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Developer Documentation Reveals More of BlackBerry 10 (Skype Field in Contacts?)


I was digging through the AMAZING documentation RIM has provided for the new Beta 4 BlackBerry 10 Cascades and Native SDK and found some gems. On the top of my findings was going through the documentation for PIM and contacts when it shows the screenshot above. It seems like developers can create their own labels for fields in a contacts information. The interesting part is that it seems like the developer doing the documentation has one for Skype… (Rumor mill begin churning!) Check it out below:


RIM also managed to show off the music player in BlackBerry 10 along with the slick popup that gives you fast control of the music:


Also shown off are the new dialog, prompts, and toasts:


blue_dialogbox highlights_280x132_dialogs-prompts-and-toasts

Along with font size changes:


And a new blue title bar for apps that use the light theme: (notice Alex in there with the Tungle connection!)


RIM also confirms the mapping application is still going to be called BlackBerry Maps. This is the configuration screen for the compass location diagnostics:


Let me know if you spot anything else!

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  1. Good findings Ronen, like the detective work

  2. Well done 🙂

    Blackberry Maps… urgh… I sense lots of £1 Google Maps apps in BlackBerry World at launch from devs looking at making a few quids 🙂

  3. does that mean Skype will be integrated in to BB10?

  4. Okay, Skype is here! I knew Thor wouldn’t fail. All I want for Christmas now is multiple Google calendar sync 🙂

    • Okay, I don’t KNOW Skype is in, but that is quite a good sign 🙂

      • Exactly. It’s just wishful thinking at this stage. Those fields are dynamic, so it could be in the list of choices for sync reasons and as a placeholder while they wait for M$ to make their move.

    • Yeah this is all wishful thinking. As far as I know multiple Google calendar sync is already there. Did you check a dev alpha?

      • Didn’t think it would be there already and I can confirm that having skype there means nothing.

        You can add fields in a contact card and under instant Messaging, you have Skype, Jabber, MSN, etc.

        The list isn’t that long, so maybe Skype is indeed coming, but for now, I see this as a way to keep the contact cards as detailed as possible, because you may sync it with your desktop, which will support Skype…

  5. Can’t wait!

  6. How will the music player pop-up be used? Will it appear whenever you hit the volume keys and music is playing? So, if I’m in the web browser with music playing in the background, would hitting a volume key show the music pop-up over top of the browser?

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