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Giveaway: Win One of THREE 32GB Wi-Fi BlackBerry PlayBook

PlayBook 2.0 StarYes, you read that right we weren’t done yet, BerryReview and RIM have teamed-up to bring some cheers to you this holiday season. Following up on our previous contest we now have a chance for you to win one of 3 Wi-Fi BlackBerry PlayBooks 32GB. If your are not aware of what this awesome tablet can do check out RIM’s official website at this link.  For a chance to win, get creative and check out the rules below.

Prize: One of THREE BlackBerry PlayBook’s (32GB Wi-Fi only)

Giveaway details and rules: To participate in the giveaway make sure you are registered with a good e-mail address, and simply leave a comment on why you should win. You can increase your chances of winning by including your twitter handle in the comments, and then tweet @BerryReview & @BlackBerry with the hashtag #PlayBookJingle with the reason why you should win; be creative Smile. Only one comment allowed. Comments must be made before Monday December 24.

 Official Rules Apply

Best of luck and happy holidays to all.

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  1. I should win because im a walking blackberry promoter. I always explain to people why a blackberry is the best “tool” of a smartphone and all of the other smartphones are “toys” pick me please!

  2. I should win one of these so that I’m not tempted to go to the dark side (Nexus 7).

    Plus, the cat judge LOVES me!

  3. I should win this Playbook to give as a Christmas present to my wife, and it shows how this tablet is powerful.

  4. I should win because i want experience PB. I love it

  5. To give to my wife, and keep our family all bb.

  6. i should win this PlayBook because as my first tablet from BlackBerry and first christmast gift from Berryreview and RIM ! Thank you :’)
    My twitter is @radewa 😉

  7. I should win because I constantly promote BlackBerry to all those haters that say RIM is dead. Once I let them play with this PlayBook, they will be believers :)

  8. I would be honored to winner, would be a nice late Christmas gift.

  9. Wow!! This would be the best Christmas ever for me if I win one of these. I don’t have a tablet and I have been really wanting to get one of these just haven’t had the $$ to do so. I am big on BlackBerry and there products for many many years. I have and always will be loyal to BlackBerry so I hope I win one of these Playbooks. Please pick me. Happy holidays to you. My twitter is @mattyjam559.

  10. I should win because I constantly promote BlackBerry to all those haters that say RIM is dead. Once I let them play with this PlayBook, they will be believers

  11. i want one because that way i will the full arsenal ready to battle my BB9900 and the playbook

  12. SAVE me from the tyranny of android and iphone, or even considering getting one.
    By getting 9900, I can upgrade from my 9700, and then my wife can upgrade from 8900 to my 9700, and then my mom can finally get rid of 8300 and upgrade to 8900.. Down the line :)

  13. I should win a PlayBook because basically I don’t have one for myself. It’s currently being held captive by my baby and Hubby. @tfrankson

  14. I have won, because I needed the playbook to advance my cause in spreading the ‘gospel according to RIM’ in a world plagued by the poisonous infidels such as android and iOS.

  15. My 16GB playbook is showing its age. I could use a new one!

  16. I think I should win because I absolutely love my Bold 9930, and am not due for an upgrade until way after BB10 comes out.. I am dying to try out QNX/BB10, and the PlayBook would be the perfect device to wean myself on it and get to enjoy what RIM is cooking up for the future!

    So excited for RIM, love BlackBerry!

    Merry Christmas all! :)

  17. I should win since I have devoted countless hours and hundreds of my own money to promote not only BlackBerry, but all of #teamBlackBerry, from devs to blogs via @BBSuperAbuser and The QuickBerry Podcast.

  18. I’m a blackberry fan. Whatever it can be I will never let RIM because there is best thing than other maker can put inti their products and I really need a new playbook to go and experience the QNX neutrino power in a tablet.

