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BlackBerry Messenger Officially Updates to BBM 7 with Voice

It has been no secret that BBM 7 has been in beta testing for a while now, and the biggest new feature has been BBM Voice.  BBM Voice allows for calling over wifi to your other BBM contacts.  Well, now is official, and available to anyone using BBM on a device with OS6 or higher!  There are a few more features they have added in, and you can read up on those as well as find a download link below.

Here are some other great features you’ll love in BBM 7:

  • BBM upgrade notifications – BBM will notify you when there are updates to download straight from within the app
  • BBID Synchronization – your BBM profile, Groups and Contacts are linked to your BlackBerry ID
  • 16 Additional emoticons – even more choice for those times when words just aren’t enough. Can you spot the new ones? *Drool*

Here is a nice video demo of BBM Voice for all of you who might need some help on getting started.

Update notification through App World might take up to 24 hours to show up, but a reboot sometimes speeds up the process.  Also please note, that BBM 7 also updates the BBM associationwith BlackBerry ID which will make backing up your contact list a lot easier, as well a switching devices.

You can check out BlackBerry’s release official page on their Inside BlackBerry Blog

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  1. I cant wait for this to update. Great feature finally available yayyy

  2. I really like the voice feature but not everyone got wi-fi! If they can make it available over 3G it will be a hit…! Otherwise not…!

    • carriers will have a hard time allowing this, as they earn money off you for the minutes you use.

      we all can dream!

      • Yes but bbm is included in your bis,so there the carriers already looses a lot of money because the people don,t sms anymore + then there is whatsapp as well…! But as you say… We can dream, and i,m sure free voice is comming, with viber or whatever 🙂

  3. The way I look at this being positive is, when im in my house, I can use BBM Voice, or just use the carrier service im already paying for. How this is a extreme benefit to me is that I can now call my parents in another country when they are at home on their wifi, for free… They can now get rid of vonage that they paying an additional cost for. One less bill for them. Another way to look at BBM Voice without thinking about carriers is when you go overseas. You normally will not have a carrier any way, so if you can find a free wifi hotspot, then you can call any of your BBM contacts with Voice. No Roaming, nothing…. Another big bill from roaming charges avoided.

    What RIM can do however is add BBM to Landline/Mobile calling and charge a service fee for that and that would be a new revenue stream for them and a blow to Vonage. Imagine just paying 4.99 extra and I can make a VoIP call over RIM network to call the World. Value for Shareholders, convenience for the consumers and business travelers. This would save corporations millions of dollars as their business travelers can connect to wifi in their hotels and make calls back home limiting the amount of roaming charging they incur. Now that’s value..

  4. im trying to download the new bbm 7 but it says ive already installed it but i have not what do i do ?

  5. very cool!

  6. It says that the new version of bbm is installed but I havnt downloaded it, what shall i do ?

  7. Its saying that I’ve already got bbm7 installed but I clearly haven’t, I’ve deleted my old bbm and backed up a file of my contacts but it still doesn’t let me down load the new bbm, what should I do?

  8. I’m also trying to download the new version, but it stays on 6.22. I’ve tried everything – deleted it off the phone, re-installed – everything. Why’s this not working? I have an 8520 phone – is there a compatibility issue or what?

    • I mean version It stays on this even after I try to upgrade to 7. I think I don’t have wifi, but that’s ok – want the other features of the upgrade though – can’t bother about the voicecalling for now.

    • BB messenger 7 is only for os 6 and 7 at this stage as far as i know.

  9. I m using BB 9790 bold with OS 7.0.0, but I tried to upgrade BBM 7 its showing that Unavailable for this Device, why? please guide what to do for upgrade?

  10. I have blackberry messenger v6.2.0.44 & i’ve tried upgraded my bbm to v7.0 but it’s not working , i’ve looked all over the internet, but it’s just not working:(!

  11. I upgraded to BBM7 and i have lost all bbm contacts and
    profiles, it states it is installed but is no where to be found
    no icon nothing…………………….
    Please advise urgently

  12. I’ve upgraded bbm 7 on my 9380 and now i can not start up the messenger…i deleted it, and reinstalled it via blackberry world but i have the same problem……it stays on setting up bbm for hours and hours….What 2 do???

  13. Can you get bbm voice on a blackberry 9360?

  14. I’m using a 9810 n since I upgraded I avnt been able to set up my bbm.pls wat can I do?to get my older version back7v

  15. I posted earlier that I had the same problem where the bbm was setting up forever after i upgraded. I don’t know if the solution is the same for everyone but i inserted my own simcard which has BIS on it into the phone and the problem was solved. I think that bbm is the only app on the phone that cannot be setup with just a WIFI connection but needs to have the BIS internet data connection. I hope that does it for everyone else.

  16. How do I download bbm 7 I’ve been trying

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