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BlackBerry 10 L-Series Poses With Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Nokia Lumia 820, & Apple iPhone 5

BBL Comparison

We have another comparison shot for you with the BlackBerry 10 L-series London device posing with the competition. BBin scored this shot of the BlackBerry 10 L-Series right by the gigantic Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Also caught in the shot is the Nokia Lumia 820 which is smaller than the Lumia 920 alongside the iPhone 5. Let us know what you think!

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  1. Pretty good sized device isn’t it? I really didn’t think it was quite that big. Do you know if the full keyboard device is similar?

  2. Looks great. What I’m reading about the operating system sounds great. I love the developer friendly approach they took when designing the BB 10 OS, great for ongoing and improving capabilities, and the positive comments various developers have been making, not the least of which is their strong ahead of expectations submission of new software applications. I do wish BB would keep one, preferably two, quick keys on the handset similar to those on today’s BB Bold. Those are awfully handy. I use them for quick access to my calendar and the voicenotes recorder. Walking out of a meeting and one click to record notes to address later is fantastic. Can’t wait till the phones hit the market!

    • I too was hoping they would bring over the convienence keys to BB10. But, if they allow you to select always on apps like the hub, that you can access from the lockscreen and by swiping, then the convienence key will no longer be needed.

  3. Great point. Let’s hope they do allow us to select ‘always on’ apps, or find some other way for quick, easy access to selected ones. On another matter, I was impressed by an article I read a few days ago in which some developer commented that the BB10 mobile browser blows away both the Apple and Android mobile browsers, claiming it would be the best on the market. I would add that this is consistent with BB’s stated priority of creating an entirely new and better mobile experience, enterprise and otherwise. And we’ve all been hearing about the “L” and the “N”, but I’ve seen articles referencing another phone, beginning with an “A” that is supposed to be even higher end, apparently meaning that the “L” and “N” models that come out first may just be mid-range models, new and great, but just the beginning. I Can’t wait to see the final confirmations beginning with the January 30, 2012 rollout.

  4. How does anyone in the world want that gigantic Galaxy Note 2? It seems like it’s having an identity crisis. Its too big to be a phone but a little small to be a good tablet. Gross.

    The BB10 device and Nokia look like right around the perfect size. The iPhone5 looks too tall and thin like it has been stretched. They should have added more width with the height.

    • That’s the problem with Android and IOS devices: they don’t take into account the way a phone or tablet feels in your hands. For instance: the Ipad is to hard in the back; it feels like a stone when playing games, while the PlayBook has that smooth velvet surface and is properly balanced. Now that the Ipad Mini (again to hard in the back and too thin, unblalanced) is out the isheep finally realize how convienant it is to have a tablet that you can carry with you anywhere. But, they still don’t have the PlayBook’s bridge feature for true portability.

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