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BlackBerry PlayBook OS Now Officially Available!

PlayBook 2.0 Star

RIM has given us the official announcement that BlackBerry PlayBook OS is now officially available to all. I recommend everyone upgrade immediately since there is really no reason not to. This update brings goodies like print to go working across different networks and Android apps running in multiple windows.

Check out the full list below:

  • Portrait View for PIM
    • Allows PIM (Messages, Calendar, Contacts) to be viewed in portrait orientation
  • PIM – Deep Folder Hierarchy
    • Previously, if a customer had multiple nested folders within their email
  • Bridge – Wi-Fi as a transport instead of Bluetooth (requires PlayBook support)
    • Allows for Wi-Fi to be used for Bridge communication between two devices if they are on the same Wi-Fi network
  • SMS support
    • BlackBerry Bridge will now support viewing SMS messages on the PlayBook
  • Print to Go with NAT support
    • Print to Go will now work across different networks
  • Android – Multi Window
    • Android applications will now be run in separate windows instead of one window for every Android application
  • Android – Camera support
    • Android applications will now have the ability to use the PlayBook camera
  • Android – In App payment
    • A customer will now be able to make in-app payments within Android applications
  • Video Store 
    • Now available in Canada

RIM has also added some integration with BlackBerry Mobile Fusion to allow over the air activation and support for active sync certificate authentication and additional IT policies. So what are you waiting for? Hit that check for updates button!

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  1. Awesome. I wish it was BB10 but will take any upgrades!

    Just upgraded to a 32GB so lots of space for more Android apps!

  2. Just finished upgrading. Everything goes smooth.

  3. and still – no hebrew support !!!
    you remember the post that urged us BB users to help market BB devices ? well, it’s getting harder and harder with every upgrade and as much as i love BB and as much as i’m looking forward to the incredible BB 10, i’m about to move on with the crowd and settle for a device that i don’t like only because the others support hebrew and arabic.
    good night and goodluck

  4. Yes, awesome indeed. The SMS support is a very nice feature and have to say, Print To Go is really starting to grow on me.

  5. Nice, I can leave Bridge on all the time without worrying about the battery.

  6. Do u think we’ll ever be able to Skype from the playbook

    • Skype is owned by Microsoft now, there are no hardware problems nor software, this is more a corporate decision. If BB 10 succeeds , then Skype will be in QNX 10

  7. You don’t need Skype… just use a SIP client like Taki and get service like VOIP.MS which give you a phone number. Work very good.. programmed the same VOIP number @ home and on the playbook… funny when they all ring at the same time. (0.012 cent a minute! anywhere in north America and 0.99 a month for the number)

    For me… RIM really need to improve the video support! AVI 5/6.1 support and Netflix or something that’s cheap or free!

    If my WD media player can play it so should my playbook and if I remember correctly… didn’t RIM settle with dolby digital for the licenses?

    • I was hoping for Skype, too, but I am happy with using Comwave ePhone for PlayBook. It works great as a phone, better quality than Skype, and in conjunction with Google Voice, I have text & voicemail for free (both of which forward to my email and beep the Playbook), and a working phone for calls. It was $30 for a year. It works best with headphones, so the other person doesn’t hear their self echoing back. I do hope for Skype soon, though, because I miss video chat. I hear there are workarounds for Skype, but the one I tried didn’t seem to work. I also wish the Facebook chat app had a beep when someone messaged you, like on the regular Facebook chat.

  8. Just upgraded. Would rather have had some core functions improved rather than stuff like android, such as the camera app better wi+fi reception. Im using the new portrait mode to type this. My bb phone is still 10 times faster.

  9. now my wifi no longer works…

  10. It works great, one thing I noticed was the BlackBerry remote icon is no longer that rectangle with a “?” In it, google maps works very nicely now on the playbook and better with the remote from my phone.
    SMS function is great, a bit slow but better than nothing.
    I guess the Wifi bridge didn’t work for me or I don’t know how to make it work yet, that would be a nice touch.
    Tablet browser is the highest rated for

  11. Just upgraded. My main personal email account (to be clear, my bberry gets my work emails and I read them via bridge and I had set up my home email as an account) has lost all of the emails…….I had gotten to the point that I trusted my playbook so much that I had stopped leaving the emails on the server (as I only ever read them on the playbook anyway). Now they are gone….before the upgrade there were about 120 emails in the account (20 unread)…after the upgrade…inbox empty!

