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Giveaway: Phiaton PS 20 Active Noise-Canceling Earphones


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If you are looking for some nice gift ideas here is one, the Phiaton PS 20 a compact noise-canceling earphone with a remote control to give you extra control of your music. The earphones are perfect for travel, or simply listening to music from your portable electronic.  The earphones come in both black and white with a glossy finish, and a unique design for extra comfort.


  • Phiaton’s exclusive noise cancellation technology, “Noise Blocker”, blocks out 95% of outside noise; ideal for noisy airplanes and subway cars
  • Ergonomic design that provides total comfort even with extended hours of listening.
  • Unique “half in-ear” design and silicon ear tips deliver carefully balanced bass and treble equalization for enhanced sound quality with all music genres
  • “EverPlay” feature allows you to continue listening to music even when the battery runs out.
  • Carefully balanced bass and treble equalization for enhanced sound quality
  • Compact size remote-control to accommodate your “on the go” style of living.
  • Available in glossy white or glossy black




Where to buy:



Newegg (Best Deals)

Price: $129, on sale through $47.99+

Giveaway: Phiaton has given us one set of this awesome headphones and one lucky reader will win them. The only work you have to do to win is leave us a comment below; let us know why you should win. Best of luck, comments must be submitted before Wednesday November 28th. Make sure you are register so that we have a way of contacting you, if you are chosen as the winner.

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  1. I should win them because I was the first to reply! :)

  2. Planning on doing a lot of air travel soon. need to kill the sound of snorers, babies and jet roar

  3. I travel weekly and these will be awesome to cancel the jet engine drone without the headset hair look!

  4. Another, aircraft travel without headphones is exhausting. The drone of the engines, the chatter of the bored, the wailing of infants. With those canceled I can listen to my music, audio books, & podcasts in peace.

  5. Need something like this to survive the holidays. So much cabin fever and the relatives that still need to talk politics.

  6. Would be awesome! Looking into Bose Headphones but free ones are better!

  7. Have to be me…

  8. Would love these as my son has had much fun chewing my last pair. My stereo headphones are now mono ones.

  9. I’ve been looking for this type of earphones since…ever!
    Whenever I start developing a new app or an update to one of my PlayBook apps my brothers watch TV with a loud volume.
    Coding and random TV noise don’t mix well. At all!

    Oops..forgot to register before. Now I’m registered :)

  10. I should win because I work in a new cube office and can’t wait to block out everyone else.

  11. Sorry I am now registered.

  12. Count me in!

  13. Awesome! Just another reason why I love this site and check it daily :)

    So I have been using a pair of headphones that came with my iPod Nano, the year the first edition of it came out… Needless to say, they are starting to become pretty destroyed and they don’t entirely sound the best anymore. I did buy a pair of headphones off of Newegg a few months ago, but my brother needed a pair, so I just gave them to him. It would be awesome to get these from you guys, I absolutely love listening to Pandora on my BlackBerry, and it would be incredible to be able to listen to it with those badboys! Also, how else am I going to be able to listen to any YouTube videos that you link to in posts when I’m at school in the library? 😉

    Keep it up BR! Love your posts!


  14. good. Choose me

  15. I’d love to win. Currently I’m using a pair of JVC marshmallows, and while they’re quite sturdy and are of decent quality for their price (11.99) I’d really love to have a higher quality pair of earphones. Also the buttons on the controller look awesome, it’ll be much more convenient than taking out my BB when I’m working out, and the noise cancellation will definitely come in handy too!

    Whoops, and I’ve registered now.

  16. Those look cool, and just right for my lovely wife’s ears.

  17. I’m in, lets see if I can do this 2 years in a row now…:D

  18. I’m a music freak and I turned my blackberry as my only music device right now.This earphones would do my blackberry justice :).
    Please pick me!!!

  19. Let it be ME I been a GOOD boy this year!!!!!!!! 😀

  20. My earphones are broken. My teenage daughter slept on them. Don ‘t blame her. Got great stuff on my blackberry.

    I need a new pair of earphones.