  19. Why should I win? Cause its not for me…a friend bought a Playbook a month ago to give to his mother so they could skype. Not knowing you can’t use it. So I’d like to win it to give to him so they can video chat from OKC to Chihuahua, Mexico. Just trying to share the Christmas Joy

  20. ‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all thro’ the house
    Not a spinning clock was stirring, not even a mouse;
    The stocks were hung by the chimney with care,
    In hopes that St. RIM soon would be there;
    The customers were nestled all snug in their beds,
    While visions of playbooks and BB Zed danc’d in their heads.

    Would be nice to win so I can ship it to my inlaws, No better way to stay in contact with Vchat. Good luck everyone and Merry christmas to RIM and BerryReview

  21. I should win because I have put my money where my mouth is by buying their products and shares of RIMM. I believe!! The PB would be going to my mother for video messaging. :) @lombaki

  22. I would love to win one. I will be opting in for the new BB10 phone when it launches on my network and would love for it to have some company with a BB10 capable playbook.

  23. I would love to win so I can giveaway another PlayBook and bringing another BlackBerry fan. @lexsteryo

  24. I should win this Playbook to give as a
    birthday present to my mother as symbolizing love and my soul like a tablet ;’)

  25. I wanna win!

  26. Pick me Pick me Pick me
    just do it! :-)

  27. I should win because I am not a sell out. I only buy blackberry products. My first phone was 7280, then I kept upgrading every model. 7100t, 8700c, 8100,8800, 8310, 9000 and I have the latest model 9900. I want the 32gb because my 16gb memory is full.I stick with rim until its existence. RIMM (Blackberry) for life! @wisolicom

  28. why should i win?

    i survived the “end of the world” prediction from September 6th 1994, May 21st, 2011 and October 21, 2011 all made by some “idiot” (its the best word i could come up with while keeping it G-rated…) named Harold Camping. i also survived the most recent apocalypse on December 21st, 2012! this one wasn’t from the same idiot as before. this one was from the mayans. i could go on and on and make fun of these people but i’ll pass and do my best to keep this post classy. plus, i’m sure you would rather read something that was BlackBerry related….. the bottom line is, i’ve survived the apocalypse 4 times! just like how RIM survived their “apocalypse” over the past 2 years!

    i’ve been a pro BlackBerry evangelist without getting paid a cent for it. i honestly think my past history as a survivor has helped RIM stay afloat for the past couple of years and i deserve to be compensated somewhat. the survivor skills that i’ve learned and used to overcome these apocalypses have been taught to RIM. they have used the knowledge, passed down by me, to its fullest extent and have executed it perfectly. hence, them overcoming all the delays and naysayers in 2012 and staying on target for Q1 2013. trust me!! this is NO coincidence! i had a HUGE role in RIM’s survival but since i’m a humble creature by nature, i don’t advertise it all over the internet…

    if i do win one, i’ll just have another weapon to tweet from to defend RIM’s honor and prove to all the haters and so called “#TeamBlackBerry” members that all their doubts will be erased and that their worthless hate on the brand and the company as a whole, was all for nothing. once the success of the BB10 platform is evident, i’ll be sure to remind them of their stupidity (often) and ask them what else they have left to hate on… 😉


    twitter handle: @jimz22

    ps. if that reason isn’t believable or good enough, at least “BlackBerry” and “RIM” were correctly typed out…

  29. After what took place in Sandy Hook, I must admit that as a father, I look at my kids a little differently. Really, we never know when this will be our last time together, so I cherish every moment more now. Yes, I think I’ll spoil them even more after this incident, but they deserve it. They bring tremendous joy to us parents. We added a little family vacation this Christmas, and we hope we’ll have a new PlayBook to take with us. They will be so thrilled to have their own PlayBook! If it doesn’t happen, then it doesn’t. We’ll still have a great Christmas together. I wish the same to all of you!

    Thanks to BerryReview for this awesome contest.

  30. I would like to win because I don’t have one! All I have is a Kindle.

  31. I would like to feel the joy of this festive season. A gift from you symbolizes a true Blackberry fan good nature and more happiness for my house hold to share.