    Any thoughts on why this is? Can they be retreived?

    • Please change your email setup to keep messages on the server. Better yet, use imap. I am under the impression you have a large mailbox limit to allow for this.

      There should be no reliance on any service, device, etc that content is safe if kept in one place only.

      As typing in the browser is completely ridiculous after the update, this was typed in an email composition, copied and then pasted.

  12. The upgrade wiped all my contacts and the keyboard lag is horrible. Much worse than before. It took more than two minutes just to type this post. Rebooting now

  13. Lost all contacts and emails. Crazy keyboard lag. Do they not test ?

  14. Reboot and email is okay. Resync contacts …..okay
    Keyboard lag seems to be only on this site?

  15. Paul, I noticed the lag is definitely worse on BR than anywhere else. Is anyone else experiencing this here?

  16. Ronen, whatever site the PB uses is the one that the lag is on. It seems to be only here as I have been on CNN and TWC with no lag. It definitely happened after the update. No problems before

  17. Typing this on my 9700 with no issues so it must be a PB update causing something whacky

  18. Typing on the 9700 doesn’t seem to be an issue

  19. Ronen, I was posting on another story a minute ago and there was no lag whatsoever. About half way through it slowed way down to the point I was typing 5-7 words ahead of where the cursor was on the page. Truly wierd

  20. upgraded with os 2.1, the front and back camera stop working with the error 4003. Does anyone else experience the same problem?

    • I too have the error.4003 for the camera app. This affects both camera and video modes. The front facing camera does not work through the camera app, but works fine if used via the video chat app.
      This appears to be a software error as the touch screen interface controls in the camera app are not completely functional or have a severe response time lag as compared to normal touch screen response time.

    • Both cameras work for me. Can’t see any other issues but lost contacts and keyboard lag here. Wierd

  21. updated my playbook and now email messages display for 10 seconds then disappear/delete completely right before my eyes. Any ideas?

    • Bill, if you are deleting your messages off of your Berry it may be deleting them off your email server and when your PB syncs it sees the messages have been deleted and then takes them off of your PB too. That’s just a guess though

  22. After install of latest.OS update, went to create.a new contact from a received email. Got a msg never seen before re did I want to sync my contacts. Chose the skip.option. All old contacts seemed to have disappeared. Any way to retrieve?

  23. New OS installed without my permission (from desktop software that I had just installed on my laptop). It completely wiped out my calendar!!!!! I am trying to see if I backed it up before or after the installation (my laptop had been messed for a while so I couldn’t use it), but now all I get is a blank screen when I turn on the desktop software. Any extremely simple ideas to fix any of this mess? I have the latest version of Windows 7.

  24. Since new OS my has gone haywire. My messages have been disappearing. I keep getting a message that the server is not working for my email accounts.

  25. Wait before upgrading to notes cause i lost all infos of my calendar and contact apps.

  26. Since I have updated to, neither my front nor back camera are working. I am getting a error .4003 message.

    Also my video chat is giving me the following message: “Another application is using the camera. Please close the other application and try again”

    Please help.

  27. i hope they can find a fix for the error.4003 picture soon. 🙁

  28. I also have error 4003 on playbook. 32GB. Also sound is gone and cantplay the video’sno more.. Keyboard acting up, very slow. Our 16GB playbook seems fine sofar. What to do?

  29. It happened after upgrading to 1088. Buy not straight after, took about 2weeks tofail. Will itrepair itself after new upgrade or do i need to ringrim?thankk you.

  30. The rear and front cameras are not working. This happened to me the second time already. The last time i justhad to rest my PlayBook for a while and it went back to normal, but this time i got worried coz its not working even though. I had it rested for hours. I tried to reboot and restart but nothing happened. What do I do?

  31. Camera error 4003. How can we in Africa get them to solve this?


    Who want to use playbook for video chat

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