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Giveaway: Win A 32GB Wi-Fi BlackBerry PlayBook From RIM & BerryReview

Following up on our earlier contest to win a BlackBerry 9900, RIM and BerryReview is giving you a chance to win one of two 32GB Wi-Fi BlackBerry PlayBook.  The BlackBerry PlayBook if you haven’t had a chance to play with one, is loaded with a ton of features, that make it one of the best tablets for media consumption, and communication.  For a chance to win simply follow the giveaway details below.  One of best things about the PlayBook is that the size makes it easy to take anywhere on your travels. To learn more about the device check out RIM’s official website.

Prize: One of two BlackBerry PlayBook’s

Giveaway details and rules: To participate in the giveaway make sure you are registered with a good e-mail address, and simply leave a comment on why you should win. You can increase your chances of winning by including your twitter handle in the comments, and then tweet @BerryReview & @BlackBerry with the hashtag #PlayBookJingle with the reason why you should win; be creative Smile. Only one comment allowed, but you may tweet us as many times as you like. Comments must be made before Wednesday December 12. 

 Official Rules Apply

Big thanks to @xAshley1983x for the help with the twitter hashtag.

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  1. I think it would be nice to win this so that my friend will stop trying to borrow my playbook at work. I’ll give her the old one and keep the shiny new one for myself!


  2. I think this is an awesome giveaway. The reason I should win is that I have never been able to afford a tablet due to money problem. I think this is the best tablet in the market and can’t wait for the new OS from blackberry


  3. I would like to give my son his own PlayBook so he can use it for his studies and be able to video chat with both his mother and I along with his friends in the UK who also own one.

  4. I would like to have PlayBook for my son to play with.

  5. Would like to win this to give to my wifi


  6. Why I should win? I should’t, but luck is on my side, so it is the winner post…or not, or else.

  7. I would love to win so I can use it to lecture in my classes.

  8. I think it’s a bit much to say I should win, but I would like to win as I feel that BlackBerry has always made great business products and having recently started my own business I could use all the help I can get

  9. Would love to win a Playbook I could send oversea to a family member. Video chat with Mom would be a great gift :)

  10. I might as well give this a shot too! I need a BB Playbook just so I can show my wife why her iPad isn’t all that!

  11. I deserve to win cause,Rim is coming back with a bang & i know it & can feel it.


  12. I love BerryReview! Pick meEeEe my Playbooks screen is cracked :(
    @jmznvs is the twitter handle!

  13. I need one for my kids.

  14. perfect second screen for the BB 9900 (if i win that too) 😉

  15. I wish everyone can win this playbook. But, only one winner will be choosing. Went i using blackberry product my self have a special image than others. This is the reason why blackberry product is special. I hope went i get this Playbook my self will become more profesional and organize. All the calender and note is very simple and easier for me.

    Im asian, i already follow this blog for so many year. I respect to all the blogger that give thier loyalty to blackbberry product and community. I hope one day blackberry product will become number one product in the world. Blackberry is for profesional!

  16. OK, I bought 2 of the original 64GB playbooks. One for me, and a second one so both kids have one in the car. I have been using mine religiously. At work, at home, in the hospital (yes, I was recently hospitalized, and it was my lifeline to the world). I love MOST of it. But it really needs to go a bit faster. I know the one you’re giving away is faster, and I think given the amount I use it, I deserve to get an upgrade. Also, that way, I don’t have to share with the kids at all. Mine stays with me. They won’t be able to mess around and slow it down. (I had to re-install everything to speed it back up).

    Plus, I read BerryReview EVERY day multiple times. That has to count for something right?

  17. My dear wife can really use this new PlayBook, so she can video-chat with me, while I’m away working in the field with my own PlayBook.
    And she can bridge with her BlackBerry to read messages and browse with bigger screen.
    Would be real nice..!!

  18. Sorry i forgot to put my twitter handle on my last post. @iskandarputera

  19. I would Like to win this Playbook. Ever since it came out, I’ve been wanting one. The prices were just so ridiculous in my country. I’m a device-aholic, I love learning about new gadgets. └(^o^)┘

  20. need more storage! The 16gb isn’t cutting it.

