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Have you seen changes in Traffic Tracking/Prediction on Blackberry Traffic?

As we wrote about last week, Blackberry Traffic seemed to go through some sort of issues with respect to connecting to servers.  The issue resolved itself for most as of Thursday/Friday last week; however, some users, including myself, have noticed that the traffic tracking/prediction capabilities have been, lets say, changed.

Was the outage due to a switch in providers?  A switch in the way the data is interpreted?  Something else?

Have you seen any changes in the Traffic Tracking/Prediction in Blackberry Traffic?

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  1. BlackBerry Traffic has become useless to me with regards to traffic prediction since the issue with connecting to the server. Traffic prediction was very very accurate and reliable before the connection issue, now it is completely useless.

    This morning for example it say i would arrive at 9am to the job, i got there at 9:17am simply because it did not predict the long line of traffic i would be sitting in. While i sat in traffic, BB Traffic said there was no traffic. Screen show all green. Before when it said 9am, that is the time i arrive, sometimes sooner with a little stategic driving by knowing what lanes move faster than others. You get use to it :). So as of right now, BB Traffic is useless to me.

  2. Traffic is clearly still not working. Aside from the OTA 7×24 prompt that repeatedly appears when starting traffic up, it’s like both the real-time and historical data has been wiped. This morning was a traffic disaster in North Vancouver. Luckily I had the radio on and was able to avoid getting stuck, while BB traffic says it’s all green and sunny. It sure would be nice to have some word from RIM on of they plan to fix traffic or just abandon it.

  3. Ya, something definitely changed, and not for the better.

  4. Yeah. It has actually been very stressful for as I relied on BB Traffic so much for getting around.

    It was very accurate before, but now, I am scared to follow its “less traffic” route!

  5. I’m a proud defender of BB traffic… I has been working just fine for months. It knew how the traffic was, it was able to predict the right arrival time (as long as the traffic did not change to fast)… Well a much better tool than the radio…
    Since a few weeks, it had strange suggestions and since a few days I was victim of the famous QA 24×7 test… I don’t know where is live data now comes from, but it reacts as if there was no traffic at all.
    It became useless. It’s sad because it was a very good and predictive app.

  6. It’s become as useless as my Garmin for predicting traffic. The way it is now, it’s just a turn by turn GPS, but with added stops and slow downs in traffic. This had better be temporary or BB Traffic will be removed from by 9900.

    Would love it if just once, RIM would communicate what the hell is going on. I thought we were in a new era?

    • Tekware is right… The main issue is not that BB traffic is out of order… It’s RIM’s silence about it.
      Like many others, BB trafic was one of the last real advantage of keeping my BB… BB traffic was much better than any other devices.
      Perhaps they cut the partnership I understood they had to access Tom-Tom data.

  7. I have notice that a new road that I took everyday, i never was routed on that road until today i was paying attention to the turn-by-turn and notice it now tell me to take that road. I am assuming now they have updated the maps for BB Traffic with new data which is good in terms of getting navigation, but i need traffic prediction to work.

  8. Out of frustration, I just deleted BB Traffic. It is now useless. I used to depend on it to supplement by GPS as traffic reports were pretty accurate.

  9. Since the outage was “fixed” not only is the traffic not showing up correctly, but the search function is almost useless. Searching for the local Starbucks near my current location, for example, it doesn’t give street addresses anymore, only streets, and then sends me kms or miles away from the actual location. BB Traffic USED to be one of the best apps! What happened?!?

  10. I used to use BB Traffic all the time – on my way to wedding with my wife we used it to find the hotel, and it said the fast route had terrible traffic. We went the backroads, which took longer and ofcourse the highway was fine. Plus, it had to recalculate our route right before it said we were going to arrive at destination, taking us 10 more minutes out of the way. My wife still has not let me hear the end of it – THANKS BB TRAFFIC.

  11. Until the past week or so I have always found BB Traffic to be very reliable with quick live traffic updates.

    No it is less than useless. Directions are completely wrong sometimes as it tries to send me to the wrong destination, and traffic reporting is inaccurate.

    BB Traffic was honestly one of the reasons I have held on to my (now somewhat long in the tooth) 9700, and I was going to hold on to it until BB10 was released, but now i am seriously considering my options.

  12. Garmin was very good at predicting my arrival time as well but found similar problem as BB Traffic. I think that the 2 problems from different companies are related.

  13. Traffic is still not identifying heavy traffic or holdups.

  14. Living in Southern California, I heavily relied on BB Traffic to determine what route to take to and from work. Ever since the issues the app had last week, traffic predictions from BB Traffic have been… well, it’s basically telling me there is no traffic. At first I thought it was accurate because it was a Friday morning, and traffic is typically lighter, but when it showed me an entire green route going home in the afternoon, I knew something was wrong. Traffic and Los Angeles go hand in hand, so I’m surprised BB Traffic would tell me there’s no traffic, especially considering I work in Downtown LA.

  15. Traffic looks like it is now working – accurate data this morning, and connection to server issues resolved. Thankfully!

  16. Im happy to say that BB Traffic for me is now providing accurate Traffic Prediction. I was very pleased to see this, this morning. My mosst favorite and most dependant app is working the way it should and saved me 15 minutes this morning. It accurately predicted where traffic would be, when it cleared and when it became heavy again.

    Thank you RIM for fixing this issue, you should know that your customers rely heavily and this most important app to get through our commute.

    Thank you..

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