  32. Today, there are many choices when I buy a tablet.But the first device that I choose is Blackberry PlayBook. With Blackberry PlayBook, I can work and entertainment. PlayBook makes me different from my friends. Because they are using the Android or Ipad tablet. Blackberry PlayBook is an indispensable device to me.

    • Hello, I have already tweeted (@son24491) and i have also liked the page and the article on Facebook –
      thank you and Merry Christmas!

  33. If I win it means I can voicechat with my family while I travel for work. And that means a lot.

  34. I have a 16gb PlayBook and I have bought my three kids playbook for xmas. I have persuaded my mind and sister to buy a playbook too, so now my poor wife is the only person who doesn’t have one. The trouble is, she keeps wanting to borrow mine and as all playbook owners know its a killer to have to give up your best friend even for 5 minutes. So please save me and let me win.

  35. I recently had to buy a new phone as my much loved galaxy s2 died and needed a capable phone and went straight for blackberry.

    I wasn’t expecting much for the price of my new curve but…. How wrong was I! The qwerty keyboard is fantastic and makes me think I wish I had got a BB sooner. The OS seems very well thought out and I’m surprised just how simple navigation is with the tackpad.

    I would love to pair my new blackberry with the playbook so I can use a bigger screen for documents and email while traveling.

    Really enjoying my blackberry experience so far.

  36. Let Me Not Try To Be Creative And Be Truthful.

    I Deserve To Play With This Book, Because My Hand Has Never Held Such A Device Of This Magnitude.

    I Rave To My Friends About BlackBerry Being A Necessity & I Feel, I Am Not Representing It Well With My 8520 (Hides In A Corner) LoL

    Let Me Slow Down On This Curve & Approach With Caution.

    I Feel, If I Win This BlackBerry PlayBook, I Won’t Even Have To Say Much To My Friends; To Direct Them To BlackBerry Devices.

    Strangers Will Read About It On My Twitter & FB TimeLine (Call Me Ambassador)

    I Will Be Playing My Part On This Book (Even When I’m On Social Networks, Roaming The Streets Or At Gatherings)

    I Will Be Representing My Favorite Brand On My PlayBook. That’s A Dream Team :)

    @TheeEntertainer NO SLEEP TILL BB10

    The Better The SmartPhone? The Blacker The Berry

  37. My wife and I already have the wonderful playbook, but my daughter feels left out. I would love to win another playbook for the family.

  38. Thu so would make a great Christmas present. I still believe in BlackBerry!

  39. You can never have enough blackberries

  40. I should win because I am surrounded by Blackberry non believers. This would be a great tool to start their conversion!

  41. Because I always run out of memory when filming my workouts. I need more GBs!

  42. I believe in RIM, always have.

    They are he underdog of the industry and will bounce back..

    Hoping for a great 2013 for RIM & its Blackberry line

  43. Simple story, young daughters and I have PB’s. Young nephew spends the weekend; uses mine as his own. It never leaves his posession the entire weekend. They all have a blast with them. End of weekend, on the ride back to his house, nephew turns to me and says (with that can’t say no to tone), “Uncle Brian, I know it’s a lot to ask..but, could you please get me a PlayBook too?” Oof!

  44. When BB10 comes out Playbook Gonna rock..

  45. I really need one for my class….

  46. I should win the Playbook because I’m different.

  47. I love BlackBerry, and am an proud user of a Curve 9320 and PlayBook 16 Gig. I have transitioned several of my friends and family to BB phones or PlayBooks, and they love them! My PlayBook, which I bought shortly after it’s launch is showing it’s age and failing in several ways and I would love a new one! I also blog about the advantages of using a BlackBerry and my experiences with them! #teamBlackBerry #BlackBerrybyChoice I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep anyday! I will be a BlackBerry 10 user as soon as the first Z10 is realeased! @Sam__T

  48. One of the playbooks would be a great present to a family member

  49. Why I should win? Because I have been trying to win a contest for anything BlackBerry for the past 4 years religiously on this website, now I’m ready to cash in for the holidays. :)

  50. Why I should win? Because I have been trying to win a contest for anything BlackBerry for the past 4 years religiously on this website, now I’m ready to cash in for the holidays. :) @neil_springer

  51. I would love to win a PlayBook so that my family in other countries could video talk with me and my family easily. Long Distance rates? Gone.

