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HOT! Leaked Video Shows BlackBerry 10 N-Series, In App Video Chat, Traffic, & More

 BlackBerry 10 Goodies5

Well now we can tell you where that previous rendered BlackBerry 10 N-Series picture came from. Shazoor shared the whole video with the renders. It shows off awesome features like using a video chat overlay in other apps and sharing screens. It also shows off BlackBerry Traffic, BBM Sharing and more. You have to see this one:

BlackBerry 10 Goodies BlackBerry 10 Goodies2

BlackBerry 10 Goodies3 BlackBerry 10 Goodies6

BlackBerry 10 Goodies4

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  1. The day can’t come soon enough when I can get my BlackBerry lovin hands on these bad boys!!

  2. jesus christ this is best week to be a Blackberry fanboy

  3. i want to know if they are actually going to get Lady Gaga, Rowling and Ridley Scott

  4. So awesome. It looks like RIM could pull off an amazing launch. I wonder how this video will be officially released or maybe it was an intentional leak? I bet they already have everyone lined up to participate but who knows.

    It might be RIM’s time to shine again. The new year can’t come soon enough!

  5. Wow! If they can get all those famous people like Lady Gaga, JK Rowling and Ridley Scott to use the phone as they show on the Youtube video it would do more for the branding than just slick ads (like iPhone currently is doing with the ear plugs for their new phones – seriously… oops I’m digressing).

    I agree with Jay. I bet they have everybody all lined up and ready to go upon launch… it would do for some of these people to be seen using the newest and most cutting edge OS around because it would add to their image.

  6. I’m praying the BlackBerry gods for the design of the n series to look better than that stretched 9900…

    • Lol, don’t you like the current bold?

      • I don’t :). Never been a fan. The 9900 looks like it’s been run over.
        Still a very useful tool though. I was just hopping for a fresher, more aggresive design. The 97xx series was more interesting in terms of lines.

        • We have both the 9700 and 9900 (& 9800) in the house being used and the 9900 wins hands down and by a mile! It is the THE best QWERTY design ever. I have heard they have made it better than 9900 from those who have touched the real thing!

          This things looks pretty good to me. I was starting to lean towards the L series and give it a shot but man I might have to get both. Ah well.

          • The 9900 keyboard has been the best one I have used to date and I can only imagine the N series being better. I’m am look forward to it as much as I was looking forward to my 9900 🙂

    • lol ofutur… you are hilarious.. I don’t even get mad at your party pooping anymore… I just chuckle

    • the device isn’t “stretched 9900” It just has screen where the keys were.

      its visually jarring yes, but, you will get use to it

  7. I’ll be waiting for that qwerty device, or perhaps the cheaper curve type equivalent, assuming that they’ll continue offering cheap phones.

  8. Looks good, just not digging the straight row of keys. Wish it had some kind of curve to it. Would be nice to see the back of the phone too.

  9. I love the tactile keyboard but I’m scared cause there’s no trackpad!

  10. Great advertisement strategies. I hope it pays off.

  11. I’m not sure the renders are legit representations of the devices we’ll see, but I’m lovin it anyway.
    I’ll take one of each, thanks very much! =D

  12. 1. Don’t think that’s bb traffic
    2. I hope the picture in picture video chat works for cross platform apps and not just bbm. If not I hope they release bbm for other platforms.

  13. RIM needs to get som product designers urgently!!!
    I love what I see happening on the screen of these new devices but lord, what ugly they are.

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