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What Did You Think of BlackBerry Jam Americas 2012? Let Us Know!

bluto it aint overBlackBerry 10 Goodies

I sadly did not get to attend BlackBerry Jam Americas this year but the feedback I have been getting from the event is impressive. Tim was roaming the floors of BlackBerry Jam and he told me the excitement was in the air and people were “Believing.” Many were afraid that RIM might be running out out runway to launch BlackBerry 10 in 3-4 months but they appeased that by showing a still growing subscriber base and $2.3 billion cash in the bank.

I am curious what you thought of BlackBerry Jam Americas whether you were there or you were watching from the sidelines like me. Let us know in the comments or simply shoot me an email at ronen(at)

PS: I just had to use Bluto to explain how I feel about BlackBerry 10: “Over? Did you say over? Nothing is over till we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!!!”

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  1. I thought they did a brilliant job all around. Well executed. Showcased features and ideas that are truly innovated. Peaked everyones curiosity.

    I don’t mind them continuing to hold things back and trickle out info over the next 3-4 months. They need to sustain this positive buzz they are riding right now over that time. If they played all their cards this week, it would not sustain over the next 3-4 weeks

    I think they showed just enough to make an impact while clearly (based on recent leaks) held enough back to do at least one more big reveal to reignite interest again

  2. I guess RIMM did enough to stop the bleeding, raise there stock market a little and get the media interested in Blackberry again.

  3. I was watching from the sidelines like you. I was energized, uplifted and cannot wait for BB X!
    I have never lost faith, but have grown tired from time to time of fighting the good fight.
    The fact that it is getting so close, the fact that RIM has grown the cash pile when so many said it would be gone, the utter tangibility of the demos, leaks, interviews and photos, give me the courage of my convictions.
    So, in the interest of being unambiguous :
    BB 10 – FTW!!!

  4. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbour……think you might find that was the Japanese!!!!!!!

  5. Overall my faith has been mostly restored. I feel like Blackberry has a good shot at a comeback with BB10 which is very impressive.

    I only hope the phones come in January and not March!

  6. I still have my BB Torch 9630 with roller ball. Been waiting for a upgrade. I have researched long and hard between BB, iphone, and droid phones. But the alternatives didn’t always fulfill my upgrade wants.
    iphone seemed to have great app selection, but it seemed more of a entertainment device, with work app / functions second.
    my Droid friends where mixed on their satisfaction with their phones. People were forced between Droid and iphones, since BB wasn’t producing anything for awhile (things beyond their control).
    I really need a phone with great email, contacts, and calendar support first. Then i need an excellent maps/direction app for traveling. Better web browsing than my current. (it is painful to browse web on older BB phones, compared to other phones). An excellent music player would be great, I have a ipod of 1000 albums that I carry with me.
    But also, simple 3rd party app for the BB would be great. I stop by Starbucks on way to work every am, but Starbucks app only supports iphone and droids now (they dropped BB). So simple app like such would be convenient for me. Which always makes me reevaluate my phone decision. App that are broader would be great. Many online investment companies offer droid and iphone app, but not BB.
    I really like my BB, but I hope they fix this lack of app issue.

    Ironically, many people were buying phones for entertainment reasons. So entertainment phones became market strong. And being market strong, developers made app for market strong phones. BB being a productive phone, didn’t have much of a entertainment phone for the market. So people who bought a productivity phone ended of with fewer app choices.
    Bad cycle. I think BB should focus on entertainment market as well, to make their phones more universal to everyone. To keep their productivity phone market strong.
    Why not have the best media player of all phones?
    Why not have the best maps program of all phones?
    Why not have the best web browser experience of all phones?
    Why not have the best game device phone on the phone?
    Why not have the best looking phone on the market?
    Why not have the best windows office suite (word, excel, etc..) app out there?
    Why not have the best email, contacts, calendar phone out there, that every other phone wishes they had?…this may be there now?
    Why not be the must have phone?

  7. So bottom line, after seeing the previews of the BB 10, I am holding off til it comes out. It looks promising.

    However, I am really keeping my fingers crossed on the 3rd party app issue.

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