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T-Mobile Customers With Unlimited Text and No Data Will Get Free BBM


For those T-Mobile customers who have unlimited texting plans with no data will shortly be given access to BlackBerry Messenger at no extra charge. I cannot really fathom how someone with a BlackBerry device would use it solely for texting without any data at all, but then again I don’t understand a lot of things. If you are one of those people, starting October 21 you will (allegedly) be able to BBM to your heart’s content.

This is according to a document leaked on which didn’t mention the BBM tidbit at all. They were more interested in the different colors of the Galaxy Note coming out later this month. Smile

Are you one of the people that will benefit from this new promotion from T-Mobile? I’m guessing if you’re reading this, you probably have been BBM’ing for a while but I’m curious who this mystery demographic is. Possibly teenagers or seniors who only use their BlackBerry for texting?


Thanks for the tip Tashanna!

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Source TMONews

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  1. Kids! 🙂 They love BBM, but I don’t know how you would replace their current iPhones with the current batch of cheaper BlackBerry devices. The BB7 devices have aged. BB10 is sooo needed!! I hope they arrive Week 2 🙂

  2. Why would you have no data on a BB phone? AFAIK you must have data on a BB device on T-Mobile unless they just recently dropped that requirement.

  3. Hey, I have a wi fi enabled berry, and never signed up for a data plan because I’ve been out of work since I bought the darn thing and do most things via wifi. There was a loophole that allows you to receive emails via the Feature Enabler (MMS) so I was able to avoid the data fees. Obviously I am VERY excited to hear this news. Never ASSUME guys!!… 🙂 It was NOT a requirement to have a data plan on tMobile with a ‘berry back in the day, btw. And no, I’m not a senior or a teen. Just your average grown-up!

  4. I’ve sold some of my old BlackBerry phones to people who just wanted the full keyboard for a text plan. They didn’t want to pay for a BlackBerry data plan (an unlimited text plan is cheaper in my area and if your friends aren’t on BBM it does no good for you to be on BBM).

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