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RIM Shares More About Cloud Storage Integration in BlackBerry 10

box blackberry 10 integration

RIM has hinted very strongly that we will be seeing some nice cloud storage and other cloud integrations in BlackBerry 10. They went on the record recently detailing on the BlackBerry BizBlog about their integration with in BLackBerry 10. They plan on offering deep integration with throughout with you being able to access it from Documents to Go, Photos, Videos, and more. You will also be able to share files easily using the service and browse your Box folder from the File Manager app.

RIM makes it clear that this integration is not just limited to Box so we can be sure more vendors are on board. We have seen some pretty strong signs that DropBox is one of those vendors but I am sure we will be hearing more in the coming months.

What do you think of this tight cloud storage integration? Do you think it is better than RIM trying to create their own cloud storage solution?

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  1. I thought we would possibly see them going in (might still) the direction of offering their own cloud services (perhaps attached to BBID) but so many people already have their favorite cloud provider that even if they do, I don’t think it would hurt. If nothing else a nice feature.

  2. I think it should be good. So many people already have there own cross-platform storage solutions and
    several companies already do it very well.
    We will see…

  3. Quote: “What do you think of this tight cloud storage integration? Do you think it is better than RIM trying to create their own cloud storage solution?”

    They already purchased a cloud storage company. NewBay. I think they will initially offer select cloud capabilities with select services they will offer themselves. High value storage will be left to other services like Box until they see how BB10 is accepted.

    • True but that purchase was before Heins and he has been focusing more on partnerships. My educated (okay slightly educated) guess is that at launch RIM will integrate with third parties before they super impose a version of BlackBerry protect

  4. I think it’s great that they let us pick the backend, but they could offer a privacy layer on top of that since so many of these services offer little protection for our data. It would only work for BB10 devices since it would be proprietary technology, but would be better than the current situation where only a handful of providers let you encrypt your data before sending it to the cloud.
    The lack of such mechanisms is one reason I don’t trust RIM’s current backup solution.

  5. I can see that 3rd party integration could be good thing. So many people already have some sort of off device storage now anyway it probably makes more sense to use existing services at launch.

  6. All I want is instant upload of the pictures I take.

  7. RIM needs this DESPERATELY! Not just tight integration with but multiple calendar sync, task sync, contact sync. I echo the thoughts of those who raise concerns about security with third party solutions, but we just need options right now. RIM should really look at building their own for basic stuff like contact, calendar, and task sync.

    The one thing that will keep me from moving to BB10 is a lack of support for multiple calendar syncing. I use Google calendar heavily so without Google Sync, I’m in trouble. The current BIS only supports one Google calendar — does not work for me!

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