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More Screenshots of BlackBerry 10 In Action! Maps, Connections, Messages, Browser


More screenshots of BlackBerry 10 have emerged thanks to our friends at The last time I was foaming at the mouth so much in anticipation of a product launch was last year before the PlayBook was released. I hope more is revealed at tomorrow’s keynote at BB Jam, but for now, check out the screen candy below and give us your thoughts.


Ok, this one is a little anticlimactic…I really like how the arrow is pointing up and has a purple stripe on the bottom. It is mentioned that the maps on BB10 are divided into 3 components: location, maps and turn-by-turn directions. Let’s just hope its better than the iOS6 Inception horror show. Shouldn’t be too tough. I’m imagining a nice mix of Google maps and BlackBerry Traffic. I use BB traffic daily and the only thing that is missing are maps.


The interesting thing here to note is the increase of the max number of devices connected to your mobile hotspot. 7.1 devices have 5 and it looks like BB10 will allow 3 more than that.


We’ve seen similar images of the messages screen before. Its curious that it is showing a 3G connection. It also seems the battery is pretty much drained. Let’s hope that was after a long day’s work.


I am pretty pumped about this pic of the browser. With the 10 bonus points (makes sense since it’s a BlackBerry 10 device) the browser is only 14 points shy of html5 perfection! Very cool. To put it in perspective, here is a screenshot of my 9900’s html5 test.

html 5 test on 9900

Ouch. And I love the 9900 browser. How many hours until the keynote? Open-mouthed smile

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  1. Weird how it doesn’t show the date and carrier name.

  2. Its 24 pts not 14 pts

  3. Hmmm…. RIM’s own map app has always been sub-par and Google will probably not support BB10 (GMaps web doesn’t even work properly on the PlayBook), so I’m not sure I’ll be able to rely solely on my BB10 phone when it comes out…

    • Don’t forget about RIM’s partnership with Tom-Tom. The new maps will be a whole different ball game.

      Also, BlackBerry maps is not the greatest, but it’s all I have been using since I got my 9900 on launch day and it gets the job done.

      • Yes, but Apple also has a partnership and it’s not really helping them.

        It’s far from getting the job done here :). No layers, not enough details, especially when on foot, no street view, etc.

        Wait and see I guess 🙂

        • Just because Apple screwed up does not mean RIM will. BB Traffic is awesome, I use it enough that I barely use Google Maps anymore.

          Don’t assume, wait until launch try it then decide but assuming it is going to suck is frankly being negative. And yeah i know all the reasons people repeat adnauseam but with BB10 they have provided ample proof why this is a new RIM. Does that mean they wont make a mistake? of course not, but it does mean there is more reasons to be positive than not.

          • True, but RIM already has a Maps app which isn’t as good as the one from Google. That’s why I’m a little worried.

            • Where is your logic? BB10 is a brand new OS with brand new features and hardware. Google maps could always be another option for you if RIM’s maps doesn’t have enough layers or street view or all that other fluff you need.

              • My logic is that RIM could have done a better job on BBOS since Google was able to offer a better Maps app on that OS.
                Yes, there is a new platform, but it doesn’t mean that RIM will do a better job this time round and I’m not sure Google is at all interested since they never released anything for the PlayBook and since the web version doesn’t even work properly on any QNX device.
                I hope I’m wrong.

                • I hear ya pal. Anyways, don’t know about you all I can say is that this new RIM has impressed me and I can’t wait for BB10. Let’s hope we all get what we hope to see.

                • True they could have but BBOS was not easy to develop for. RIM themselves have admitted it. They have done an awesome job by the looks of it on BB10. I am more positive in their ability with their backs to the wall to come up with a better solution.

                  As for Google they are not likely to provide a quality product to a rival that is down, why give it an opportunity to rise?

                  Personally I couldn’t careless if Google provides maps or not. I think RIM realizes that, and hence the partnership with TomTom.

                  The other thing everyone is assuming is that because Apple developed it in house that RIM did too. RIM has constantly talked about “partnership”! Even in today’s keynote they mentioned it. It is very likely that they contracted the whole thing out to Tom Tom in which case it would be an awesome app!

                • I’m both excited and worried. Lots of good concepts, but the OS isn’t too snappy in real world use, the browser crashes and there are still quite a few usability issues.
                  Still early days and a beta release, so I still have faith 😉

                • Tomtom is good at navigation software, but they don’t really do apps maps, so I don’t have my hopes too high ;). We’ll see

  4. Let’s Rock N Roll This!!

    Thank you for sharing!!

  5. I’m really going to just sit tight and hope for the best because realistically I am not expecting a perfect map app but one definitely better than the one I use now on my 9900 (which works great – I’m usually the one in my group to locate where we need to go using universal search to map).

  6. Maybe not yet 😉

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