  21. I have an old pre paid flip phone and it sucks!

  22. Thanks, BerryReview team and RIM for a chance to win a fairly cool stocking stuffer!


  23. Would love to win this so I can give one to my fiance’s mom to be able to video chat with her grandson. She is 800 miles from us and never gets to her her grandson due to us not being able to travel out there to see her.


  24. Would love to win one of these so I can mount it in my car. I think it’d make a great addition.

  25. I should win because I believe in the BlackBerry PlayBook and will be so happy to win one for my kids. @LaurentKP

  26. A terrific device that would make a great gift for my son in law.

  27. Well, I have been using BB 9700 for about 3,5 yrs. I have been out of contract for over 1,5 yrs and even though I was tempted to jump ship over to Android, I resisted, and I resisted real hard.. One day I gave in to the temptation and bought Galaxy Nexus, that phone was nice and fancy, after few days I realized how empty the phone was, surely you could fill it with stuff but e-mails were not working well, doing business using exchange service was nearly impossible and the keyboard could not keep up with my typing for god’s sake.. I open, reply and send e-mails faster than the time it took nexus to spit out my typing.
    Anyway, finally I returned it and went back to my 9700.
    I wanted to 9900 but it was never on sale, either I had to pay $600 out of contract or pay $200 and sign a 2 year contract which meant that I could not be eligible to upgrade when BB10 is released.
    So here I am, hoping that I can win a 9900 (I already have a playbook, but 2nd one wouldn’t hurt) so I can use it and get used to the awesomeness that is BB7 + TouchScreen.

  28. I would love to win this to give my nephew as a gift so that I can show him the educational apps. He would love to take this to school to show his teacher. Plus we live in different states and I can see him more via video chat

  29. I bought a Playbook 16GB when they were more expensive than they are now and I didn’t think I could justify the extra $100 bucks. But the 16GB is not enough. So a 32 would be much better and I could pass the 16 on to my wife.

  30. Love to win another 10 yr old son took over mines…He will be one happy little boy for xmas ….

  31. I should win because. .. well. . .just because. . . @Afrozepher

  32. i would to pleased to have a PlayBook, why? I am TeamBlackBerry and developer and student that i need a Playbook to presentation my task with HDMI capability but i don’t have a PlayBook :( , i dont know how to get PlayBook for free, so i think this is it, BerryReview, i hope i can get one for X-Mas gift 😉

  33. Well I would like to win 1 just because I’ve always been a long time blackberry supporter and this is the only device I can never find when I wanted it.

  34. I would love to win a PlayBook to be able to give it as a gift to another person. The PlayBook is an incredible device, that when someone new to BlackBerry uses it for the first time, falls in love with as, just like I did before.

  35. I would love to win a PlayBook to be able to give it as a gift to another person. The PlayBook is an incredible device, that when someone new to BlackBerry uses it for the first time, falls in love with as, just like I did before. @lexsteryo

  36. I love my PlayBook. It goes with me everywhere. If I were to win, it would be given as a gift to a family member so we can video chat across the country. I rarely make it to the west coast anymore, so having the ability to chat from the east coast would be wonderful. @apodidae

  37. Yes. Choose me. I love RIM and love PB. But I can’t buy a PB. Please give me a chance. Thanks so much.

  38. Yes. Choose me. I love RIM and love PB. But I can’t buy a PB. Please give me a chance. Thanks so much.

  39. (R)IMagine,Facebook on a Playbook! A say Awesome.


  40. I need another tablet for hacking project :)

  41. The Playbook is my favorite tablet. I love how it pairs with my BB

  42. I would love to win one for my wife. We both got them when they first came out but hers is not working to good and the warranty is over. Twitter @todimusprime

  43. My aunt is a retiring counseling professional who wants to transition back into real estate. I can’t think of a better gift to give her. I own a 16 GB Playbook and I just love it!!! RIM produces durable, well made products and I have been using Blackberries since 2008. I recommend them very highly and when the popularity with Android based products levels off, Blackberry will still be “kicking it” as the dust settles. The Qwerty Keyboard makes operating the handsets a breeze, especially if touchscreens really aren’t your forte’. Blackberry simply “ROCKS”!!!

  44. I would love one for my Nephew. If zombies attack or the world goes in to a crisis in december,i can video chat with him to help increase his survival.

    Donating to me could save a life.

