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Review: Bluedio R Stereo Bluetooth Headphones


I am not a fan of cords. Untangling mangled cords is the last thing I want to do before enjoying some tunes or a movie. Having tried a bluetooth stereo headset before, I didn’t have my hopes too high when I ordered these Bluedio headphones from I went with the white version known simply as ‘R’ stereo headphones and my hopes were met and completely overcome.

The R stands for Revolution, and these headphones honestly live up to their name. Each ear is treated to 3 32ohm 3D drivers and a 100ohm subwoofer that you have to try to believe. When I played a song with deep bass, it felt like the headphones were bouncing on my ears. But even the volume was high, there was never a time where it felt uncomfortable. I believe this is because of the over-ear design. I am more accustomed to earbuds which are jammed up my ear canal, but the over-ear design plays to your ears’ natural way of taking in sound. Of course it’s amplified, but that’s the point.


While the listening experience is amazing for the listener, bystanders will be well aware of the Backstreet Boys pounding away if you’re out and about with the volume up high. The packaging is elegant and showcases the R’s folding portability.


Along with the headphones there is a genuine leather carrying pouch, 3.5mm line in cord, microUSB to USB cord used for charging, and the instruction manual in the box. There is even a small pocket inside the pouch that conveniently holds the cords and manual and keeps them separate from the headphones.


The main controls are located on the right ear. The middle button is multifunction used for powering on and off, pairing, answering and hanging up calls, and pausing/playing music. The ring around the middle button lights up in red (charging), blue (bluetooth active), and green (line in/microSD active). The other 4 buttons are for volume and skipping.


The left ear does not have any controls but sports the Bluedio logo on a reflective background.


The underside of each headphone reveals the microUSB charging port and the 3.5mm jack.


Another function that I have yet to try is independent microSD card playing. There is a microSD slot located behind the right earphone which is barely visible in the picture above. If you don’t want to bring your phone with you, or just have tons of music, you can play music directly off a microSD card. I’m not sure I’ll use this feature very much since I have my phone with me, but I’m sure there are lots of people who would use it frequently.

Overall, the Bluedio R bluetooth stereo headphones are fantastic. The sound quality is amazing, the bass is incredible, battery life is outstanding, and they’re comfortable enough to provide many hours of audio awesomeness. I was curious how they would stack up to Beats headphones and I was surprised to find that the Bluedios beat the Beats hands down in sound quality and bass pumping.

One of the best parts about the Bluedio R’s is the price. At 62.30 GBP ($101.26 USD) they’re about a third of the price of their Beats counterparts.


  • Awesome sound quality – highs and lows
  • No more cords!
  • Multifunctional – bluetooth, line in, microSD
  • Long battery life (about 20 hrs talk/music, and 325 hrs standby


  • Sound containment could be better

You can find more information and grab your own Bluedio R’s from the MyTrendyPhone website:

Bluetooth Stereo Headsets

Tablet Accessories

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  1. I have a pair of Bose Quite Comfort 15 noise cancelling headphones.

    I am looking t get a second pair of head phone that I can leave at work. How do these unit compare?

    • Hi Jeff!

      Having never tried the Bose QC15’s I can’t accurately compare the two but depending on what you use your headphones at work for, these Bluedio’s could be a more affordable solution.

      The QC15’s are noise cancelling where the Bluedio’s are not. Although the Bluedio’s do muffle outside noise due to the over ear design, they do not actively listen to and cancel outside noise like the Bose’s do.

      I know Bose is the leader for sound quality but I was so blown away by the sound quality in the Bluedios that I bet they would stand up just fine.

      A few other things to consider are that the Bluedios are recharcheable, wireless, and about a third of the price of the QC15’s.

      I hope that was helpful. Let us know what you decide!

