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BlackBerry Lessons from Hurricane Sandy

Power loss is certainly not something you hope for, but the optimist in me wants to make the most of the situation wrought by Hurricane Sandy. Though millions of people were affected by the storm (some more than others) and others are still recovering, it still feels appropriate to share some of the hard lessons learned from the impact that Sandy has had upon us. I thought I would open the floor for a discussion on what worked for you and what didn’t.  I will start off with some things I learned from Hurricane Sandy:

  1. When your house (or your whole neighborhood) loses power, you really come to appreciate the benefits of a wireless browser.
  2. My BlackBerry’s battery might not be bad, but when I can’t charge it at home for almost a week, it sure doesn’t seem too good. Possibly backup batteries in my near future. (Reviews on those soon!)
  3. You can live without BrickBreaker. Really. It works.
  4. (Taken from someone on Facebook) Always carry your charger with you. You never know.
  5. My BlackBerry can double as a flashlight in a pinch, it doesn’t make a very good one but the LED together with a white screen app works. For best flashlight performance first fire up your BlackBerrys video camera and turn on the flash and then open a mostly-white screen (i.e. notifications or email). Alternatively just look for one of the many free flashlight apps.

 Do any of you folks have any BlackBerry or communications storm tips that helped you during Sandy? I know Ronen was talking about his Anker backup battery for emergencies.

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  1. I’m in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn..and we did not lose power at all. However, my internet DID go out for a period of time. Because of BlackBerry Bridge, I was able to use my Playbook to get on..and I found that very helpful to me during the storm.

  2. I think RIM should make a feature for thir phones for situations such as this. Basically you would have the option to put your phone in “Storm Mode” where it turns off all non-essential hardware and basically makes the phone last as long as possible for emergency’s. So for instance in “Storm Mode” it would turn of the radio and only turn it on every 10 minuets to get new emails and messages. Also when you go to try and make a call it will automaticly turn the radio on to make the call then when you get off the phone it turns it back off. This would be so helpful because essentially it would make the phoen last as long as possible. I heard many stories where people were stranded and could not call for help because there land line was dead and the cell phone was dead. This could save lives! Hopefully RIMM will read this, I think it would be a great feature to have. Let me know what you all think.

  3. bmm,

    That sounds like a terrific idea for a new feature and I think it would be very well received should it actually happen.

  4. I think this would be a great idea. In addition, they could make the camera light plus led light to act as a flash light withthan can also emit pulses of light to sigal for assistance along with timer to preserve battery life. BBM can be set up as an emergency/disaster notification/response to keep track of events and notify police/ambulance of your situation and to find the nearest shelters.

  5. I think the BioLite CampStove is now on my Xmas list:

    This is what I need to keep my BB Bold and Playbook going as the power outages continue. (Or a generator but this is way cooler and I have plenty of sticks in my yard whereas the service station may or may not have gasoline available).

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