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Plex Media Server Streaming Comes to the BlackBerry PlayBook


This is exactly what RIM had in mind when they first launched the BlackBerry Android Runtime. The popular Plex Media Server and Plex Client for your BlackBerry PlayBook allows you to stream movies, tv shows, music, and your pictures to your PlayBook from your Mac, PC, or Linux. Right now this is just a port of their Android app running on the PlayBook but Dave let us know that they are testing the waters for further development.

You can pick up Plex for the PlayBook for $4.99 in App World. You also need to download the Plex server app for your PC, Mac, or Linux machine to stream from it.

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  1. We need this on the PlayBook. An Android port is better than nothing at all, but native is where you want to be for optimum performance.

    • I agree native is going to be better, but this would give them a sense of how many people use Playbook/BB10 and if the fan base is high, they might build a native app later on.

  2. Yeah I think this will show developers the demand

  3. I only on have one problem with this. They are charging premium money for few hours of work and comments from Chris over at crackberry show that they did not even bother to set it up properly so that it works right out of the box (or after downloading).

    If they were really keen it would be priced cheaper at 1.99 or so and then charge premium when they come up with the native app. why bother with native and spending resources if people are paying full price for a few hours of work.

    Bottom line, I am not a fan for paying full price for inferior experience.


  4. This is typical of the crap I have come to expect from RIM. There is nothing good about this company and I will be trashing my 9900 as soon as I can. Blackberry… you [email protected]

  5. Hi Ronen,

    You are kidding me right… it has everything to do with the unbelievably bad way that RIM has approached the whole OEM/ISV software market. I had some RIM shares for a while… that was a disaster too. Apps world is riddled with expensive garbage… none of which I have found to be worth paying for. Why are developers leaving RIM in droves and building Android software? The last line in my prior post sums that up nicely.

    While I am ranting and still suffering with a 9900 (which BTW doesn’t have a Plex client which is why I ended up on this page in the first place)…

    The 9900 is the worst device I have ever owned (unstable, badly designed UI… so many basic things that suck so badly). I am surprised anyone can get any software at all to work on it properly. I have not been able to find even one application that is anywhere near suitable for it. Every single one is below par and most of them are paid apps anyway.

    The only thing I use on it is BBM. That is because many people in my country use BBM as they purchased the cheapest smartphones on the market a couple of years back.

    Why the hell would I want to get a playbook? I wouldn’t trust this company to manufacture a cigarette lighter now.

    Why don’t RIM just get over it and start delivering decent products to the market based on Android or Windows? At least then any users of RIM’s platform could get access to some decent software instead of suffering with the sub-standard garbage that RIM ISV’s have created.

    Who the hell would want to develop anything on BBOS platform now (least of all a badly implemented Android emulator that is two major versions behind and a sub-par Plex client) when they can develop for Jelly Bean or IOS.

    Even Nokia managed to reform themselves (although making the worst possible choice in trusting MSFT… pretty dumb). Anyway… just a rant. I am not a happy camper at RIM.

  6. Those are some totally valid points and ones that RIM is addressing with their upcoming products. I think you are still making comparisons between the PlayBook and BlackBerry Java OS and then extrapolating them to BlackBerry 10.

    Also them choosing Android or Windows Phone would be idiotic since no-one other than Samsung makes money on Android and no-one is making money on Windows Phone.

  7. From a user perspective I don’t see a reason jump into anything proprietary anymore which is one of the reasons why I wouldn’t go with Nokia/Windows either (the other is Windows 8… so far so bad).

    To me Android has already done the same thing to mobile that unfortunately DOS and Windows did to PC’s in the 1980’s/1990’s (wish Linux got off the ground 20 years earlier) and Java did to enterprise application development in the 1990’s/2000’s… which is basically creating a massive the OEM/ISV software market based on broadly adopted standards.

    Google did this by focusing on making it portable across hardware/processor platforms by making it Java/Linux based so that multiple vendors can adopt is easier (even though IMHO they did breach Java’s licensing terms and somehow got away with it in court), creating the best set of API’s around to deliver user experience, branding it to make it cool and it and making it open for the developer community.

    Anyway even some of the recent actions by Google suggest that they have also become a company that is harder to trust (for example switching off their Google Maps KML service… when all of the POI data has been contributed by the community anyway).

    Regardless… Android has won the applications development war on mobile hands down and mobile vendors need to just get over it or be relegated to last place. I can’t imagine any value to mobile ISV’s for a 4th API (1) Android, (2) IOS, (3) Windows Phone… (4) Blackberry when even 3rd place will likely be a loser in the long term.

