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Survey Finds Over Half of US Phone Owners “Impressed With BlackBerry 10”


The team at CouponCodes4u can always be counted on for impromptu surveys. Alex Saunders pointed out their latest one highlighted in TheExaminer asking US phone owners if they are “Impressed with the rumored BlackBerry 10 devices.” THey asked 1,092 Americans if the latest BlackBerry 10 rumors were enough to convince them to switch cellphones and the results were impressive. Here is the breakdown of the survey respondents based on their first questions:

Do you own a BlackBerry device?  

  • Yes: 39%
  • No: 61%

What mobile phone device do you own if you don’t own a Blackberry?

  • 53% owned a Samsung
  • 38% owned an iPhone of some description
  • 9% owned a different device

The respondents were then asked if they were impressed by the proposed spec and photos of the BlackBerry 10 devices, leaked online.

  • The majority, 55% said that they were impressed
  • a third, 31%, of respondents admitted that they were ‘unsure’ and needed to see more information about the phone
  • Just over a tenth, 14%, said they were “not impressed” by the proposed device.

Those who said that they were impressed by the BlackBerry 10 devices were asked to explain which proposed features they were most excited about, choosing from multiple answers.

  • The most popular answer, with 59%, said the “touch sensitive bezel and screen gestures”
  • 51% cited the “bigger battery” and 45% mentioned the 8MP camera
  • 37% of consumers liked the ability to choose between a touchscreen and a QWERTY keyboard device
  • while a quarter, 25%, said the improved BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) was an impressive feature.

Respondents who indicated that they were impressed by the BlackBerry 10 device were asked whether or not they would consider purchasing the new devices when they become available, to which just over half, 51%, said “yes”. Of these:

  • 58% said they would prefer the N-series BlackBerry with a keyboard
  • while 35% said they would be interested in purchasing the L-series full touchscreen model
  • 7% of respondents admitted that they would be interested in purchasing both models.

Those respondents who previously mentioned that were not excited by the latest BlackBerry 10 proposed specs were asked to explain their reasons why, to which

  • 46% said the device was “nothing special”.
  • 35% explained that “Apple and Android had better apps”
  • 13% of respondents said they felt that RIM was “too late in the game to make a comeback”.

Check out all the details here

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  1. It is never to late to the game…. If you make a product that is far more superior to current market product, people will buy, they will show their friends and their friends will buy if they are impressed. Never can be to late to the game if you show up to the game. At least you showed up and now you have to convince people that you are better which I am already convinced that BB10 is….

  2. I think that it is never to late to game! it`s clear that BB10 is amazing and the device is going out of the conventional.

    It is square like all, but is the only one with the famous peek and flow and the interaction es completly different.

    Scare Iphone and Android, BB10 is coming soon !!!

  3. RIM will rebound. It will take time, but they will gradually get market share back in the US, in my opinion. I’m impressed with the hardware of BB10 device and the software. Consumers are looking for something new and I think RIM is doing something better than the competition with BB10. The key will be to make sure we have the apps available that are on other platforms. It will be a delight to see that BB logo next to the competition when a popular apps comes out!

    BB10 coming in January 2013!! I’m excited!

  4. 80 million BlackBerry users, at least another 80 million who would like a reason to come back.
    As they say in pro wrestling , “Cue the comeback! “

  5. In recent history people buy new phones fairly regularly anymore I think. That will be a big benefit to RIM when the new devices come out and are superior to anything out there. People will want one. One of the main things, in my opinion, is having a stable user experience and the applications people want/need. Ok, that’s two things

  6. This is a great time as ever for a Blackberry comeback.The Iphone 5 w/maps failed to impress and more consumers no more than ever are concerned about securing their personal information on their phone; their just looking for a better alternative. BB10 with its industry leading browsing, messenging (best keyboard on the market), smooth as silk OS, growing list of applications/games, new innovations – peek and flow and the best fusion of work/personal apps ever seen on a device given the right marketing will lure consumers back to the platform in droves.

    • Yes, I’m glad I bought back in when I did. Stock is up! All signs suggest RIM has turned the corner 😀

  7. Not to offend BlackBerry physical keyboard lovers but your overwhelming feedback to RIM is one of the reasons RIM’s stock is less than $9. RIM put less effort on the full touch devices when the worldwide moving in that general direction with the iPhone and Android. None of RIM’s offerings could compete because they were being sold as 2nd tier devices, the “flagship” devices being those with physical keyboards.

    At the very least, RIM should have come up with a comparable full touch device much sooner. Finally the BB10 L-series appears to be that long awaited device — I’d like to say iPhone killer, but the Galaxy S3 is probably superior to the iPhone 5.

  8. I’m happy RIM has moved away from that flagship idea and produced two great phones, one full touch device and one with a physical keyboard — neither having any compromises. Finally we can compare apples to apples 🙂 We finally have a full touch BlackBerry that can stand up to anything Apple or Android can provide.

  9. 39% of those surveyed said that they own a BB? Sounds like a “legitimate” survey to me… really? I find that hard to believe. Were they calling people at corporations where they still use BBs? I am a huge BB fan, and I am SUPER stoked for the new BB10 devices, but I find this survey not very credible. Even if the data gathered is correct, it doesn’t really represent the average population…

  10. Market share is not the same thing as ownership. For example, last quarter rimm’s market share was 9.5%. That just means that of all phones sold in that quarter 9.5 were bb. It does not talk about increase in market size. Multiple phone ownership. Legth of ownership, etc. You have to look at total phones sold over 2or more years. It is highly likely that RIM has sold the 2nd most phones after apple in that time.

  11. That may be true. Good point. I may just live an area where I hardley ever see BBs. Out of like 400 friends I have on FB, there is only one that know of that has a BB. I guess that is where I get the idea that 39% of people, who were surveyed, own a BB seemed far fetched…

  12. Does anyone know what the low end bb10 phones with a physical kb will look like?

  13. Everyone loves a good comeback. I do not yet own a phone but I am waiting for BB10.

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