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Review and Giveaway–Boombotix Boombot Ultraloud Portable Speaker


Boombotix is a small company passionate about music. Lief Storer and Chris McKleroy founded the company together and developed this first Boombot as an alternative to headphones for a bike ride to work. The unique design was conceived from a Japanese toy and you’ll have to take my word (for now) that these little rascals sound just as amazing as they look.

The sound quality and volume that come out of this little guy are impressive to say the least. If you pick up one of these speakers for yourself (or happen to win one Smile), prepare to enjoy your music, videos and whatever else you listen to with much higher volume and much better quality.


The rugged build, water resistance, retractable connection cable, and tough clip on the back of the Boombot make it the perfect companion for life on the go. Feel like blasting your personal soundtrack as you mosey down the street for all to hear? How about playing some tunes while you hike through the woods to keep up spirits and scare away wild animals? Pick up a Boombot and go nuts…just try to keep the tunes age and volume appropriate for your surroundings and for all of our sanity.

The Boombot 1 comes in 9 different unique flavors including 3 limited edition artist designs.


There are 3 buttons on top of each Boombot. One big one in the middle for power and two on either side for volume up and down.


I had the pleasure of trying out a BoomBot 2 which has everything the Boombot 1 has plus bluetooth connectivity. After testing it out for a while now, I absolutely love it. Everytime I fire it up I am impressed by the quality and volume that comes out of such a cute little munchkin.

Boombot purple

The bluetooth connectivity is awesome and the battery life is great. I tried it out inside and out and found that the range is surprisingly close to the same whether I was in a confined area or not. I had to get at least 15-20 feet away in both cases before I started to lose the connection.

In short, I highly recommend any of the great products offered by Boombotix. You can pick up your own Boombot 1 or Boombot 2 directly from their website.

More info and order Boombot 1 for $44.99-$54.99.

More info and order Boombot 2 for $69.99-$79.99.

Giveaway: The peeps at Boombotix have been kind enough to offer one of our readers a free Boombot 1 of their choice! Simply leave a comment on this post and tell us how you would use this ultraportable speaker to make your life more awesomer. Open-mouthed smile  Make sure you are registered so we can track you down if you win! Only comments received before December 14, 2012 11:59PM Eastern time will be entered to win. 

The Boombot REX is the latest and greatest offering from Boombotix. We mentioned them back in October and they are currently smack dab in the middle of a successful kickstarter campaign (over 200% funded) and I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these new little monsters.

The REX line adds bluetooth speakerphone functionality, song skipping on the speaker, and even more power and bass bumpin.

Learn more about the Boombotix REX on their Kickstarter page. Join the funding party and reserve a REX of your own!

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  1. This would make my exercises out with my friends a whole lot more awesome! My current speakers are just too soft!

  2. this would make sitting in the garden, relaxing, drinking a cocktail a lot more fun, you can also use it when you’re having a BBQ diner.

  3. This is the cutest, most awesome portable speaker EVER!!! I am in love… I would use this EVERYWHERE just because well look at it! <3 sooooo cute :) I use portable speakers a lot, esp when outdoors. I love to use my SD card cards collection or my BBM music line-up to be an on-the-fly DJ when a random party moment breaks out. This adorable speaker would only enhance the good times 10-fold. :) thanks for making me aware of this product... I love it!

  4. Count me in! I would definitely use this in the home office and for family functions. It would also be great to have in my office so I can listen to music on those stressful days! I hope to win!

  5. This would be great for my on the road experience to not have to use the “speakerphone” to let others in on the music, podcasts, etc. Please count me in and good luck to all.

  6. I would just like to win 1 for all around use since I am always listening to music on my phone.

  7. Would love to have the black one with the x’s on the eyes. Would go great on my work desk.

  8. Would love to have one of these that could travel with me. I don’t have bluetooth capability in my car so I would use it for music while driving and then take it right into work for music at my desk as well since we don’t get speakers for our desk computers. To ice the cake, that’s the coolest little creature speaker I’ve ever seen. Pick me!!

  9. Sitting around the firepit…ah….

  10. This will be good speaker to listen just before going to bed no need for that headphone that can choke you to death :-)

  11. I hope i win this! i could put it to good use at the park

  12. Earlier I use during to lug aroundMy laptop but now I just carry my 64 gb playbook. It has enough space for all my music video’s everything would love to use this it will only make the experience. Better!!!!

  13. How cute is that! I’d love to win one of these to keep on my desk at work. It would definitely add a bit of color and imagination to a dull office. Not the standard square box speaker.

  14. Where would we use this, how about; backyard bbq party, party on the beach, party at friends house, party at just about anywhere…..

  15. Add me to the list to, thats just awesome speakers, especially as it doesnt look ugly like my old ones. I really appreciate you giveaway and hope i win as it will be very much useful to me, i usually need speakers when i am outside home and always wanted some nice quality portable speakers but never had the time to buy some! I would really appreciate winning!

  16. I would love to win this speaker, making chores and yardwork much less of a hassle, listening to music and podcasts in all of their glory.

  17. This would be put to great use on the ski hill. Nothin better than blastin “I like to move it move it” while slashin powder turns. The lift ride would instantly turn into a 4 person rock concert and the lift line would be doing the wave in no time. I can only dream.

  18. Love it, stylish and unique. Now I won’t have to keep my computer on for music and video as well…

  19. This looks so cool. Can’t wait to hear one in person. Thanks for the contest!

  20. this would make a perfect present for my kid

    hopefully get her outdoors and enjoy the backyard more if she had her music blasting in the background instead of her ears using headphones

  21. It’s perfect to be able to broadcast an Arsenal game to a group of mates, outside of any pub, when you can’t make it to the stadium, your local or your living room :)

  22. My blackberry’s speaker cannot handle my music addiction.This awesome extra good looking speaker would totally fit my music needs.
    Good music everywhere! :)

  23. I want one. I’ve seen it in action and it rocks! I’d use it to freak out my kids. I’d put in on the kitchen table and when they pick it up I’d play something.

  24. I am a clown on th side and this would be great for some of my smaller shows.

  25. Would love to have one of these for convenient music playback in one of my other rooms

  26. Fun giveaway, I’d take this to my beer pong tournament next month.

  27. These things are cute! When I’m out with my dogs, we always run into seniors who carry portable AM radios and listening to their stuff. I would carry one of these little guys to “fit-in” :)

    Good luck everyone and happy holidays! :)

  28. This would be great for drowing out my wife at night as she talks in her sleep and keeps me awake as I keep laughing at the nonsence that see speaks.

    Fingers crossed I win.


  29. I would sync this to my cowan for front porch listening. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!

  30. I will hide it in my closet, nicely wrapped.
    Come the 28th this month, it will be in the hands
    of my teenage son. It will add a lot of SWAG points to his everyday. Plus, I don’t have to bother him about having his earphones on too loud. This would give us peace especially when he is practicing his dance moves, alone or with his school dance mates.

    For my son, on his birthday, count me in on this SWAG giveaway :)

    I added cool smileys to this message… if you don’t see them go to:

  31. I’d love to get my hands on one of these. Since my JamBox was lifted from my desk, I’ve had no way to annoy my coworkers…

  32. At home, at work, travelling, working out – what about just everywhere!

  33. Cool patio or carry-around speakers!

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