  52. I should win because i know you will never meet someone with the name Odilon Ever! Thanks… @osanto85

  53. i need! a tablet and need to be small, i made all my friends buy one but couldn’t get to get one for my self.
    i need it to be able to show my clients a demo of how his product will look like, i do it with my 9700 or through e-mail.. but i need to take a level up – and what a better way then the playbook?!

  54. I use my 16gb playbook every day and could use more capacity. I’m due to upgrade my Bold9650 and waiting. For BB10!! @fweddah

  55. I would use the tablet for my lectures since I use powerpoint a lot. It would be more portable and easier to setup than using my laptop. Plus it will be an opportunity to sell my students and other faculty members on the greatness of Blackberry. Since the college I teach at is small, the cost of BB Playbooks would be cost effective and allow others to utilize the Playbooks in class. @therealjspears

  56. A BB person in an all Apple household. I need to make coverts of the rest. I think it would work, especially with a BB10 update!

  57. These are great giveaways & contests, BerryReview Team! The PlayBook is a super powerful BB10 ready device that any of your winners would be really pleased to have.

    Keep ’em coming!


  58. Love to win one for my son,he is the next generation of Blackberry user in the family and want to keep a tradition…Happy Hoildays

  59. As a die-hard BB fan I have held out replacing my phone with any other brand as I believe RIM will do a full comeback with a powerful BB10 and that will be my next device.
    Great giveaway BR and RIM teams!

  60. I should win because I’m always talking smack about other OS platforms and I always show off for BlackBerry.

  61. I would love a new PlayBook. The micro HDMI broke on my 32gb and my warranty is up. Please help me BerryReview! Thank you! :)

  62. I wish to win to demonstrate the extension of the Blackberry experience from smartphone to tablet. I believe the Blackberry provides the best user experience of any mobile OS. Android lacks real integration or a consistent look and feel. Apple has a good OS and ecosystem of apps, but true business productivity requires the user to jump through many hops to do what a Blackberry does intuitively.

  63. I already have a PlayBook, but I’d love to win so I can give Blackberry PlayBook to my mom and sister.

  64. Please, please… Save me!
    The dark side of the tablet is iTrying iCovencerme iHow iGreat it is…
    And the green robot is trying to root all to let me free…
    Save me!
    I need my data saved and secure… And the perfect gift for my lovely 9810 is a pb

  65. Winning the blackberry playbook will make my life easier as I could manage all my works better through it, my daily schedule reminded, get the kids behave when they are playing the games on it, have some family time together and anywhere with the Blackberry playbook…what else could I ask more than this? :)

  66. You should pick me, it’s plain to see
    Because I love BB, like a kid loves PB

    Like Burger King, you can Have It Your Way
    Customizable to your liking, like BlackBerry jam in PB&J

    When fruit imposes its form, and you can’t multitask
    Are you conforming to the norm, you have to ask

    Why settle for a pad when you can have a Book?
    With a device like this, you won’t even need a Nook

    I should finish up this jingle, so I just have to say
    The chance to win gives me the tingles, in a berry good way

  67. I want to give my mom and dad a playbook so they can Video Chat with their new grandson! @datruschwantz

  68. This would be perfect for my grandson as a gift so he won’t have to always be using my Playbook!

  69. PlayBooks are awesome, so much so that my kids are stealing mine. A great Christamas present would be to have one for them to use and one for me.

  70. Recently my house was robbed. They took large items such as my television. I have always been a blackberry user and would love the opportunity to experience what the playbook has to offer. Thank you for considering my comment to win. Merry Christmas!

