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Giveaway: Win One of Two BlackBerry Bold 9900 T-Mobile Branded From RIM & BerryReview


With the holiday’s upon us, it is a perfect time to share, and give back to the community.  RIM has sponsored this giveaway for a chance to win a T-Mobile branded 9900, the BlackBerry with the best QWERTY keyboard. If you followed BerryReview over the years, you know we love sharing with you, news, reviews, and all sorts of different goodies, and who wouldn’t want a brand new BlackBerry this holiday season.


Device Specifications: 250x270_2


Size: 4.5 x 2.6 x 0.4 inches
Weight: 4.5 Ounces
Included battery: 1230 Lithium
Talk time: up to 8 hrs
Standby time: up to 315 hrs
Band (frequency): 850 MHz;900 MHz;1800 MHz;1900 MHz;UMTS: Band I (2100);UMTS: Band IV (1700/2100)
Cameras 5 Megapixel 
OS  7.1
Up to 32 GB Expandable Memory
Wi-Fi Calling Only on T-Mobile
Wi-Fi data 
Speaker phone
Proximity Sensor
and Much more  Click here for more information


Giveaway details and rules: To participate in the giveaway make sure you are registered with a good e-mail address and simply leave a comment on why you should win. You can increase your chances of winning by including your twitter handle  in the comments and  then tweet @BerryReview & @BlackBerry with the hashtag #BerryMerryGiveaway with the reason why you should win; be creative Smile.  Only one comment allowed, but you may tweet us as many times as you like.

Giveaway restrictions: Because of compatibility restrictions we are limiting this contest to US and Canada, if you are outside the US don’t worry we have another contest for a chance to win some goodies too. Comments must be made before Wednesday December 12.  Official rules and conditions apply.

Big thanks to @xAshley1983x for the help with the twitter hashtag.

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  2. sweet phone

    had one for over 6 months, eventually broke (my mistake)

    had to switch to an unlocked iPhone 4 (hand me down)

    Love to get the 9900 back with the Wi-Fi calling and BB features which i do miss a lot (like Social Hub & BBM)

  3. I deserve to win because I’m one of RIM’s biggest fans. I have also been a huge advocate since I’m the only one on my job who uses a blackberry device!

  4. i would love a 9900 to give to my girlfriend!

  5. Me Please :)

  6. I would love to win one of these. My Bold 9700 is on its last legs, and I really need a replacement that will have the best email delivery system AND Wi-Fi calling for when I travel for business. Of course, I can’t buy one for myself, since I am spending all of my money on Christmas presents for my wife! Please pick me! Thanks!

  7. I would love to give this to my wife. She has a Bold 9000 but she deserves a new BlackBerry @kblder

  8. I am using a BlackBerry Storm 9530. Do I need any other reason why I need to win? I have had other BlackBerry’s, but this is what I am stuck with now.

  9. Please please save me from this horrible android OS. I can’t believe I sold my bb to get this. I am a terrible person. :(


  10. I just dropped my BB this afternoon and chipped part of it, the letters are also worn off from all the texting and bbm’s. A replacement would really be nice.

    @ inc188 how could you?


  11. I would give this to my wifi since she has a small Bold

  12. I deserve to win this not because, i am using my 10th BlackBerry device this year but, because i know Rim is coming baxk with a bang and i know it and can feel it deep down.


  13. Would love one of these so I can give it to my gf to use!

  14. Ah Damn, I posted the entry in the wrong section, I thought I was posting for a BB9900 turns out I entered in Playbook! Well, count this as my official entry:

    Well, I have been using BB 9700 for about 3,5 yrs. I have been out of contract for over 1,5 yrs and even though I was tempted to jump ship over to Android, I resisted, and I resisted real hard.. One day I gave in to the temptation and bought Galaxy Nexus, that phone was nice and fancy, after few days I realized how empty the phone was, surely you could fill it with stuff but e-mails were not working well, doing business using exchange service was nearly impossible and the keyboard could not keep up with my typing for god’s sake.. I open, reply and send e-mails faster than the time it took nexus to spit out my typing.
    Anyway, finally I returned it and went back to my 9700.
    I wanted to 9900 but it was never on sale, either I had to pay $600 out of contract or pay $200 and sign a 2 year contract which meant that I could not be eligible to upgrade when BB10 is released.
    So here I am, hoping that I can win a 9900 (I already have a playbook, but 2nd one wouldn’t hurt) so I can use it and get used to the awesomeness that is BB7 + TouchScreen.

  15. Hi! I think I should win this because I entered the “insideblackberry”contest for my aunt and didn’t win! :(! We live on the east coast and she was hit by hurricane Sandy. Sadly for her, water got into her house and got into her playbook as well. Also, her phone has been acting up. So, all is wrong right now. To keep her spirits high this holiday season, I want to be able to give her the 9900! It would be the perfect gift for her! She’s also on the T-mobile network, which is even more perfect! Hopefully, my entry wins!
    Twitter: @Bulls_Maintance

  16. I deserve to win this so I can give it to my wife. She is a bit of a Luddite and won’t let me buy her a smartphone (i.e Blackberry) but if I won one she would have to take it. Then I could get some friends off my back who think that the reason she doesn’t have a smartphone is my Scottish nature.