    As a shareholder I would have liked to see them port BBM and their other software to Android and integrate their whole Blackberry Enterprise Server environment with their Android based devices. If they actually made good software and charged for it then hell… who knows… they may have even been able to make some money.

    If even a pathetically consumer based electronics vendor like Samsung can make a buck from Andriod then surely all those brainiacs at RIM could make a fist of it by reinventing themselves (apparently not). Maybe their board is structured a little like Hewlett Packard’s (hope you are as familiar with the issue as I am… if you have any HP stock then just take the loss and sell it). Could be the cold weather in Toronto that does it.

    They need to do the following things or they will eventually shrink or even die…

    (1) move their mobile platform to Android
    (2) integrate BES with their new Android based devices
    (3) make all of their software available for use on OEM devices through Android and charge for it (leveraging Blackberry network which isn’t bad)
    (4) repair their brand which stinks
    (5) focus on marketing to both consumers and enterprises

    All the signs of sickness are there at RIM… confused strategy, delayed products, job cuts and a beaten up stock price.

    If anyone with any balls at RIM reads this and want to offer me a part time job then I might even accept it. I wouldn’t work there full time (in the same way that Mark Hurd shouldn’t have taken the job at HP… they needed a moron like Leo and finally found a perfect match in Meg). RIM could alternatively just listen to what the market has been telling them over and over again and employ some other smart guy to transform their company.

    Anyway this is probably not something a dying/denying Blackberry community want to come to terms with so apologies for the noise. Hope you found it entertaining.

  8. You started off strong and then went off track when you missed the fact that the “Android Ecosystem” has become the “Samsung Ecosystem.” There is no other ecosystem other than Android. In other words Samsung is making more money off Android than Google. According to your same reasoning Microsoft should give up their Windows 8 push and Apple should just knock off iOS in favor of Android.

    I am not saying RIM did not have trouble in the past but they seem to be doing exactly what you are saying minus the Android part.

  9. Saying that Androids ecosystem is the Samsung ecosystem is kind of akin to saying that IBM is the only company that will ever make money out of PC’s back in 1980. Here is the choice consumers have right now with Android based phones and tablets:

    Granted Samsung are a great consumer sales company but the choice goes way beyond Samsung mate. This has become a competitive and commoditized OEM hardware market with all sorts of strange new players including Amazon and Google.

    I think Nokia made a huge mistake with Windows because MSFT will screw them for sure (you don’t need to be an IT history buff to figure that one out… what the hell were they thinkin???). This has already come true when MSFT made their announcements about HTC having the best Windows Phone 8 devices available just before Nokia’s launch earlier this year… thanks MSFT. They are so wonderful with partners (Sybase, Stack Electronics, Sun, Citrix… there is a bout a billion dollars of out of court settlement… there are a host of others).

    Nokia would be better off on Android and moving toward software also but they have let their brand erode and had their ass handed to them by the Chinese and Korean companies in consumer and Telco land (another long story… HuaWei, ZTE etc.). That’s how god punishes companies for resting on their laurels.

    SmartPhone handset hardware is becoming a commodity which means a future leaner margins for anyone not extending their stack up into software and services and/or developing other more diversified revenue streams.

    Apple provides vertically integrated offerings and has always been proprietary. I would never buy another Apple device for mostly the same reasons unless I worked there. They can do whatever they want with iOS and I couldn’t care less. Ultimately it will go on the junk heap with PalmOS, Symbian and others.

    A few years back Apple ended up walking away from Motorola in favor of Intel processors for PC/laptops etc. which is the real reason why they wrote OSX on top of FreeBSD. This was mostly to resolve a price point issue and offer easier software engineering as general binary compatibility with the rest of the PC world and open source projects. Jobs was smart enough to see that coming and also Android but made the money while the market was building in smartphones before it was ready to be transformed (which it is now). They may have interesting future choices.

    The open standards and open source development culture is penetrating the smartphone market in a big way and will accelerate like it has and still is on server side computing because the market is begging for transformation and shakeout (longer discussion… look at Unix now).

    Microsoft have been a sworn enemy of the open source movement since Richard Stallman first released gcc and the GPL 1.0 license back in the early 1990’s.

    Even with Gates and Ballmer out of the way, hell will freeze over before they walk away from their proprietary stack culture and burn the Halloween Memos as a memorial to an era gone by (also requires a longer discussion)

    isn’t this becoming fun 🙂

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