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BlackBerry 10 Takes Android To School on How to Multitask


In a recent article featured on, Paul Briden outlined reasons ‘Why BlackBerry10 should succeed.’ Notice his choice of words only implies that they should succeed, not that they necessarily will. His points are quite valid and I found one section particularly interesting where he discusses BlackBerry 10’s multitasking prowess over the mighty Android.

Briden points out that BlackBerry 10 will emulate the best parts of Microsoft’s Window’s Phone OS and Google’s Android platform. This will not be pure mimicry though. The implementation in BlackBerry 10 is quite different. For example, in Android’s latest builds of Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 and Jelly Bean 4.1, there is a control that brings up a carousel that allows you to scroll through active apps, tap to open or swipe to close. BlackBerry 10 takes it one step further by making the ‘entire interface the multitasking control’ rather than adding a ‘multitasking control to the interface.’

He explains the peek and flow functions as having a window hidden off screen at all times, in all applications where all of your messages are aggregated into a customizable list which we know as BlackBerry Hub. You can use gesture control to swipe up and see a preview of an incoming message, then continue to swipe to the side if you decide its important enough for your full attention. When you’re done with the message, you can swipe again to return to the app you were in.

RIM has also implemented Active Frames which allows users to minimize active applications while they continue to display live updates. This combined ‘control suite’ featuring peek, flow, hub, and active frames puts the information that is most important to you conveniently and intuitively at your fingertips.

I am looking forward to the BlackBerry 10 launch because I think RIM is really onto something with the tightening up of the user experience. Will a slick OS be enough though?

Do you think BlackBerry 10’s multitasking awesomeness will change the way we interact with our smartphones? Or will it be another underrated OS in an overcrowded market? What does RIM have to do to show the world the power of BlackBerry 10?


Check out Paul Briden’s full article here:  KnowYourMobile

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  1. I believe when the first wave of loyal BlackBerry users buy their BB10 devices and start showing it off to their friends, showing them what WE can do and you can’t, it will help the effort in moving people back to BB. One thing that i plan to heavily promote to my non-bb friends with iphones is the camera app. I will push in their face how much i can take a pic and if it isn’t right, i dont have to retake the pic but simply rewind or fast forward. Can you do that?…lol

    • ill will be doing that for sure. I already show off my dev device right now and ppl are all ready saying there going to wait instead of buying android or iphone 5. BlackBerry for life.

    • I used to think this, until rebutted with “ill just take two pictures” I mean, i have even thought of ads for BB to run because of this feature, but the truth is, in MOST situtations, you can just take another picture.
      Sadly, if BB10 doesnt have instagram, theres gonna be a problem. No woman (maybe) will buy they phone lest it does.

      • How many times have you taken 2 or three pictures even and without fail someone else is not looking at the camera or blinked. There’s been times where I’ve taken multiple pictures with my digital SLR and still not be able to get the perfect picture because a certain element move in each and every single picture.

        Besides I think the BB10 already automatically takes multiple pictures in 1 or 2 second blasts so you can rewind and edit what you want… so… why the need to take two if that’s the case?

      • Blackberry 10 will have instagram!!!

  2. I tend to agree. People will have to see it work first then theyll want it

  3. If RIM nails both the hardware and software they will succeed. For the software they definitely have the innovation and I think the multitasking will be a big distinguishing factor but I think most importantly they need to make it modern looking. This is the reason I am currently using a windows phone, I love the look of the os, and from what I have seen bb10 is on the right track. I also think this is one of the reasons apple is focusing so much on hardware right now. Their os is old and boring so they are selling the hardware, which looks and feels amazing by the way. With clean hardware design and materials, a modern os jampacked with bb features… I believe you have the ultimate phone.

  4. The truth is , RIM needs to consistently deliver a cohesive user experience: all key mobile products linked with a UI and Design that is uniquely BB. Not one product, not one Launch.

    Do that over and over, people will TRUST BB again.

    • Exaclty, That multitasking smooth experience must be prevelant in the entire OS and RIMM must make all deadlines.

    • I agree a cohesive, uniquely bb UI is key. I would add that it has to look good too. I don’t want to have to keep buying themes to try and make the UI look good like I did in the past.

  5. When BB X comes out and sales take off due to the early adopters(you and me ),that will make headlines. People will say, “RIM is back. They’re not dead ” . Then they will be drawn to The Next Big Thing.
    After thatbthe momentum just builds…

  6. I’m not a fan of the multitasking-widget mashup called Active Frames. Simply because each app is only allowed to have a quarter of the screen (or half on the keyboard version). This seriously limits the usefulness of some of the widgets, unlike on Android where you can have widgets filling the screen and interact with them without having to launch the app.

  7. I watched a Youtube video comparing the Samsung Galaxy III to The Iphone 5 and I was very impressed with the SIII. Although I thought the SIII looked too big and was a little slower in the Browser, app opening and voice functions (Siri vs S Voice) I liked the Video look and capabilities, the ability to swipe away messages, the ability to minimize a running video and put it on the homescreen or another app and go onto something else and the overall customization (example: you can create a shortcut using a plam swipe to put the media player on pause and use facial recogition to unlock the phone) was far superior to Iphone. I’d like to see some of this in BB10. BB10’s advantage over andriod is the the smooth and effortless trasition between apps and ability to get to messages easily.

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