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BlackBerry 10 Laguna Rumored Spec Sheet Leaks Out


We have been hearing about the L-Series London device for awhile now but now we may have more details on the CDMA counterpart. Jason sent me a link to a leaked spec sheet procured by RapidBerry (Anyone familiar with RapidBerry?) for the BlackBerry 10 Laguna. The specs seem to jive well with what we have been hearing so far so there is a good chance it is legit.

The specs point again to a dual core snapdragon processor (Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8960) in the 1.5Ghz to 1.7Ghz range. 1GB of RAM is on par with the PlayBook and its nice to see the autofocus option by the 8MP camera. It also calls out Wi-Fi direct support along with a 4.2” 1280×768 pixel 355dpi screen.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

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  1. Nice! Autofocus is a definite must with all the cool camera features like timewarp. Looks like the screen is gonna be sick. 4.2″ is right in the sweet spot between the gargantuan Samsung Galaxy S3 (4.8″) and the iPhone 5 (4″). The resolution is higher than both which also means higher pixel density. Awesomeness.

    I also love the expandable storage! Having a hot swappable micro SD slot is huge!

    I am a little concerned about the battery though. 1800mAh doesn’t seem like enough to keep this powerhouse going. I’m glad the battery is at least removable so you can pop a spare in if necessary.

    The more I learn about it, the more impatient I get to snag one!

  2. Not compatible with LTE in Brasil then. Just awesome…

  3. A little disappointed by the 1GB of RAM… was hoping for 2GB. I know it’s not necessary, but I know my PB can get slow if I have too many things open (it only ever seems to have around 500MB of RAM free).

    • 1gb ram is plenty sufficient… playbook slows down when u have many apps open not because of ram space rather the QNX OS process scheduler has to shuffle between too many process of same priority. although a real time OS is the best implementation for this sorta scenario, it is still restricted by processing power. in this case it be a lot better than playbook because u have new better processor but then you will still see a slowness when run 4 apps vs 1. but it seems like BB10 minimized running apps have very little process required by design (to maintain the performance of running apps and to preserve battery longevity).

  4. My thoughts, special BBA Brian edition 😉
    I’ll start with the good 🙂

    I really thing that it will look amazing. It makes such a difference when you watch HD content on a PlayBook (washed out) or on a Nexus 7 (crisp). That BB10 phone will deliver in that area

    I’m glad they decided to let user extend their storage space instead of shearing their user base with insane device prices. Well done RIM!

    Wohoo! 2 stereo microphones, that’s 4 microphones, one more that the iPhone 5’s 3! 😉

    ZOMG! It’s the thinnest BlackBerry yet! 😉

    Now the bad…
    It will be a year old when RIM launches it’s flagship device, unless someone forgot to add the T at the end…
    Not exactly a slow chip since the Galaxy S3 uses it for some markets, but phones coming out between now and march 2013 will have the T version, which features a better GPU

    The adreno 225 is OK, but most phones next year will have the 320 which is *twice* as fast and supports OpenGL 3.0, for an even smoother and more fun with tons of whiz bang mobile OS experience.
    It’s interesting to know that even the 320 isn’t that great compared to the iThings

    QNX is probably more efficient than Android, but 1GB isn’t much when you’re multi-tasking. It’s OK for iOS and its task switching mechanism, but will probably limit power users.

    1800mAh is not enough (the dev alpha is probably a special case, but it dies pretty quickly). RIM is not designing their own CPU, so this may only last for 8hours… Yes, we can swap the batteries, but it’s always best to be able to get 12-16hours out of the battery.

    And the unknown…

    Not a lot of details…Hopefully it is because it’s a very basic specs sheet. The latest Lumia is amazing and the iPhone 5 does a very good job. RIM needs a killer camera on their touchscreen flagship. At least autofocus and touch-to-focus is here.

    PlayBook quality? Or puney mono speaker?

    If RIM can make the OS much smoother than it is now, the users won’t mind the 2012 CPU, GPU and RAM, but this is supposed to be a flagship device and will probably be marketed as such ($$$), so it’s a bit disappointing to see what we’ll get

    • Judging by how quick and snappy the interface, the camera – which looks great, and the peak and flow features – which bo other device on the market has now, as long as they don’t come out with a navigation app that does a iflop off the icliff and it looks like BB10 will do great.

      • I still believe that a flagship 2013 device needs high-end specs. That phone will come out with June 2012 specs, but maybe most people won’t care as long as everything runs silky smooth.

        Within some apps, speed is excellent, so hopefully the hardware will be good enough to power the whole experience, but the homescreen behaves like a 2011 gingerbread phone, not like a 2012 Jelly Bean one. Also apps take too long to load, especially the ones using the Android layer.
        The current OS is only a beta and there is still plenty of time for RIM to fix all these slowdowns, but I’m a bit worried the experience will be a bit like on the 9790 where you can definitely feel that the device is underpowered.

        Regarding peek, I can’t wait to be able to test it. Something similar to Flow is already being used in apps like Facebook on other platforms, so I don’t see it as being a big differentiator.

        I’m sure RIM’s navigation app will be OK, even great, but Google Maps is so much more than that and not having these key apps is what “worries” me (but that’s a discussion going on in another post ;)).

        • Don’t forget this was supposed to be a 2012 phone, HW wise it was ready to go. The software took longer – not surprising, in fact quiet impressive, about 18months or so after they started on it.

          With design set and mfg all set, I am not surprised. And may be the reason why it is not the T version.

          This looks a bit fake is Bluetooth is listed as 2.1! Like seriously? Not a chance, RIM documentation I read, I think in an article here on BerryReview indicates BB10 is shipping with Bluetooth 4.0


          • Good point about bluetooth :). Since that screenshot is of a word processor, I guess anything is possible :D.

            But on the hardware side of things, yes, it was supposed to be released in Q4, but the CEO said it would be very competitive at launch. Just having a gorgeous screen isn’t enough imho, especially against devices like the Optimus G which will be 4-6 months old by the time the Laguna makes it to the hands of consumers.

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