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Facebook Demos App For BB10 Launch



According to Alec Saunders of RIM, 80% of BlackBerry users access their social networks every day. In today’s keynote presentation at BlackBerry Jam Americas, RIM’s Facebook team took the stage to show off their launch-ready BB10 Facebook app. The app integrates with the Hub, allowing instant access and response to Facebook notifications, and making extensive use of the Peek and Flow functionality built into the BB10 UI. This includes seamless drill-down. From the notification, a BB10 user can Peek at it, and decide whether or not to act. If they choose to act, they can complete the gesture and Flow directly into the Facebook function to respond, using the BB10 predictive keyboard (see screenshots),or they can drill down to contact info and access any other feature or method of communication with that individual.

Understand that some of the screenshots are blurry because they are actually in motion as the Facebook rep flows from function to function without exiting or switching app.












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  1. Tim – You could’ve used MyBestShot on the Playbook…just saying.

    So looks more like the Facebook touch site. So maybe they’ll match and not skip posts, etc.

  2. It’s funny, the UI is a copy of the one of Skout on Android. You get the same peek and layered pages.

    • Facebook made the app, not RIM and it looks fairly similar to their iOS app. The real proof would be when you use the two apps side by side on BB and Android.

      As for same peek? I don’t use android much so don’t know but are you suggesting that Android already has peek? or does one app have peek like features?

      • Yep, these apps must be based on a framework.

        And yes, same peek, at the app level. Use your thumb to reveal the menu on the left or the chats on the right.
        Of course, it’s not the same as having it at the OS level, but it works really well within the app itself.

  3. Sorry, I was using my real camera…;)

  4. The other thought i had was if RIM is working with Facebook and they are coming up with the app, instagram may indeed show up at launch!

    Personally, i think the camera app they demoe’d previously is more then enough for me but the masses want it so RIM may have negotiated it too!

  5. The Facebook app was made using the BB10 NDK and Cascades framework, but of course FB wants it to look similar to all their other apps. Keeps the UI familiar and comfortable to users.

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