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RIM Shows Off New Bentley QNX Technology Concept Car (Making Of Video)


RIM and QNX are showing off a new Bentley concept car running their QNX CAR application platform at CES. This new concept car is a modified Bentley Continental GT and offers a complete framework for the car along with “in-car infotainment, complete with HMI frameworks, smartphone integration, an HTML5 engine, a mobile device gateway, and a host of pre-integrated partner technologies.” The QNXAuto blog explains that the Jeep Concept Car we saw before showed off what QNX CAR does out of the box using stock QNX CAR. The Bentley is using a custom branded version of QNX CAR customized to their demands. It also packs some sweet additions like LTE connectivity. Check out the details here on the QNX Auto Blog.

 QNX_concept_car_Bentley_center_stack_3d_navigation QNX_concept_car_Bentley_center_stack_virtual_mechanic_nav

QNX_concept_car_Bentley_cluster_tach_and_nav QNX_concept_car_Bentley_cluster_weather

RIM also posted this making of video for the Bentley QNX concept car:

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  1. To think… these guys are BlackBerry.

    I wonder if CES 2014 will be the unveiling of the BlackBerry Concept Car

  2. But let’s be honest…of 99% of BlackBerry users…who can afford a Bentley? I mean it’s cool, and a sexy-ass car…but RIM needs to show more BB10 and/or release it..It would get far more press versus the bentley.

    • the rebranding of QNX as BlackBerry needs to happen AFTER the comeback that starts Jan 30.

      what this shows is the tremendous potential BlackBerry has in the in-car market.

      I have no problem whatsoever if BlackBerry in-car systems are initially only available on super premium cars. Sets standard for excellence that will trickle down to the regular consumer using the phones.

    • Let’s be honest, Corey. Your statistic you made up for applies to iPhone and Android users just the same as BlackBerry users. You’ve missed the point of entirely.

      • Um…I was just discussing BlackBerry platform only. So what point did I miss? I’ve seen concept cars with iPads and Android tablets installed. but I didn’t bring them up. You did.

      • he gets it, just was offering up a different view on the usefulness of the QNX Car.

        In reality it doesn’t have much impact other than in the geekdom and BlackBerry community.

        Now if the car is branded Blackberry Concept Car… thats a whole different story.

        Could you imagine the buzz around any of the QNX concept cars… if they were the BlackBerry Concept Cars. It would be crazy imo.

        This is what I hope RIM is leading BlackBerry towards. I really think In-Car systems is BlackBerry’s route not only back to relevance, but, back to the top of the mobile world.

        I honestly mean top of the mobile world.

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