  17. I should win because I love the Bold and it love me! @Afrozepher

  18. It’s about time to retire my poor, beat-up, bluetooth-sometimes-working, camera-no-longer-working, Bold 9700. I’m amazed it has lasted as long as it has, almost expecting it to tell me it quits and won’t accept BBMs anymore. @apodidae

  19. Thank to Berryreview. I wanna one.

  20. I need a new BlackBerry to bridge to my nice shiney new Playbook and to show the haters how cool BlackBerries are.

  21. My daughter needs a new BB! Gotta keep her from going Iphone or Android!

  22. I’d love to win. Would love a 9900 to go along with my PlayBook. Good luck everyone.

  23. Love the deals you guys offer, you’re the best and I’d love to get my hands on one

  24. You guys have the best contests and this is another fine example

  25. If i win i’m going to give it to my diehard iphone fan friend who recently lost his iphone5 and is desperate for a new phone! of course i don’t need it myself as i already have a BB

  26. forgot to include twitter: p1nkxhaz3

  27. i never owned a 9900 i want to upgrade from using a curve

  28. Would love a new phone … my current one is getting loooong in the tooth.

  29. Want to win the phone too

  30. My current 9900 Bold went thru the airport X-ray machine and was never the same again.

  31. I’d love to give one to my mom, her 9780 is looking old!

  32. I have always laid eyes on a blackberry because of it’s design and features, but life had other plans – until now – crossing fingers to win
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  33. I should win because when I said to Santa that I’ve been good this year. He died laughing. So, I want one for Christmas 😀


  35. A new BB would be awesome! My 9800 feels pretty ancient ….

  36. I should win because my current phone stinks…blah plus I love bb. :)

  37. I should win because my current phone stinks, blah… Plus I love BB.

  38. Why I should win?? Cause When every one of my friends switch to android, I’m the only one who hasn’t made the switch cause i have faith in RIM!! Blackberry 10 is on my MIND!!!

  39. Pick moi.

  40. I seriously need a replacement for my damaged device! And, I’d like to keep my wife in the BB fold (she’s thinking of the iPhone 5).

  41. I would like to win both to see less of my little friend (the spinning clock) and to update to a VGA screen (I won`t even lament that it`s not phosphor green monochrome or that weird orange some CRT`s used back in the day). Also, as the sort of person who says things like “back in the day”, having the current Bold on my hip will add credibility…at least until I say something like, “totally rad, dude.”


  42. I want to win this blackberry 9900 because I trust RIM on the BB10 and I trust blackberry!

  43. Would be nice, to finally upgrade from my Curve.

  44. I should win because it I think that reading BerryReview on the 9900 would be the BEST!!

  45. I need to win so I can tether my PlayBook (my travel assistant) when I travel from Canada into the USA.


  46. I should win because I have been a loyal BlackBerry user since 2006.

  47. I would love to win because my dog ate my new phone last week. Seriously. I’m in desperate need of an awesome phone like this!

  48. never had a 9900. used sister own last week and am shocked. keyboard is awesome.


  49. I think that I should get a blackberry phone because blackberry’s are awesome and I would be an even better black berry supporter

  50. It would be great to replace my wife’s Samsung with a Blackberry Bold so that she has a proper texting machine.

  51. I think I should win a 9900 so my Husband can exp one of the greatest current BB out there. He has a the 9780 which is too small for his big hands. This would be a great Christmas present for him.

  52. I’d love to win a new 9900 to upgrade my old 9780.

  53. this *should* be awesome! I need a new phone, too.

  54. I should win because i am using a hand me down gold 8320 since my 9780 bit the dust!

  55. I need a new phone for T-Mobile!

  56. I need a new Bold 9900 because I hate it when people try to use my 9700 and try touching the screen. I have to tell them time and time again there is no touchscreen! A new Bold 9900 would save me from the stress this causes! My Girlfriend is the worst offender. I’m BB4Life and I convinced her to upgrade her 8520 to a 9900 this past summer. Now, when she has to use my phone, she always tries touching the screen and yells at me like its my fault! Save a man in trouble here BerryReview and Blackberry! No one deserves a pissed off GF!

  57. I depend on my Blackberry and the one I have it getting long in the tooth. I’ve heard raves about 9900, so this would be awesome!

  58. I am a die-hard Blackberry fanatic. I love blackberry products. I own a playbook as well as a phone.

  59. My BB has died so I have reverted back to my 9700. The 9900 is an awesome device… :)

    Good luck to all…

  60. I love BB products and have been loyal to them through thick and thin. I’ve been dreaming of a 9900 but just can’t afford one. Please pick me!

  61. I have the curve 9360and a playbook…….. but my all time favourite phone is the new bold…. Its sleek stylish andpacks a punch in features and id be honoured to own this device. Thank you for this opportunity RIM and Berryreview. Merry Christmas:)

  62. Wow the Bold is really the best!

  63. I’m on T-Mobile android user GS2 my previous phone BB8900
    love it ! Playbook 16GB it would be nice to have a 9900 to pair with my playbook. BB10 FTW @viniciusxc

  64. I need to win to allow my son to upgrade from his 9630 Tour that for some unexplained reason came without wifi.

  65. I’m still using a BlackBerry Pearl and my damn ball broke. I NEED this!

  66. I need an upgrade from my Curve 9300 which is on its last leg.

  67. My wife has the 9810 Torch and constantly complains that I’ve got the better phone in my 9900. I agree. It would be nice if I can surprise her for Christmas. Thanks!

  68. My first Berry was the Bold 9000 so winning this would bring me back to my roots!

    Good luck everyone and happy holidays! :)

  69. I think blackberry is awesome and I’d love to have a new phone.

  70. I should win a BlackBerry Bold 9900 because I am on Santa’s naughty list and this is the only way I will get a present this Christmas.

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