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BlackBerry 10 Gestures Illustrated


Gestures are one of the many things I love about the PlayBook. Once learned, they become second nature to navigation. I have heard too many tech reporters who have picked up a PlayBook or BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha A or B and dismiss the gestures as confusing before taking the 30 seconds to learn what they are. I think the gestures are awesome. They add to the magic of the UI and keep the hardware free of unnecessary buttons.

Since BlackBerry 10 devices will not have a trackpad, similar to the PlayBook, we will use gestures to navigate around. I’m guessing there will be a tutorial when users are setting up their devices and probably a help menu or prompts in demo mode reminding users about the gestures.

N4BB posted some shots from a PDF obtained from the BlackBerry website that shows what the gestures will be on BlackBerry 10 devices. Check out the pictures below and tell us what you think of the BB10 gestures. Would you add or change anything? I always liked the idea of a bezel scroll gesture where you can scroll through a webpage or document by swiping the bezel outside of the screen. Or maybe half on the screen and half off. That might reduce the number of accidental taps on ads and stuff. Just a thought. What do you think?






The keyboard gesture on the PlayBook (bottom left corner bezel diagonally into screen) will still work on BB10 devices to allow for one hand navigation.












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  1. I understand that gestures would be hard to integrate with a track pad. But a trackpad-less bb will be just one more thing to make a bb have very little value over all the other sleek glass slabs out there (for me). I have a playbook. Its a toy and web browser (for me). When i want to work i get out my 9700. Gesture and touch cant compare to the accuracy of a trackpad. I typed this paragraph on my pb and trying to go back and correct spelling and move the curser is much harder than on my phone.

    • I totally agree, I hate how hard it is on my PlayBook to go back and try to fix a mispelling. I actually like how Android devices allow you to mark something to copy,paste or to fix. I wish they would copy that.

  2. The gestures that concern me are the copy & paste gestures. I have a PlayBook, and I find that pressing to activate copy and/or paste is hit and miss. Particularly in certain applications. Highlighting, selecting, copying, and pasting are ridiculously easy with a trackpad and the alt key.

  3. Yeah, it would be nice if RIMM put a virtual track pad for scrolling, selecting, copy/past, widgets, and convenience keys for more productivity.

  4. Bezel scroll is a highly needed gesture. How many times on a touch screen device have you accidentally clicked on an ad or a link you didn’t intend when all you wanted to do was just to scroll down? Think of all the time you waste just getting back to were you were… The cost in time and frustration that would be saved with Bezel Scroll is immesurable! Bring on the Bezel Scroll option!! If anyone doesn`t like it, they can turn it off!

  5. +1 for bezel scrolling.
    It is a totally intuitive gesture

  6. I love how simple gestures make the PlayBook fun and easy to use.

    @ = rez = +1 for bezel scrolling, don’t know why they are taking this long to implement this feature.

    And how about a clockwise rotating motion for zooming in with one hand (like the motion on the old ipod with the wheel) and anti-clockwise for zooming out. It’s not too easy to pinch to zoom with one hand.

  7. Hmmm…love the idea of a “virtual trackpad” (bottom right corner bezel diagonally into screen) and the bezel scrolling. Excellent ideas!

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