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Major League Baseball Promoting BlackBerry 10?

We’ve been hearing for months about about RIM’s necessary expanded marketing efforts as they move toward the launch of BlackBerry 10. It looks like they’re getting some help from the folks at Surprisingly (at least to some) people on’s mailing list received an email with the subject “Discover the new BlackBerry Experience: BlackBerry 10″ on Thursday.

This presumably means that MLB will be represented in the BB 10 apps lineup in some capacity. We can expect to hear more details by the January 30th BB 10 launch date or baseball’s opening day on March 31.

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  1. BlackBerry has a strong relationship with the Blue Jays and it would be very likely would have a strong relationship with

  2. Folks, I’m RIM’s #1 fan. I want them to succeed and you too can help by spreading the word on BB10 to friends and family. RIM has given us a lot to be excited about, and they’ve kept their word about making sure the BlackBerry experience wasn’t set aside and forgotten. It is now supercharged. Not just faster but better in every way.

    Those marketing emails RIM is sending are great, although RIM should edit out the part where Vivek is struggling with the DevAlpha B in the video. This is not a BB10 issue but a Dev Alpha B design issue, which isn’t on the consumer device.

    One design consideration: all app buttons and tabs should be placed at the bottom of the screen where possible so they can easily be reached with small hands and small thumbs 🙂

    • For L. Series yes. But I’ve heard for N series that the bottom bar isn’t big enough. So they are pushing devs to use top navigation.

      • I suppose, you may be right. I’m just thinking RIM might come up with a 4.6-inch device later this year. Perhaps someone with long fingers might reach the top of the screen to hit those tabs with one thumb on the L-device (Z10), but with a slightly larger device, this will become difficult. I can barely hit the top of my 9860’s 3.7-inch screen easily with the tip of my thumb.

        BTW, in photos I’ve seen the N-device (X10) has a square screen, so I don’t understand why you suggest the bottom bar isn’t big enough.

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