    Would you be my Earphones Santa this Christmas :)

  21. BB10 all day, and oh ya i’d like to win one plz

  22. I should win them because It was the perfect Christmas gift for me :)

  23. Would love to win

  24. my lil brother just broke my headphones last week, winning these would be clutch

  25. Commute daily and the constant noise on the train ruins any chance of enjoying listening (Music, podcasts, etc.). My old noise cancelling ear buds have finally given up (damaged wires) so I am looking for a new set. This would be nice…..

  26. Would love to win these earphones and gift them to my dad. He’s been a diehard Blackberry user for years and currently has a Torch and Playbook. He has eclectic music interests and travels frequently for work, so these would get put to good use. We were discussing these earphones the other day and winning this giveaway would be fantastic.

  27. Cool, hadn’t heard of them before now.

  28. I need these as I work in cubicle hell. To many phone calls and chatty cathy’s

  29. Ooh… Looking for a decent new set of in-ears since my Shures bit the dust!

  30. Excellent headphones. And perfect for the road noise on long trips over the holidays. Perfect pressie from Santa

  31. Love to have a set

  32. Because I love you…

  33. I could really make use of a quality set more than you could imagine


  34. Thanks for the opportunity to win these. I work in a busy office where people are always talking over cubicle walls, on the phone or chatting with clients. These would be great to tune out the rest of the office and tune into all the music on my BlackBerry.

  35. Always on the search for the ‘best’ ear buds. I travel frequently and work out, it’s been hard to find a balanced set which works for both.

  36. this is just fantastic and will make excellent use of this

  37. Because they have my name written all over them…….

  38. I’d love to win those because I’ve just lost my beloved V-Moda Vibe Duo and have to use some low-end KOSS instead :( :(

  39. Sweetness! Hook me up yo!!!!

  40. I really love the modern design and cool features.

  41. nice buds…

  42. I should win because I’m reporting a typo with the website URL…

    Another reason is that the lead of my Shure SE-530 is damaged and I can’t afford to replace them at the moment, so I’m looking for a decent replacement and this could be it ;).

  43. Oooh, those are awesome! I hope I win!

  44. I could use this … my current set of earphones is wearing out.

  45. That would be nice to win a pair of ear buds that are high quality instead of the ones that came with my Storm. I didn’t get any with the purchase of my 9850.

  46. I would love to win this since my beats died on my im having a hard time coping with my ipod earbuds….cant stand them….think of me when you draw names….plz and thanks 😉

  47. Wow! These are some really sweet earphones!

  48. These look great! Thanks for the contest.

  49. I should win because I really need a pair of headphones. My niece “borrowed” my other ones.

  50. My “office” is a cubicle, and my Bold is my source for music and personal phone calls. Need I say more? Please pick me!

  51. This would be sweet to own……

  52. I need new buds….had an awesome pair but they unfortunately got ganked :-(
    P.S.– Long Live The RIMpire!!!!

  53. I want to win this for my hubby who needs a good quality earphones. His earphones are old, china made and he is flagging an old horse! Please give me Phiaton…I am sure it would be his holiday wish :)

  54. I would like to win because of my insomnia this would help me sleep by cancelling out the noise around me

  55. I lost my last set of headphones. My current set are suffering from the dreaded “pulled cable syndrome”, so the sound cuts in and out. This is a great prize. Thanks, BerryReview.

  56. I would love to win these for work. I work in a very loud manufactoring facility and these would help make long 13 hour shifts go by faster. Please pick me!!!!!

  57. I would love to win especially since I listen to a lot of music on my phone in my travels

  58. Headphones please!!

  59. Please count me in, these would be fantastic and better than the stock headphones the BBs come with! Good luck to all.

  60. Great looking earphones. Would love to use them.

  61. I work in construction and I’m really curious how would these earphones work in extremely noisy conditions. Thanks

  62. I go to institute by the subway, and earphones with an active noise canceling are necessary to me to hear music well

  63. Noise in Moscow’s subway is annoying. It should help

  64. I must win because I like all new technical things! And I need this device very hard…

  65. Would love a pair of these to listen to music while working out.

  66. Because I am one of the most happy people!

  67. I’ve been looking for a quality see of headphones and these would be perfect!

  68. Is it too late? I would like one.

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