  45. Love to have one…

  46. Peace on earth and good playbook towards me.

  47. I need a playbook to follow Santa.

  48. Woohoo! This is absolutely awesome! Couldn’t hope for a better Christmas gift! 😀

  49. I been a good Boy this Year Santa!! 😀

  50. I think I should win because I am an avid Blackberry user I have no interest in purchasing any apple or android products. And I am running out of room on my 16GB.
    If I win. The 16GB is going to my niece who can’t keep her hands off it 😉

  51. With Christmas time coming along, this would be a great gift!

  52. i should win so i can video chat with my parents who i don’t live near anymore!

  53. I use my 9900 so some much that if I got a Playbook the 9900 would get jealous of all the attention I would be giving the Playbook, but the other issue would be if I had a Playbook in the office all those fruit users would be borrowing the Playbook all the time when the fruit device can display a flash website.


  54. My dear wife can really use this new PlayBook, so she can video-chat with me, while I’m away working in the field with my own PlayBook.
    And she can bridge with her BlackBerry to read messages and browse with bigger screen.
    Would be real nice..!!

    *just adding my twitter account: @rdiditfa


  55. Can’t figure out how to edit, adding twitter to my comment 3 posts above @p1nkxhaz3

  56. I am dying to have this one.Before I am blackberry fanatic but now I am certified blackberry addict.Go blackberry!Show them what you’ve got!Blackberry rules!

  57. My mini usb jack broke on my 32gb PB and my warranty is up.. I love a replacement! :) thanks!

  58. I would love to win this PlayBook 32gb because my 16gb one is just about full. My son wants an iPad and I said Over my dead body. #TeamBlackberry all the way. I’ll give him mine.


  59. i dont own a tablet for internet i only use my blackberry

  60. My kid absconded with our iPad … if I win this Playbook I’d have a tablet again, and a better one at that!

  61. Why should I win? So I can share the awesomeness of the BB PlayBook with my Sister.

  62. I made the mistake in getting angry birds. So since my wife will not allow me to use MY playbook, I need another

  63. Would like to win so I don’t have to take my laptop everywhere

  64. Lil nephew specifically asked me for one, to keep up on PB video chat with his cousins. Would be nice

  65. My girlfriend lives to far away for a short visit. I need the 32GB WiFi so that I can VideoChat with my very gorgeous hot girlfriend.


  66. I would love to have one paired with the bluetooth keyboard and case and one for my games, media, books, pictures, slacker radio, news feeds food and drink recipes apps, and podpasts etc etc. I was aiming to have a second one that I had just ordered from Staples Black Friday Blowout for $118, when my first Playbook got stolen out of the car along with its nice case. Love to get another!!

  67. I would loved to win this so i could give it to my father who is such a big blackberry fan, he refuses to switch phones! This would mean a lot to me being able to give this to him.

  68. I’d like to win because I want to stop pretending my Etch A Sketch is a playbook
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  69. Because my 16GB PlayBook is too mainstream 😀

  70. I love to win a playbook because I would give it to my brother..


  71. I really need to win because my daughter will not leave my playbook alone!!

  72. I should win the Playbook because I need it to showcase my portfolio to my clients.

    Twitter handle: 88k8y

  73. Another great RIM Blackberry contest. I’d love to win this for three reasons: Firstn I turn 50 in January 2013 when Blackberry 10 is annouced and a new 32G Playbook would be a great addition to the 10 on my 50th. Second, my current Playbook is one of the first batches and I paid full price for it (not the greatly reduced cost today) and its only a 16G. A 32G would allow for more data and right now that would come in handy (I’d give the 16 to my wife). And third, I just sent my 16 to RIM for repairs to the screen (no, I did not drop, scratch, bounce or damage it); it just give me a blank black screen. Kind of hard to do any work. I’m starting to go through withdrawl and its only been one day (sniff, wimper, cry).


  74. Unlike most North Americans, I don’t even know anyone who who owns a Blackberry PlayBook. Where I’m from, there are more elephants than PlayBooks. All I have is my treasured BB Curve and some images of a PlayBook. Please bring my images to life!

  75. Why I should win?? Cause When every one of my friends switch to android, I’m the only one who hasnt made the switch cause i have faith in RIM!! Blackberry 10 is on my MIND!!!

  76. Pick moi

  77. I would like to win so that I can use my PlayBook to stay in-touch with family, all of whom have PlayBooks! Plus I think your website rocks!

