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BlackBerry People. Exclusive Video!


What kind of people use a BlackBerry? What do you think? We know President Obama sports a BB along with many celebrities. There is a definite stigma out there right now that BlackBerry is dead and if you’re using one, you’re behind the times or uncool. I totally disagree. I am not ashamed at all to be on TeamBlackBerry, especially now with BlackBerry 10 on the horizon. Check out the video below and let us know if you agree with how BlackBerry People are described.

In the following video BlackBerry People are described as people who believe that the more they put into life, the more they get out. People that aren’t afraid to do, to try, to move from one thing to the next. Always in motion. They act. Never stopping to admire what they have done but focused on the next thing, and the next. Is that you? Are you a BlackBerry person?


I’ll have the Wilkersons over ANY night.


Gotta love those buttons!

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  1. I actually like this ad. 🙂 It’s really good, they should use this for the BB10 ad. It’s way better then the current iPhone 5 earplug ad…

  2. I was there and I thought this was a great commercial. It doesn’t matter if people are this kind of person, what matters is that this is a person that people aspire to be.
    Wish I’d known that some of the faithful were there. There were a lot of carrier flacks and those kind of people…

    • Dang, we should have stuck together for sure. I was one of the guys they used for the timeshift camera demo. Not the weird curly haired dude. The other weird dude. 🙂

      • Yeah, I was the tall freaky looking guy with the white-guy afro about halfway-back in black leather jacket and Hawaiian shirt…those BlackBerry cocktails were sure good though!

  3. I’m Blackberry and proud of it. Still the best device out there and better with BB10

  4. I will add my 2 cents: I do think women that uses a Blackberry device are too sexy. This kind or women are self-confident, smart and has their own opinion about life insted of using someone else´s way of thinking and living.

    P.S.: my family is been a BB user since the 8310 and we love the way BB devices work.

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