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BlackBerry 10 Continues Amazing Video & Audio Format Support (Incl. FLAC & OGG)

BlackBerry 10 Media Support

Those of you wondering about media format support on BlackBerry 10 need worry no longer. A friend of mine asked me what sort of support RIM would provide as a media player so I dug into it. After looking at RIM’s public documentation on media (audio/video/images) support on BlackBerry 10 and it seems like they have taken the best of the PlayBook and BlackBerry OS 7. I was worried when the audiophile FLAC and OGG codecs were not supported on the PlayBook but RIM has brought them back with BlackBerry 10. They are also packing the less mainstream but useful formats including MKV and AAC.

Check out the full listing of BlackBerry 10 media support here and a comparison list here.

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  1. No mention of DTS or Dolby… I wonder if those can be installed by apps like we can do on Android.

  2. Awesome! I’m glad they’re adding more CODEC support cause currently the support is very poor to say the least. I only wish they added flv as well.

  3. I needs my AC3!!!!

  4. AC3 please!

  5. This is good to hear more codec support.

  6. Awesome! Flac, ape?

  7. @Ofutur- I know there are and as a matter of fact I bought one but why should we have to use an app for something that should already be standard on a tablet! I totally agree with everyone else too, they should include AC3 & FLAC.

  8. AC3 is owned by Dolby and as you can tell from many other players they are a real bi*** to deal with. If you look on practically every other mobile platform they have removed AC3 support due to lawsuits. Very few have tried adding it back as an added cost addon

    • I would pay for AC3 support. I don’t understand why Dolby doesn’t try to actively monetize the codec.

      The only reason they would be hesitant is that the movie/tv industry knows that the video pirate community has transitioned to AC3 standards. This has been a smooth transition for the PC users; however, clearly the mobile market has been blocked access for a reason. Dolby may be getting pressure not to allow the mobile market to be able to readily view pirated movies that are now under the AC3 standard as it would cause an even great explosion of pirating.

    • Are you sure about that? Per example you need a licence to encode DTS, but you can play it freely. My media player on Android even plays DTS-MA.

      Someone just needs to port ffmpeg to QNX/ARM, it already compiles on QNX/X86

  9. Thank you RIM. Supporting advanced audio codecs like FLAC allows those serious about audio to enjoy their music on their BlackBerry device. BlackBerry 10 is to be a mobile computing platform. May it support professional high end standards that professionals demand! This is your time to shine!

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