  71. I should win ’cause I need to have a spare to give to the friends and family that keep borrowing mine.

  72. I actually just bought a 32 GB Playbook. But I actually don’t know anyone else who owns one so I have no one to video chat with. I could give this one to my inlaws so my kids could video chat with them.

  73. The thought of going through 2013 without the most versatile tablet, the BlackBerry PlayBook, paired with my BB10 handset is unimaginable. All things BB..BB4Life! BlackBerry is the color of the blood pumping through my viens!

  74. I’d to win a new playbook so I can get my Playbook back from my daughters @kblder

  75. I use a bold 9790 & was fortunate enough to bridge it with my aunts playbook. Its like the ability of the playbook doubles up when you use it with an os7 phone. Ever since then, getting a playbook has become a need rather than want. Being a final year student from Nigeria, I have had to rely on my bold for most of my research work(since I don’t own a laptop) & must say,it hasn’t let me down. But since the experience with the playbook, I keep dreaming of what could have been. Who knows, maybe after dec 21st, a miracle perhaps…
    Twitter handle: @denenKrane

  76. I should win this PlayBook, because my mom really needs an upgrade from her current laptop. She has a Eee Pc 1000, and that thing is so slow, that it can’t even handle flash without framerate issues. If I won this, my mother would be very happy! :)

  77. Happy Holidays Berry Review! BB 10 is almost here ! I have never been so excited about a product and new ecosystem as I am about QNX based BB10. I look at all the other OS and one is a 6 year old children’s toy and the other is not a serious ecosystem which freezes like Windows 98. I love my 16G Playbook and consider it the finest piece of electronics I have ever owned. Here is too a huge success story for 2013, @WINKMAN19713. BlackBerry is the best, and that’s what we deserve, Not the garbage that is out there now. An additional PB in my home will be for my daughter, as she grows and learns. It will be nice to see her in the native video chat when she goes to bed; while I am busy working nights.

  78. First of all it would take the place of my primative nook and won’t make me go over to the darkside… Second it would be the best bday/holiday present ever!!!!


  79. I would love to give this to my sister (in the 3rd grade) for those awesome math games in App World! @dwdsquared2

  80. I’m @firepuncher and I will do amazing things with this PlayBook

  81. First, thanks BR but I missed this the first time…
    RIM (as in Waterloo) is co-sponsoring this? Very nice gesture and have to say, I’ve been quite impressed with the PR since Heins, Boulben and co have taken over.

  82. I quit my job Financial Advisor job four months ago to go back to school for Computer Engineering at the age of 30 based on the potential shift that i see BB10 creating.

    If i won the PlayBook it would be for my very tolerant wife for supporting me while making this change.

  83. I’m already the lone BlackBerry phone user in my office, by choice. I think I should also be the lone PlayBook user in a sea of iPads.

  84. I should win, because I’m a Blackberry fan all day and night, not one of those pretenders and haters who are now shivering in awe and delight. Through all the bad times, the good times, the thick and thin I had RIMM’s back, while the isheep, Android fans were on the attack. “It was all over for Blackberry”, the media and bloggers shouted with glee. But, I always knew in my heart this was not going to be.
    Then all of Thor’s horses and all of Thor’s men put Blackberry back together again and named it BB10. RIMM is now poised to show off their clout; was there ever any doubt? All through the mobile house not a cell phone in sight is as strring as BB10 is, alright! I would be remiss if I didn’t mention this – please don’t diss and dismiss: RIMM will be back on top and that’s no lie, so enjoy your reign now iClone because it’s over, Goodbye!

    Merry Christmas Berry Review!

  85. After countless hours,days, months and more of use, my playbook is starting to show signs. Im love with it and would like to have another one! 😀

  86. Would be perfect match to get one. Playbook at 7inch. Happy holidays all!

  87. I would love to win this playbook because it would be great and convenient way to keep up with business and pleasure.

