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BlackBerry 10 Will Take “a one-minute sales pitch in a shop” to Win Customers


RIM’s CEO, Thorsten Heins, is really coming out boldly with his statements on BlackBerry 10. His latest ones come to us through a 30 minute demo Heins did for the editors of the New York Times. One of my favorite quotes from article was Heins saying that:

..the BlackBerry 10 phones advantages will be so apparent to customers that it will take only “a one-minute sales pitch in a shop” to win them over.

His team then went on to show off just some of BlackBerry 10’s features in 30 minutes. I would recommend reading the whole article at the New York Times but this paragraph also resonated with me:

On Monday, Mr. Heins focused on the integration of the usability of the software. A home button is needed on iPhones and phones using Google’s Android operating system, he said, because those operating systems require users to switch repeatedly between applications to perform different tasks. In contrast, BlackBerry 10 will consolidate bits of information and capabilities that are distributed through separate apps on current smartphones. BlackBerry 10’s messaging center, for example, can display Facebook updates, LinkedIn messages, texts and Twitter posts along with e-mails. In turn, BlackBerry 10 users will be able to use that hub, as an example, to reply to Facebook messages without opening their phones’ Facebook app.

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  1. A friend of mine, fan of everything Apple, watched a 30 minutes presentation made by Alec Saunders today at Qt Dev Days (Berlin).
    He’s going to ditch his iPhone come February 🙂

  2. My primary use of my phone is communication – BB10 will be a commmunication monster!

  3. I agree with Thor. Once people see what BB10 devices can do, it’s gonna be easy to sell. My brother is planning on switching back from a GS2 right after launch.

  4. Never left blackberry-never will. Cant wait!

  5. I thought the last two paragraphs were most interesting. I think this is the first confirmation they’ve made that it is their intention to replace desktops at some point with these small portable plug and play computers. I know many have seen that potential and I’ve posted on that before but that is the first official confirmation I’ve heard that they are thinking that way about it.
    ” Mr. Heins has grand ambitions for the BlackBerry 10 phone in the corporate workplace. He said that RIM is pitching the new phone to corporations as a replacement for desktop and laptop computers in offices over time. He sketched out a situation in which BlackBerry 10 phones will act as building passes for employees who, once at their desks, will connect their BlackBerrys to keyboards and displays.

    “Whenever you enter an office, you don’t have your laptop with you, you have your mobile computer power exactly here,” Mr. Heins said, patting a BlackBerry 10 phone sitting in a holster on his hip. “You will not carry a laptop within three to five years.”

    • The problem with this approach is that you get a less than optimal result for each use case because you have a platform which is trying to do everything.
      A mobile or desktop experience is not just defined by the interface and the underlying hardware. The OS core plays a big role.

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