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BlackBerry 10 Keyboard SDKs Coming in January – QWERTY Device on Schedule

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RIM has been doing a remarkable job of keeping developers in the loop when it comes to BlackBerry 10 tools. Their innovative arrival boards for SDK features has been great and one of our readers, BenH, pointed out a recent change on all of them. Recently all of the boards have had the “KEYBOARD SUPPORT” and similar releases move from the original DEC On-Time, to DEC Delayed and now to TBD PLANNING. Since Ben mentioned it to me I have had a few other devs point it out so I thought I might try and squash any rumors before they started.

I reached out to someone at RIM for clarification and it turns out that this was a strategic change RIM decided to make. They didn’t want to overwhelm developers with three SDK releases in one month going from Beta4 to Gold and then add the Beta6 Keyboard Beta release. The change was also made to align the SDK release with the Dev Alpha C program launch. They reconfirmed that the availability of both the all touch and physical keyboard phones will be announced on January 30th and nothing has changed with regard to the devices launch.

In other words RIM is trying to keep things chugging along nicely and we will be seeing a Keyboard Beta SDK update coming shortly in the new year.

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  1. Frankly, I find this tendency to align dev tool releases to launch events to be kind of annoying. They sat on Beta 4 for almost a month, just to release it with BB Jam Asia. They’re now sitting on Beta 6 to align it with the DA C launch.

    Meanwhile, those of us using these tools have to put up with unfixed bugs, and a constant “the stuff we have internally is much better than what you’re stuck with” impression from pretty much any dev rel person with whom we interact.

    So when we find bugs and/or limitations, how are we supposed to know whether to waste time working around them, or just sideline polishing that part of our app until the next refresh (and lose precious pre-launch dev time)?

    Furthermore, for every one of us capable of working around tooling or API issues (for which a fix may or may not become public in a month), you probably have 20 forum ranters complaining about being hampered by them.

  2. The more they delay the keyboard, the less apps will be available for that device at launch…

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