      • Hi Jay…thanks for review…just wanna say to readers…
        that the Bluedio R is mind blowing!
        I’ve tried numerous types of music with them…and…what
        can l say…except exceptional!!!…
        I’ve owned expensive headphones in the past…but these
        headphones blow them away…hands down!!!…
        If…you wanna good set of headphones…without the high
        price tag…buy a set of these units…you will not be let
        down…l asure you!

  2. hi Jay, thanks for the review,i really want a pair after reading your review,can u tell me about the weight and also the sound quality?is it also compatible with iphones?

    • Hey Isaac,

      I’m glad you found the review useful. The net weight of the headphones is 283 grams (10oz). Compared to Beats Studio headphones that come in at 260 grams (9.2oz).

      As I said in the review, the sound quality is amazing. The Bluedio R’s are compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device and are Bluetooth 3.0 ready. So yes, they will work with your iPhone.

      Let me know if you have any other questions

  3. I just got my own set of these — Not sure on the battery life yet but it’s great so far! It doesn’t seem like the microSD slot allows for shuffle playback, and only plays in order of what’s on the card (sadly).

    The only complaint I have is that the sound loses quality if you’re under bluetooth 3.0. I was trying it on an older model laptop and it feels like I’m trying to play the music over the phone.

  4. I’d also like to know what you meant by sound containment? After listening to mine for the first 5 hours, I realized that most of the people around me in a quiet room can hear me. Having not owned Beats Pro or anything else over-ear, is this normal?

    • When I did the quick comparison to the Beats headphones, the Beats did do a little better keeping the sound in but both still let out a fair amount of noise.

      That being said, the sound quality is still better with the Bluedios in my opinion.

  5. Hey guys. I’m looking forward of buying these headphones but I have two question: When using them via bluetooth and you run out of battery, can you plug the 3.5mm cable and continue listening? (if your listening to music from your phone).
    2nd: Can I use them while playing at my laptop (connected with cable) and use the microphone for speaking ?

    Thank you in advance!!

    • Hey Alex,

      The 3.5mm jack does not charge the headphones so if your battery dies, you will have to plug in the micro usb cable to charge them. That said, the battery life is very impressive so running out of juice shouldn’t be a common problem.

      You can definitely use them as a headset on your laptop. I have only used them for phone calls but I would assume the microphone would work in other instances as well.

  6. Thank you for the fast reply.

    So they need a power supply (battery/usb plugged) to run; they can’t run like normal headphones.

    And I asked about the microphone cause my laptop has 2 3.5mm jack audio outs and a 3.5mm microphone plug. So my actual headphones have split cables for audio/microphone. Guess I’ll have to check laptop’s manual for that.

  7. Hi jay, I got my pair of the red bluedio r and I find it very awesome.the price is only problem is that after I connected it to my iPhone via the Bluetooth ,i couldn’t reconnect it with other devices.i unpaired it and tried connecting again with an htc phone but it couldn’t search it.the iPhone connected it with no ease. Can u help me with any solution?

  8. Hi Jay,

    I’m just curious about the effects of the 32 Ohms 3D speakers. How do they work on movies with “moving” Dolby effects sounds? Can they “simulate’ the 5.1 speakers system or similar to that?

    • Hey Joel!

      I have watched a few movies and tv shows with surround sound using these headphones and the effects are great. I would say just as good, or even better than my 5.1 system because the headphones make it a more immersive experience.

      These Bluedios continue to impress me the more I use them.

  9. How many different Bluetooth devices can be paired with the headphones? Also, is it possible to replace the battery once its worn out (i.e. after 300 – 500 charge cycles)?

  10. I have just bought a pair of Bluedio’s. I can’t seem to get any sound when I have the line-in plugged into my computer. Surely this should be as simple as connecting the headphones to my PC? They work perfectly via Bluetooth on my i Phone. Does anyone have a solution as the manual isn’t great.


    • Hi Brett. The manual isn’t the best but it does explain how to play line in music on the top of page 5.