  78. Would love to win one so I can gift it to a family member

  79. Id love to win this to give to my Dad or brother for Christmas. I have the latest products I want, but theirs are getting outdated and Id never otherwise be able to afford to gift something this expensive and I think it’d just blow them away!

  80. i would love to win the playbook cause of its awesome features which i could use for playing games , watching movies , browsing the net etc. for my enjoyment !

  81. If I win, not only will I have been rewarded for having logged in to comment (something I have done only a handful of times even though I comment on the site fairly often and first found you guys in 2008), but I will also be able to use it to field test an app, instead of relying on the simulator.

    Additionally I will be a bit heavier and it will be harder for the wind to blow me around as I will be carrying the PlayBook with me constantly (and recommending it to others). The last part has the potential to create a viral news video as I may be the only well-rooted person in gale force winds – others will be blown past me as I stand merrily typing up a storm on the PlayBook!


  82. I should win the Playbook because i’am a big BlackBerry fan. Pick me, I can’t wait for BB10 😉

    regards @vati80

  83. I would love to gift this to my 17 y/o BlackBerry freak. I got my oldest daughter hooked on all things BlackBerry, the only thing missing is a Playbook.

  84. Would be the perfect companion to evening browsing, and reading some e-books on the go.
    I am almost buying it, but first wait for this contest to end, maybe I would be the lucky one :)

  85. I want a new PlayBook so I can give it to my Mom and Dad and they can use Video Chat to make funny faces at our beautiful 5 month old baby boy using Playbooks, instead of Skype on my wife’s Macbook. Sooooo much more cool!

  86. I think I should win because I’m of the opinion that Blackberry 10 will reward the faithful come the new year… and BerryReview will be there to cover the launch on day one!! BB10 BB10 BB10!!

  87. Ha, nice hashtag (even though I’m not on twitter) and great contest as well.

  88. about 6 months ago i bought 2 …. cause i live in a long distance relationship with my girlfriend …and i thought hey so we could both use the chat function even on the go over a hotspot … great idea …. 3 months later we both went to london ….. and it got stolen .. hollly fuck was i upset … so no chats with my girlfiend over playbook …. she can´t do her uni stuff anymore cause her laptops not propperly working either and i really can’t afford a new one for her at the moment … so hell yeahh i thought i tell you guys that …might tweet it too ….

  89. I need a PlayBook I can set up with a US carrier SIM as my US travel Assistant. I am a PlayBook fanatic – with 3 others dedicated separately – music – videos – Canadian travel + I gave my wife a PlayBook.


  90. I would like to win a PB as I love RIM and all is products.
    Personnaly I would like to get a chance to play with playbook as I know that there is not other tablet in market who can beat playbook by his software and hardware. But unfortunately I can’t buy one because it too expensive in my country ( 1200$ HT) like the bold 9900. So I’ll be happy to get this chance to had a playbook and boost my productivity and mobility.

  91. I’d love to win this one! Every time I look to use my current Playbook, it’s in the hands of one of my kids! Help me put one under the tree for them… Thanks.

  92. Never Won anything. Would be a good start if I won here.

  93. Well i love this pair!
    Sure, i hope BB10… But this is a great device. And replace my current PB that die to “reverse usb force input sindrome” is great gift for the end of the world time! 😉

  94. my kids broke the mini usb slot on my 16GB PlayBook. i have been taking mine to work cause, my manager has a charging dock. so i charge and then use at home for 3 days till the next charge.


  95. Yeah, BlackBerry has a tablet
    Have you not seen it yet?
    It’s rock solid and sweet
    Can use it while moving my feet!

    Nah, don’t just go shop for an iPad
    For it’s bound to make you sad
    Apple will rip your money
    Don’t think I’m just being funny

    The PlayBook will keep giving
    More great stuff to keep you smiling
    In the Spring comes BlackBerry 10 
    It’s sure to be even better then!

    So welcome back RIM
    Tell me, where you’ve been?
    Sure great you back in cool
    BB10 sure makes me drool!

  96. My 16 GB Playbook is developing a problem with the video. I can use this 32 GB unit!.

  97. My son bought a playbook, and I have played a few games on it. I would enjoy having one of my own.

  98. My brother has a blackberry playbook and my sister does too and they really like theirs.

  99. My son has an old, glitchy ipod that I would love to replace for him with a fine piece of engineering such as the Blackberry Playbook. Hopefully our family of six will soon be lifelong Blackberry users and supporters!!

