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Jimmy Kimmel Proves The Existance of The Apple Distortion Field

Jimmy Kimmel iPhone 5 

I am constantly amazed at how the Apple marketing machine has implanted ideas into their customers. The latest example is from Jimmy Kimmel (kudos to Kevin for spotting it) showing how truly brainwashed a customer could possibly be. Apple customers are so used to getting similar iPhones every year that even they cannot tell the difference… It sort of follows that old mindset of “If you tell a lie big list of marginal improvements often enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

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  1. Funny :), but it would be interesting to see how many fell for it vs the ones who recognized the device.

    Also, for a lot of mobile users, staying within the same ecosystem is the easiest upgrade route, so it makes sense for Apple to simply offer a hardware refresh every year, until they release the iPhone Pro.

  2. Thanks. Sent this to some of my iPhone coworkers.

  3. Too funny! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I just posted similar on CB, but – this is the same for any fans of any device.

    Just look at the number of posts claiming “improved battery life”, “faster/snappier loading”, “faster browser” etc for every minor incremental OS update that we can get for our BBs. Similar also to what microsoft did for the “Mojave” campaign.

    If you tell people something is new and improved, they will tend to believe it.

    • Oh I agree Mark. What I just find funny is that I know no-one would even question it. Think about it this way. If somehow were unaware of Apple’s announcements and someone handed you a 4s and said it was a iPhone 5 would you even question it?

  5. Its all in the marketing, something RIMM needs to do a lot more of.

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