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Leaked Slides Show Off BlackBerry 10 Cinnamon & French Toast Notifications

 Cinnamon Toast 

We have seen previous slides showing off how RIM is planning on differentiating “Toasts” on BlackBerry 10. In case you don’t know “Toasts” usually refer to simple notifications in a small popup that usually goes away. In BlackBerry 10 RIM is extending this idea to give more interactive access to notifications and dialog boxes. N4BB scored two slides showing off how RIM is implementing this on BlackBerry 10. The two different types of toasts and dialogs are Cinnamon Toast and French Toast.

Cinnamon Toast allows users to preview messages from the lock screen. It progressively discloses more information based on the angle you hold the device. So say the LED on your BlackBerry 10 device starts lighting up. You just pick up the phone and when you start tilting the device towards you it shows you the message. At 45 degrees you will see the full message preview of the header, subject and three rows of text.

French Toast

French Toast on the other hand is to undo a delete operation. This slide describes a delete operation that does not require a confirmation but rather uses a “Toast” to offer an undelete option.

I know of a few other tweaks coming to the OS but hopefully we will get some more leaked slides describing them!

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  1. I hope we *don’t* see any more leaks.

    You know how when the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini were launched everyone was like “big deal, we knew about all of this already”?

    I’d rather not see the same thing happen to RIM – it’ll be much more damaging to them than it was to Apple.

    • I fundamentally disagree. I feel their is a nice balance that leaks can provide.

      In Apples case, it wasn’t so much that their were so many leaks, it was that the leaks themselves were underwhelming.

      So the leaks actually were showing a product that underwhelmed us.

      In BB10 leaks we have leaks that seem to up the ante every time. Show new things we hadn’t seen before that are super exciting. If done correctly, “controlled” leaks can be very very beneficial

    • Until People see it in real life on a big screen, it doesn’t mean much. I can’t wait to see the unveiling!

  2. +1

  3. Cinnamon Toast is really cool 🙂
    Sorta like the browser zoom in/out in recent android devices. Although this looks to be way more useful.

  4. I hope they include weather, stocks, rss feeds and App world store deals on the toasts.

  5. i remember my old Casio watch, that turns on the light at 45 degree angle :)…anyways this is a cool feature

  6. Sooo cool. I’m loving this stuff. Sounds absolutely delicious.

  7. Have to say I’m excited about this, but at the same time, I hope the accelerameter is better in the phones than the PlayBook. This could be the software lagging, but sometimes it can get stuck. So having to tilt to see more, and then even more, could be an issue. Course, other non-BlackBerry devices have this sometimes as well. SO……

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