  100. I’d like to win so I can give my sister the gift of a PlayBook. (I already have one.)

    My Twitter name is @MatthewMk2

  101. I love the blackberry playbook. RIM is Awsome.

  102. Awesome. I should win this simply because I should have two of them!

  103. I want to give it to my wife on the upcoming valentines and too see the happy expressions on her face

  104. I think I should win the PlayBook because currently my baby and husband kidnapped mines, so basically I don’t have one of my own.

  105. I’d love to win this PlayBook so that I can keep in touch with family using the video chat.

  106. I am currently using a 16 gig Playbook which I got about 4 months ago. I am not of the computer generation so every new technology is a challenge. I can honestly say that The Blackberry Playbook has been a transformational experience. Learning it has kept my brain more active + sharper than 20 years ago. I have no use for a cell phone so I think of the Playbook as essential to my very being, a “meant to be” that I bought it. It shall eventually become my main connection to everything so I “BABY” it. The success of Rim is pivotal to the success of this country, so not only must we acquire this technology but always tell others about the marvels of the Playbook. As a bonus, the Complimentary Telephone Technical Support for new Playbook owners has been the finest experience of its type for any technology I own. The reps are always courteous, patient, intelligent, take as much time as necessary to resolve issues, encourage callbacks, the “icing on the cake” for the Playbook experience. With BB10 as the new OS, “NO LIMIT” can be the new Mantra for the Playbook.

  107. I should win so I can give my nephew an awesome gift that will allow us to video chat any time. We’d both love that!

  108. I would like to win to give to my mom

  109. I would love to win this because as a student I can use it to do school stuffs and for most at least everywhere I go, I can hold it easily and socialize as easy as it goes. :)

  110. I should win! Why? Simple…cause I’m a WINNER!!!

  111. Man, I’d love to win a Playbook because when the Touchpad went on Firesale, I got one for my Girlfriend so she’d stop using my Playbook and computer. We immediately installed Android on that thing. Its still a giant POS. We need another Playbook so that she can trust it will work. She also needs a Playbook so she can bridge her 9900 to her tablet for internet. She always has to borrow my MIFI device and this will help alleviate some of that use since I need that device for my business. Also, video chats between playbooks when I’m out of town would be much appreciated (cue risque Samsung Galaxy s3 commerical thinking here….) :)

  112. @deho777 would like to win the Playbook because it is a great tablet. The right size, speakers in the front, awesome hardware. I would give it to my wife to watch and record videos.

  113. I would like to get the playbook and the device so I can stay in Contact with my wive and son during there stay in Hospital.

  114. But BlackBerry is simply th BBest 😉

  115. I should definitely win because this playbook will suits to my future blackberry 10 device. Right size for a tablet, i’m already seeing me using flow gestures on it. It will be the perfect addition to my tech object, just do it

  116. I would love to win a Playbook! I would show it off to board members who all have Ipads…which I had to set up 😐

  117. I’d like to give a playbook to my daughters. I know they will love it

  118. Good luck to all… Very Generous of BR and RIM.

    If I was to win this PlayBook it would go to my son. so my wife could use her original PB again…

  119. i should take this with me because ive been loyal to RIM since start, i havent given up hope although most of my surrounding did
    talking about apps, i think rim has the best possible apps out there and satisfies my needs for what i know. i can argue for about hours why everyone should pick up one.
    unfortunately a 2 weeks ago i have been mugged, resulting to my blackberry torch been stolen along with my watch and my playbook broken. since my warranty has expired, im just waiting for the release of the blackberry 10 to invest. so i have from now till march to purchase one hopefully my christmas gift isnt another make or model.

  120. i should take this with me because ive been loyal to RIM since start, i havent given up hope although most of my surrounding did
    talking about apps, i think rim has the best possible apps out there and satisfies my needs for what i know. i can argue for about hours why everyone should pick up one.
    unfortunately a 2 weeks ago i have been mugged, resulting to my blackberry torch been stolen along with my watch and my playbook broken. since my warranty has expired, im just waiting for the release of the blackberry 10 to invest. so i have from now till march to purchase one hopefully my christmas gift isnt another make or model.

