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Numbers Don’t Lie. BlackBerry is Far From Dead


I know I’m not the only one that’s completely fed up with so called analysts and ill-informed naysayers declaring that RIM is dead. Most either ignore the hard facts or have no idea what the actual situation is. One of the most ridiculous articles I have seen to date commenting on RIM’s downfall compares BlackBerry Flow and BlackBerry Hub to “the swipe-down menu from Apple’s iPhone.” Really? He goes on to say that the keyboard “sounds like a combination of autocorrect and the Swype app.” The best part of the article is when he references RIM’s cash reserve of “$2 million.” Perfect. Someone who doesn’t know the difference between million and billion giving stock advice. Luckily, due to his lambasting in the comments of his article, he at least corrected the mistake. I’m surprised the article still exists at all with all of the other blunders that remain.

This guy has obviously never handled a dev alpha, let alone BB10 final hardware. Heck, he hasn’t even bothered to watch a youtube video or two about how BB10 actually works. I don’t proclaim to be an expert myself, but I do make sure to be at least a little bit informed before I spew such a mess to the masses.

Lucas over at N4BB snagged the above picture at the BlackBerry 10 Gold SDK tweetup in New York which outlines the facts about RIM and why they are FAR from dead. One of the most telling statistics is the last one on the slide. If 90% of America’s highest ranked corporations depend on BlackBerry to run their mobile operations, RIM must be doing something right.

We know that some organizations have been dropping RIM as their primary mobile service provider. This comes as little surprise as BlackBerry has definitely fallen from their once dominant position and is not the cool kid anymore. However; with BlackBerry 10 on the horizon, we are already seeing the pendulum swing back into RIM territory.

Back in October, The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) announced that they will be ending their contract with RIM in favor of Apple. Since ICE employs 17,600 this is kind of a big deal, especially for RIM given their recent troubles. Reuters has reported today that ICE may not be done with RIM just yet. An ICE spokeswoman announced they are set to begin the new year on a pilot program on BlackBerry 10 devices and BES 10.

Although this doesn’t necessarily mean RIM has re-secured almost 18,000 lost clients, I have a pretty good feeling that once people get these smooth, powerful, BlackBerry 10 devices in their hands and see how they can make their lives easier, ICE will make the smart choice and stick with RIM.

So next time you hear, “BlackBerry is dead!” or, “RIM is going down,” remind the poor, uninformed soul of some of the facts. Numbers don’t lie. BlackBerry is FAR from dead.

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  1. Luckily for RIM, BYOD hasn’t be the success many had hoped it would be and when corporations adopt COPE, they seem to find RIM’s solution attractive to manage their entire mobile fleet. Hopefully Fortune 500 companies will keep BlackBerry devices in their portfolio in the years to come.

    And btw, numbers DO LIE. Ask any statisticians. While this slide can be reassuring for some, we’ve seen with Nokia how quickly things can change. The Symbian numbers still looked good when everybody knew that Nokia was in big trouble.

  2. Agree with you, another thing that is killing RIM is the uninformed number of sales people out there. Last week a friend went in to upgrade her old blackberry and the sales guys persuaded her into buying an iphone because his management told him that Verizon was not going to carry nor support the product in 2013 because RIM was going out of business!! now that is crazy and irresponsible and for sure hurting sales of Blackberry devices, this is not the first time I hear similar stories from friends and family.

    • Some people will do anything for a bigger pay check 😉

    • This was/is 100% true, but I’ve noticed a distinct change in the media about RIM and balckberry since the stock began to rise this past fall. Granted they are not full of praise but it a marked change from RIM is going bankrupt.

      There was a post on the FT tech blog today that basically pointed out the leaked pics and vids and ended up saying while RIM has an uphill batlle ” You never know.” That’s how they ended the article.

      This is pretty different from Nokia stories.

  3. I think it is a campaign to eliminate the competition. First, RIM seemed unable to get in on the all-touch market. Time after time, they ignored the market trend towards an all-touch phone. Every all-touch phones were unfairly crippled; even the latest 9860 phone had half the built-in flash and no NFC. Even the OS wasn’t as well tested as that of the 9900. RIM really did seem to be out of touch with what consumers wanted. RIM’s BES strategy also peeved many who felt crippled by the lack of apps, perceived closed architecture (because it’s secure), and gestapo-type BES administrators who went too far to turn a BlackBerry into a glorified cell phone.

  4. Don’t stress anything you see on Seeking Alpha. Those aren’t analysts – those are individuals with opinions – all you have to do to get ‘published’ there is ask them.

    Probably the last place you’ll want to go for any kind of investment advice – you can find anything to support any opinion, based on any kind of logic.

  5. Jay-bird :
    Wish I had a nickel for every article I’ve read JUST LIKE THAT.
    I’d own a lot more RIM stock!

  6. I wish the new BB10 phone will be cheaper than those of its competitors to give consumers ideas of what it feels to have a blackberry. If these phone are expensive no purchases means no customers and in the long run no RIM.

    • I agree, RIM should have thought about introducing these as mid-range phones, with high-end and low-end devices coming later.
      Apart from the screen, the specs are pretty H1/2012.
      If they’re advertised as flagship and don’t deliver in terms of hardware, some people will feel that the devices are overpriced and won’t take a chance.
      I’m pretty sure, these phones will be heavily subsidised. RIM won’t make the same mistake they did with the 9900.

      • I’m pretty sure there have already been report of BB10 with much more horsepower coming out shortly after these initial ones, so this could be midrange prices. $149 or manybe even $99 on contract $99 would sell a ton.

        Not only RIM but carriers want an alternaitve to iPhone Android, so there should be significant push.

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