  88. I should win because winning this would save me from cheap android tablet hell, especially since the Playbook is the tablet I’ve always wanted and not been able to afford.

  89. forgot to add my twitter handle: @joyhacker

  90. ok, here is the deal.
    I’m tired, tired of my son/wife stealing my playbook..
    fighting all day on 1 device will break up my family. I’m sure Berryreview team don’t want to take responsibility for this, right?
    So, I promise to restore my family relationship top it’s glory days if you let me win another playbook..
    Twitter handle: @elic1818

  91. i badly want one no one has ever felt it in my family due tothe price but i pray this will be the best opportunity to have one pls i want to win……i might be late but please let itnot be in vain …….thank you and merry christmas

  92. I got to admit, my heart broke on the last playbook giveaway. But I’m ok now. Have moved on. Until i decided to go online. I cant afford another heartbreak, Berryreview and RIM.

    I had visualized the playbook in my hands more times than you can imagine. Such a sensational experience. The unboxing was such a thrill. The sound of the cardboard hastily opened witn excitement. The playbook wrapped in shining transparent plastic was a sight to behold. I could smell the enchanting fragrance of the product ready to be consumed with every breath. Touching it was like the first time my fingers felt the smoothest sensation. Heavenly. Unexplainable.

    But i was locked out of heaven. I dreamt really high, and fell with such force that everything just weighed me down to the depths of Playbook heartbreak.

    But im taking a chance again.

    ’cause the Playbook is worth having a heartbreak.

    I dust myself off.

    Try again. And try better.

    The Playbook is a must have.

    In my profession as a teacher, you can just imagine how useful and powerful a Playbook can be.

    In my other job as a radio presenter, all my prep, soundbites, and anything involved in the show can all be conveniently placed in the safety of a Playbook.

    As a special events host, the Playbook is very conveniently handy while im either at the podium or walking around. Honestly, on such moments, i just want to show off the Playbook.

    People ask me why i prefer RIM. I ask them back, ‘why not’!

    They ask me why the Playbook? I tell them because it’s simply the best.

    They ask me why I dont have one. I tell them, ‘Cause I know ill win one before 2012 ends’.

    I can feel it.
    I can smell it.
    I can hear it whisper “I’m yours”.

    It’s 8:58 pm of the 24th where i am.
    Its a busy day/night.
    I didnt have plans of going online. But somethinh was telling me to do so.

    Turned my wifi on my Storm.
    Clicked on Opera.
    Clicked BerryReview.
    Checked the headlines.
    Then, this contest.

    i made sure i was logged in.
    Read the rules.
    Read several comments.
    Then, placed the cursor on the comment box.
    Clicked menu.
    Clicked ‘lightning keyboard’
    And started typing my comment.

    Now, Im done.

    Hoping, praying, crossing my fingers.

    That one of the three Playbooks will love my way


  93. Because its Christmas Eve and I have been good to my Blackberry all year =)

  94. I would like to have it and see how it is. (I have never seen one, and do not know this wonderful device.)

  95. Not too late, am I? @neyenss ; gave my father my Playbook a few months ago so that he could play games :).

  96. A 32GB Wi-Fi Blackberry playbook would make me quite merry,
    Kind of like my favorite holiday cake with lots of strawberries.
    First of all, the tablet has a 3 MP front camera,
    Perfect for taking all those pictures with a jolly old Santa.
    I love the fact that it also has GPS navigation
    And of course HTML support 5 for lots of web browsing.
    A 7″ LCD and 1024 x 600 resolution for the display.
    That just sounds perfect! Isn’t it great?
    Berryreview, I’ve definitely been a good girl this year!
    Hopefully, I can win this playbook and increase the holiday cheer!


  97. BlackBerry10 is here to stay!!
    The Playbook should be under my tree!
    Long live BlackBerry!

    Thanks BerryReview for the contest.

  98. Because I am the obsessed with BB10 !

  99. I will be happy to have this playbook

  100. please publish list of the winner!

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