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What A Year It Has Been.. Happy New Year!


It has been a rollercoster year for BlackBerry fans and on behalf of the BerryReview Team I wanted to thank you all for sharing 2012 with us. RIM has some great things in store for us in 2013 with the launch of BlackBerry 10 and so far they are off to a promising start. We wish you all a wonderful new year filled with love, laughter, and happiness! See you in 2013 leading up to the launch of BlackBerry 10!

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  1. Happy New Year Ronen and to all the BR team and readers!

  2. It’s been a long journey for us Blackberry users, down a road with lots of bumps and setbacks, but it leads to a better place. Happy New Year Berry Review!

  3. Thanks guys it’s been awesome having you around!

  4. Happy new year…

  5. A Happier Year to all of us, from my Storm 2 and I 🙂

    • Dude, you need a BB10 phone 🙂 I am a former Storm user soon after it was launched but I waited for the Storm 3 which was delayed again and again and never came. I now have the 9860, which I will be trading in for a BB10 device in Feb.

      28 days till launch!

  6. Happy new year everybody! 🙂

  7. Ronen, all the great folks at BerryReview,
    Fellow citizens of BlackBerry Nation…
    Happy New Year! :))

  8. Happy New Year! Thanks to everyone who makes the BerryReview community so awesome!

    I’m looking forward to RIM’s best year in a LONG time.

  9. Happy New Year to the BR team and to all readers!

    From the outside, 2012 will be a year that RIM will never forget but would gladly prefer to put behind them! Layoffs, financial market blunders, and their inability to meet targets hurt them to the core.

    Internally, the first 9 months probably seemed like hell, but Thor managed to get the troups focused on BB10, and over the last three months, RIM did accomplish a lot of great things. BB10 momentum started to restore confidence and pride in the BlackBerry brand.

    BB Jam sessions, Hackathons, Portathons… These were groundbreaking, and they mushroomed into huge successes. These also helped build the BB10 ecosystem and re-establish credibility in the BlackBerry brand.

    On January’s 30, RIM will hold these accomplishments as a badge of honour for all the world to see. We, the fans, have seen some previews and we are thrilled with what they’ve done, so we can join them with our praise and thanks.

    The hard work isn’t over yet, but they’ve survived a nightmarish 12 months. Because of their hard work, the future for RIM looks bright again, but the hard work must continue to regain the trust of consumers and investors.

    The future is a little brighter thanks to the hard work and sacrifice of employees over the past 12 months or so. Most people who have seen it agree that BlackBerry 10 rocks!

    So altogether BlackBerry fans all over can stand up and say:
    Well done RIM!

  10. Happy new year everyone!

  11. Happy new year and thanks for this blog where most people are open minded 😉

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