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BlackBerry Z10 Advertising Images Leaked and Analyzed


The worldwide launch of BlackBerry 10 is less than 3 weeks away and judging from all the positive buzz from CES, major carrier support, and these slick marketing images, we’re in for a product launch at a calibre we have never seen in the history of RIM. With every leaked image and detail, I get more and more anxious to get one of these beauties in my hands. I am loving the white version of the Z10 and the red leather pouch is smoking hot. I hope there is a wide selection of colors to choose from as the pouch is a great way to protect your device when not in use.


Yet another confirmation of BBM video chatting. It looks great and the screen share feature will be useful for business and pleasure for sure.


Speaking of business and pleasure, here we have a possibly misleading shot of BlackBerry Balance in action. I really hope this doesn’t confuse the uneducated that white=work and black=personal. If this were true though, shouldn’t it be the other way around? Black is all business baby. Smile with tongue out To be clear, the color of the device has no bearing on what you can use it for. Either will function for Personal AND Work. That’s the point of Balance after all.


I love this shot of the browser. This is one of the best features of the Z10 in my opinion. A browser that rivals any other, including desktop versions. Awesome.


I’m not sure what is happening in this picture. It looks like an awkward job interview right at the moment when the interviewer is saying, “We’ll keep your resume on file…” Yikes. I kinda feel bad for the guy. Ah well, looks like BlackBerry 10 will have a calendar!


Another one of the best features of BlackBerry 10 is of course the keyboard. I saw a post in Gizmodo today where the writer wished Android and iOS had the BlackBerry 10 keyboard. He of course got lambasted in the comments from fanboys of all shapes and sizes. It was funny to see the Android fans talk about Swiftkeys when the BB10 keyboard uses Swiftkey technology. The best part about the BB10 version is that it is fully baked into the OS. No third party software to install. Totally secure. We all know about the other awesome features like heatmapping, next key predictive text and on-the-fly Multilanguage support.


Another semi-confusing picture here. Some people might not know that BlackBerry App World is now known as BlackBerry World. Also, I’m trying to figure out the situation in the picture. “Hey! Stop writing in your diary for a second. Check out this hilarious app I just found! Does anyone actually USE Skype? Hahaha!” I couldn’t help it.


Another marquee feature of BlackBerry 10 is of course the Time Shift Camera. It looks very cool and something that most people will probably use all the time. My only concern is picture quality. In a lot of the demos I have seen, the image quality wasn’t that great. As long as the thing has autofocus, I’ll be happy. I still can’t figure out why the 9900 didn’t get it.


We have heard details about BlackBerry Remember from a leaked slide explaining that it is the Tasks app for BB10 offering 3rd party integration including Evernote. You can set tasks and goals from anywhere on the device, group them into projects and track them to completion.

Judging from the pictures, we’re supposed to buy the white Z10. Only one black version is shown unless I missed something. I’m still torn but leaning towards white.

Which one do you prefer? What do you think of the marketing images? I’m wondering where they will be used. Maybe they’re for the launch parties? 

Via: NerdBerry

Source: RapidBerry

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  1. Lovin’ every minute of it!

  2. Your comment on picture quality not being all that great was probably because it was the Dev Alpha devices. I’ve been hearing that the picture quality on the actual devices to be on par with Apple. I hope that’s true.

  3. Looks so good.

    I wouldn’t get a white one but it’s more attractive than I thought it would be.

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