      1. Switch on your headset by pressing the MF (middle button on the right earphone with the light around it) until the blue light is blinking
      2. Press the SD card function button (small, black button with a power icon on it on the back of the right earphone) for about 4 seconds until the light turns green.
      3. Connect the headset to the device you want to play music from with the provided 3.5mm audio cable
      4. Enjoy!

  11. hey jay. The online store you linked is UK based. Do you know of a North American seller? How did you get yours? This is a North American site, right?

  12. Hi Paul,

    I got mine from a contact I have in the UK.

    They do have another site: for North America.

    I still use them all the time and everyone I show is amazed.

  13. Considering getting them in SF from Central Computer. Want to use for phone conferences and want to make sure the microphone can be muted and I can still hear the speakers.

  14. Just got my bluedio r headphones plugged in the USB charging connector and nothing happens…no red charging light…nothing at all any suggestions apart from the hassle of returning

    • Hi Dan,

      Sorry to hear you’re having charging issues. Try different usb ports and using the included microUSB cable to connect to a wall outlet if you have a cell phone charger adapter.

      If you’re still getting nothing you might have a defective set. 🙁

  15. Have had the Bluedio R headphones for about 3 weeks now… but have no manual, so some things I can not get to work… Bluetooth is fine, but the line in and the micro SD card is another issue. Does anyone know where I can get a PDF version of the english manual. or easy steps to setup the SD card and the line in playing.


  16. Just to give my review….

    Yes, these are amazing. Through bluetooth they’ve made my very low sound quality rated Curve 9380 an absolute super sound system. (great smooth base, no distortion even with lower bit rates, great tone to everything) So glad the reviews are real. I was disappointed that the size is a bit big to walk around with, but a sound designer told me that the drivers are placed for optimal sound quality so I’ll take that over small size. Also, mic and audio are separate, so you can’t play games with them unless you want to hear the game as though it’s through a phone. 🙁

    For USB charging make sure it’s a port that has the juice! Many front ports don’t have the juice. 60W, 36W, and 12W. I’m not sure what the R requires.

    Thanks! And thanks Jay for hooking me up with MyTrendyPhone. They delivered overseas in decent time. I’m in Ontario.

    • Thanks for posting your review Paul! Nicely done. I’m glad you found yourself a pair. If you could also head to MyTrendyPhone and post a review there, that would be awesome. Just go to the product page and there will be an option to write a review.

  17. Will the bluetooth from the headphones show up on other peoples devices if you are connected to it already? If so could they start playing music that would change what you are already listening to?

  18. I have also heard that the plug in wire is way to long if i ordered these what shorter wirer should i buy?

    • I don’t find the wire to be too long at all. It is a standard 3.5mm plug on both sides so it would not be tough to find a shorter one at any electronics store. I hardly ever use the cord on mine though because the Bluetooth is awesome.

  19. so can anyone else sync to you headphones if your already synced to them?

  20. Hi, I’m seriously considering buying the Bluedio headset and appreciate your review. Some headsets create an annoying “echo” sound when the volume on the TV isn’t turned off….which means one can only use the headset alone and not watch TV with others. Apparently the headset receives the sound with a very slight delay that creates the echo effect. Can you tell me if the Bluedio has this problem? Thanks for your comments.

    • Hi Sandy! My TV doesn’t support Bluetooth and neither does my receiver for my home theater speakers so I haven’t tried watching TV with the headphones. I have used the line in to watch movies on my computer and it worked great.

  21. If anyone is still looking for a pair of these, they’re on sale on amazon right now for $149.95:

  22. Hi,

    How i can connect bluedio R headset in my laptop bluetooth .
    i tried to connect but it shows Bluedio device driver not installed properly.

    how i can solve this problem. Rest of the things are work great.

    Please help

  23. I just bought these headphones. They sound great and really are pretty awesome.

    1 problem…I cannot seem to listen by bluetooth when my iphone 4s is charging?… Any guesses why this is happening?

  24. These phones look a little bulky in the pictures. Are they suitable for using during workouts in the gym etc., or ar they more akin to standard home music listening style headphones?

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