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BlackBerry 10 To Have More Apps Than Any Other 1st Generation OS

As reported to CNET, RIM VP of Developer Relations Alec Saunders says that RIM expects BlackBerry 10 to launch with more apps than any other first generation operating system. Considering the importance that apps have on consumer decisions, this is obviously intended to be a good selling point for RIM as it readies to launch its new product line. On the other hand, it’s hard to see how significant this bragging right really is.

Apple’s iOS and Google Android both launched years ahead of BlackBerry 10. So, this race which RIM may well be winning – of having most apps at launch – is essentially a race between BlackBerry in 2013, Windows Phone OS in 2010, Android in 2009 and iOS in 2007. While it’s certainly good that RIM will be winning this race, it’s a bit hard to see what kind of importance the race actually has.

Of course the good news is that RIM is finally seeing – like its consumers – that the key to relevance in the mobile market is apps. This app-titude can only reflect positively on the future of RIM. The thing is I hope RIM hones in on the key 100 apps that users are expecting and makes sure they launch on BlackBerry 10 at launch.

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  1. While it’s true that apps are a very important part of the mobile experience, it’s the quality of these apps that really matter. These apps should be 1. Reusebale and 2. Original, not hand me downs from IOS and Android.

  2. I really hope RIMM rehauls BB10 and makes it: 1. Free, 2. Stream music from BBM, internet, 3. An SD card, 4. Easily accessable though the homescreen.

  3. Why are US rates for Blackberry so extreme? I live in South Africa. Cell C offers full Blackberry prepaid for less than $7 a month. MTN offers basic Blackberry Messenger for less than $2 a month! With millions of subscribers I would think that US rates would be the same. It seems the American public is being ripped off big time. I guess this is another reason to emigrate to South Africa. Also, we only pay for the calls WE make. No double billing here (calls made AND received).

  4. Forgot to add, the Cell C prepaid BIS includes UNLIMITED internet usage on the handset.

    • So what is your total monthly cost for everything? Does that include the BB phone also? My Torch 9850 was $125 with a new 2 year contract. I get 450 min. a month for $39 plus $29 for unlimited data.

  5. It’s important to win this race to show that developers aren’t avoiding the platform. If devs see other devs writing for BB10, they’ll take a look at the platform. If users see that the starting number of apps is good, they’ll be more likely to buy a device. The more users are using BB10, the more devs will write for it.

  6. Response to LCromwell: On the Cell C network you can pretty much make your own contract – choose the length, how many minutes you want, how much data you want, etc. They are really a game-changer here in South Africa. As far as contracts go, I stick with the prepaid. You can check them out at for interest’s sake.

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