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Caption This Dumb Gizmodo Article By Editor Casey Chan

Dumb Gizmodo Article

Quite a few readers forwarded this latest act of rampant Apple fanboy-ism masquerading as journalism from Gizmodo. It seems like Casey Chan at Gizmodo did not have anything better to do but post this ridiculous article about the Getty Images of RIM’s CEO’s taking a picture with BlackBerry 10 devices. His article has sort of backfired in the Gizmodo comments but I thought we could take it up a notch.

With that said help us Caption This Dumb Gizmodo Article by their Editor Casey Chan. This generator may help.

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  1. Blackberry users are smart enough to say NO to portrait video!

  2. Oh…they are just upset that they haven’t found (or stolen) one on the counter of a bar..

  3. Gizmodo is just trying to get their last shots in before BB10 is out and the iphone starts its meteoric fall! I stopped reading their garbage a while back. Apple stock is at such a high that it has no more place to go but straight downhill. Cook is no Jobs. Apple is no longer innovating. The iPhone UI is stale and old. Apple is only playing defense by protecting their turf.

    When folks see what BB10 is all about, its seemless integration into both the enterprise and consumer markets, its broad reach into the mobile computing space, and its ingenious UI and robust fully multitasking OS platform, even full fledged BlackBerry haters will lose their rhetoric or their tongues.

    Regarding the top 400 smartphone apps, I’m a believer that Thorsten will make this a reality on BB10. In fact, I believe RIM will write their own Skype client if Microsoft won’t. RIM is 100% determined to make BB10 the next big revolution in smartphones.

    • Please explain specifically what you mean by “seemless integration into both the enterprise and consumer markets”.

    • I agree with you that apple is starting back its slippery slope (remember when steve jobs left the company and they almost filed for bankruptcy) and that BlackBerry will be the new hit/fashion with a government certification that works for us jolly consumers.
      I still don’t get it, if RIM was all about security and government stuff, why did they even bother with the consumer’s evloution side? Expansion, growing?
      I hope that BlackBerry 10 has a better camera than the previous phones RIM, I’m counting on that and I don’t mean the features of the camera, I’m talking sensor and ISO…

  4. Well, I guess even an idiot can take a picture of a genius. No one might have ever known he was an idiot had he not learned to type.

  5. Pretty pathetic blogging…found it funny that most of the comments refused to jump on board and instead bashed iGizmodo

  6. Those 2 look like nerds and anyone who thinks otherwise is in denial.

  7. @ Marc… not any nerdier then somebody taking a picture with their iPad. LOL 🙂

  8. I think the boys in California will be totally shocked when BB10 hits.

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