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RIM VP of BlackBerry OS Explains how BlackBerry 10 Avoids Android Security Issues


We have heard bits and pieces over the years about QNX’s time tested secure microkernel. Long time QNX executive who is now VP for the BlackBerry OS, Sebastien Marineau-Mes, is responsible for all R&D activities for QNX and the BlackBerry OS. Jay pointed out an interview he recently did with TechRadar discussing how BlackBerry 10 avoids many Android security pitfalls due to its infrastructure model. Its a great read and in about 4 paragraphs he summarizes one of the fundamental security differences between Android and BlackBerry 10.

Check it out at this link

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  1. Interesting read. Too bad he doesn’t talk much about iOS which is more advanced than Android in terms of security, unless you have a mobile tech team which can secure the corporate Android phones.

  2. Great article. Thanks Ronen.
    IOS isn’t that secure, despite the perception. One advantage they’ve had is that people didn’t used to bother making viruses or malware for Apple. Plus, coding for Apple sucks (compared to BB 10, at least).
    But that is all changing and apple is now in the crosshairs.
    The best thing you can say about apple security is that it is better than android.
    Which isn saying much…

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