th release, with T-Mobile set to release on March 27. I hope this is just an old slide but wow that is two months after  the official announcement.  Those dates can change and I sincerely hope they do.


One thing that has been bothering me as we approach the launch is the completely different approach between Canadian and US carriers.  The US carriers have been pretty quiet, and when they actually go on the record they lack the excitement international carriers have shown in support of BB10.  Then we have Canadian and UK carriers who have set up pre-order sites, and are even doing contests offering those who pre-order a chance to win a BB10 device. The US carriers have been pretty busy trying to cater to Apple so it’s not totally surprising to see them take a wait and see stance with RIM. Though all four of the US carriers went on the record saying they will support BB10 they could show much more excitement for it, if they want RIM to be successful in the US. Carrier support is key for the launch to generate the results needed. I am hoping the T-Mobile slide is old and the date is moved closer, but from what I am hearing that is not likely to happen. It is disappointing to see US carriers not showing the same support and excitement but I suppose those international users do deserve to get the devices first since they have been keeping RIM afloat while the US market moved to other platforms.

Source: Tmonews and Boy G.

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  1. The USA carriers announced their full support just yesterday…do your homework! 🙂

    • Thanks for catching that It wasn’t as clear. Updated the post.

      • Perhaps you may still want to change the sentences:

        “The US carriers have been pretty quiet on whether they would show full support for RIM’s new devices.”


        “It is disappointing to see US carriers not showing the same support and excitement…”

        I was most disappointed with the single quote from Verizon. It was… meh! “We’re hopeful it will be a good device”?

        I think Sprint’s response is really their sad support for LTE support. That is changing quickly but they have a lot of catch up to do in the coming months.

  2. These leaked slides don’t say what device – I’m betting it’s the X10…

  3. Great to see more carriers come on-line, but what’s with Sprint? “We’ll consider it later this year?” Perhaps it’s because Sprint needs to grow their LTE network since they finally dropped WiMAX.

  4. I don’t know why TiMo is talking about the end of March. Does Google have them in their pocket? Rubbish!

    • Thanks Joe, you read my mind but I failed to translate it on the post. One thing that am hearing is that T-Mobile is pretty busy with their iPhone launch and all the transition they are doing from subsidies to their new strategy. But it would be nice to see US carriers show a bit more support. Right now the way it feels is “will carry the device but, we aren’t sticking our necks out for it” so if it does well good, but if it doesn’t, then ok..

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