  121. I would love to win the 32Gb WiFi PlayBook for me as my wife has one. That way we have he’s/hers matching pair. Good luck everyone and Merry Christmas

  122. If I won, I would add this to my collection of 3 existing playbooks. I would give this one to my Son and his wife who works for Apple Computer in Cupertino Ca. and show her what a REAL tablet is about and how a REAL network functions…

  123. I totally LOVE BlackBerry and all of their products but to be honest I would like to win this for my 11 year old daughter. She has asked for a tablet this Christmas and because of recent events, particularly me being laid off from work about a month ago, it doesn’t look like it is going to be a great Christmas this year. If I could win this and give it to her then I think that she would at least be able to not have to feel the troubles that my wife and I are going through. Thanks BerryReview for this wonderful contest and good luck to everyone else who has entered.

  124. I could really use this PB. I have a daughter far away and would it them to video chat with her.

  125. I am a big devotee of BB brand since years and I wish so I hope for many contests like this from this time forward

  126. I’d love to win this PlayBook so that I can give it to my best friend and my goddaughter. My friend lives on disability and doesn’t even have a home computer, much less a tablet. It would be awesome for my goddaughter to have a chance to access to all of the learning that the Internet has to offer, on top of all the learning games and the bright future of BB10 apps and features. You would make one little girl very, very happy.

  127. I would love to win one of these Playbooks so I can support BB10 when it arrives! Thanks for the contest.

  128. It would be cool to win the Playbook contest. As a certified gadget guy, I would put the Playbook through its paces, controlling web-enabled devices in my home and using it on the road to watch movies and play music as well as video chat with home. It would also be great to show around at work as we develop mobile connectivity for our service force.

  129. Been a BlackBerry supporter thru the ugly times, haven’t bailed. A true fan deserves to win!

  130. I should win so that me and the kids can video chat with mommy while she is gone to work. I have a playbook that I’m on all the time and if it wasn’t for it having to charge right now I would be on it now. Team Blackberry all the way.


  131. I can’t afford one so I would love to win.

  132. I am praying and hoping that my name gets picked in the draw.

    Been wishing for a Playbook since it came out, especially when the OS got the upgrade.

    Winning one of the Playbook would give me a headstart in convenience with regard to scheduling my day to day programs as a dad, a husband, a teacher/radio dj/event’s host.

    Another is it will give me more reason to bring lesser books with me as I won’t have to suffer reading on the small screen of my Storm 2. Not to mention all the videos which I have but never had the chance to watch :)

    Documents to go is very helpful in my daily life. It can be a pain reading through documents, especially excel, on a Storm 2’s screen. A Playbook would ease me out of that misery.

    Overall, I’m just a guy who ekes out a living and Blackberry just fits me well in all that I do especially in the area of productivity. All that with my ever devoted Storm 2. Yeah, you can call me an oldie.

    I love the Storm 2. The touch screen is the main reason.

    I haven’t played with a Playbook. From all that I have read about it, I already love the Playbook.

    Love me back :)


    I added cool smileys to this message… if you don’t see them go to:

  133. I’ve wanted a Playbook ever since I first heard of it as a future device, but never managed to get one. My wife’s employer has promised her an iPad if she does well in the last quarter and she’s on track to get it done. I would love to show her the many advantages of the Playbook and bring her back from the dark side. May the Force be with me!

  134. I would love to win a blackberry playbook for my son Keagan. We will be leaving on Feb 8th for two weeks to Nicaragua on a medical mission. We will be treating and assessing the health of children who have no access to medical care. I am an RN and can’t wait to help these people. My son is 13,
    It would help us to stay connected with our family back home.
    thanks so much for your consideration.
    Janice Rauser

  135. I would like to win a Playbook for my wife and kids (a couple of puppies) so we can utilize the video chat when I’m out of town.

    Good luck everyone and happy holidays! :)


  136. I would like to win a Playbook for my wife and kids (a couple of puppies) so we can utilize the video chat when I’m out of town.

    Good luck everyone and happy holidays!


    PS: Forgot to login. Please delete my previous post!

  137. I’d love to win a playbook so I could give mine to my wife for video chats.

  138. I want to win the playbook for my family so I can have the one I got for my birthday back.

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