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Is Blackberry Traffic Working for You?

***UPDATE*** It seems that some users, including myself, are reporting Blackberry Traffic is up and running as of this morning ****

*** UPDATE 2*** So on my drive home from work today around 5:00 pm est,  it was not working again***

Based on multiple user reports, and my own personal experience, there seems to be some issues with the functionality of Blackberry Traffic with some users.  My issues started this past Sunday night. I am based out of Toronto, Ontario, and my app is in a continuous loop of trying to ” determine routes from the network” followed by a pop up stating “unable to reach server.”  I have reinstalled, reset all options and nothing seems to be fixing things.  I know the GPS works fine on the device as other apps seem to work fine.

Are you having issues with Blackberry Traffic? I want to narrow down the issue if possible so let us know what you are seeing in the comments.

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  1. I was having the exact same issues until today. It wasn’t working for the last few days, but now it works fine. Not sure what happened because I verified that GPS was working as well. Google maps was my alternative and it was fine.

    • yeah I live and die with BB Traffic with getting to and from work.

      Its been a mad scramble of radio traffic reports mixed with google maps for me lately

  2. Been waiting for something to come out about this. I’ve been having issues also. Except yesterday, at one point I got this odd prompt for QA 7×24 OTA Test and something about Dash developer mode. Then it actually routed me once – but seemed to be pretty wrong about the traffic.
    This morning it did not work.
    Frankly, I’d rather it not work than give me faulty advice.
    Still not working for me today.

  3. Not working for me either. I’m in Toronto as well. Same endless loop of trying to determine routes, just as you said…

  4. I never had an issue with BB Traffic until last night when I had to go to a fundraiser for Diabetes and it took me a hour and a half. The GPS was telling me the wrong location. I put in the name of the place and the exact address and both times it routed me to the same wrong destination. I was pissed the heck off. By the time I asked for directions twice from someone, the place happened to be only 1/2 hour from where I live. I missed the fundraiser and only stayed 10 min. Dont konw what was wrong but I hope that never happens again. I depend on my BB traffice for everything. Its the best.

  5. I’ve tweeted (and blogged) this issue to @BlackBerryHelp along with my friend, Andrew, both confirmed to each other (he’s in the USA, I’m in Canada) that we are experiencing the exact same issue, going 2 days now.

    I’m sure there are other users, same issue(s).

    Thank you @BerryReview for posting this, maybe they will find a solution to this issue, because I use BlackBerry Traffic quite a bit, and I’m sure other users are being inconvenienced.

    Thank you.

  6. It was two days ago when I was trying to find an address and #BBTraffic was unable to find the route. Btw, I got lost. I bbm a good friend @furiousguido who lives in Canada and he found that he was having same issue. I started a communication with @BlackBerryHelp. Hopefully they’ll are working on the problem.

  7. I live and work in Boston and have had the same problem. It has been very irregular since this weekend.

  8. I am also getting QA 7×24 OTA Test window when I initiate the app.

  9. Not working for me in DC. With either a white GPS or red aGPS in the notification bar. Clearly not our devices, its their servers. Gmaps follows me fine and shows traffic.

  10. BB Traffic is broke for me too! LA area. Hasn’t been able to connect to server since Sunday. Reset phone, cleared memory, pulled battery, uninstalled and reinstalled and nada. Sees GPS fine, just can’t find server. I had to switch to TeleNav yesterday and today. Directions are fine (although about 100′ off) but the traffic piece is really not on par of BBTraffic. And that’s a big deal with LA traffic.

  11. Same problems here: NJ, USA.
    I’m also getting the OTA error.

  12. It would be nice if RIM could at least acknowledge an issue with BlackBerry Traffic, I bet many of you sent a tweet to @BlackBerryHelp and (if) they replied, try this, try that… the meantime, the core issue(s) is right in their own backyard.

    I sincerely hope this gets fixed soon, I love Traffic, this is why I sold my Garmin GPS unit.

  13. It started working again for me this morning on my way to work.

    • Mine as well

      Seems to be displaying data in a different way than I am used. I am referring to the distribution of the green/red/yellow chunks on the bar which represents your route

      Maybe upgrades?

  14. Mine stopped working Saturday evening. It really messed me up as I was vacationing in Florida and had to download Wisepilot to get around (can’t stand using Google Maps). It still isn’t working for me up to this morning. Up until monday it kept trying to determine routes then says unable to reach server but lately it just hasn’t been picking up the GPS signal, while other apps do.

  15. Same exact issue, here in NYC. Still continues as of 9:30am today. Usually very dependable, but ko’d since Sunday

  16. I’ve been having exactly the same issues since the weekend.

  17. Same problem. In Toronto. I rely on it to get me to and from work, and it’s been a nightmare this past week without it. It’s obviously a problem on their end, the question is, when will it get fixed?? If anyone has been able to get a straight answer for @blackberryhelp let me know! there’s no other app out there that rivals this one.

  18. Still not working in Nova Scotia, as of 4pm Atlantic (3 ET) – maddening!

  19. Just ran a test Weds @ 18:30 and with wifi turned on I could not get a route to a destination. Turned off wifi (so my data connection was over Verizon BES) and was able to get routes to several destinations.

  20. Was working beautifully earlier, but now (1930 Atlantic) it is no longer functioning in Nova Scotia – guess the demons haven’t yet been exorcized!

  21. Update guys!! I just tested Traffic (I’m from Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
    It works!!

  22. The app now works for me, but the traffic reading is HORRENDOUSLY inaccurate. I can be sitting in a dead stop traffic jam on a major highway, and it shows green. Timing is probably consistently off by at least 1/4 of the total trip time when it used to completely bang on accurate.

  23. I’ve seen that as well. I think that points to exactly what the problem is. There must be some problem connecting to the traffic server – Dash’s servers, it would seem.

  24. It works now, in that it will give you your two routes, with estimated time of arrival. HOWEVER, it is beyond innacurate. I found that out the hard way. Told me it would take 31 minutes to get home. Took me 1 hour and 20 minutes. Was in bumper to bumper traffic and it was showing all green. It may work now… but not to the extent it did before.

  25. I think we can pretty much conclude at this point that for the time being, BlackBerry Traffic has become a regular run-of-the-mill GPS routing app with no traffic sense whatsoever. It seems to still give decent “best case scenario” routing.

    Seeing as this is a BlackBerry a product, and from the response here – a pretty popular one at that, it sure would be nice to hear something from the big boys to let all us black sheep know what is going on.

  26. It seems that the actual traffic data is not reporting correctly…showing top speeds in places that are completely stopped. It use to work great…now it is JUNK!

  27. If I’m not mistaken, I think Traffic was working for me on Friday in Baltimore area. Alerted me to a serious backup up ahead and routed me around it – confirmed against both Google Maps and Waze. Are we back in business?

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